Hey guys how are you great that’s awesome This is gonna be a quick little rant or something– I don’t.

Hey guys how are you great that’s awesome This is gonna be a quick little rant or something– I don’t know what this video is gonna be, actually. So I was originally gonna make a reacting video but the videos I was watching of people explaining what they were trying to explain were so ridiculous. SO STUPID So, like, you need to get your ass checked into a mental hospital, ridiculous That I cannot give them the slightest bit of promo in this video, at all. So that reaction idea is gone, out the window, and now I’m just gonna yell at a camera for a little bit. Let’s do this. Haven’t eaten yet. It’s almost 12 in the afternoon. I’m a little agitated. So really, Oh my gosh. Holy shit. MAC. So there are people in the world that think the earth is flat. That’s it. *screams of frustration* nonononononono, honey, hunneyy… You would think like, “oh, they’re just joking”, “oh, they’re just doing it for attention” yada yada yada NO. NO BI- These people. In the world. That we live in. That is round. Actually think that the world is actually flat and try their god-damn hardest to prove to us that it is! oKAY. SO. Why in the hell in the world we live in today, would we lie, about the world being, round, if it wasn’t?! What do we get out of this?! Why would we be lying to ourselves?! Nothing- it doesN’T MATTER Who hurt you? Who hurt you, to give you these trust issues about what people tell you in life? I know Trump is our president but don’t start second-guessing everything else in the world okay? I know OUR world is fucked up. Even some celebrities came out saying the world is flat Wait, no, let me take that back. Even some people that try their god-damn hardest to BE celebrities, came out saying the world is flat. I got you, Tila Tequila. B.O.B. Y’all know the guy that brought “Airplanes”? Don’t know whatever the hell he did after that.. [Reading idiotic tweet from screen] Where’re wE GROWIN’?? What’s happening?? WHY THEY MAD? YOU’RE the one having the fit here whether you tell US to grow up ohh bitch. You lucky you wrote airplanes, or I’d be going OFF And then someone replied to him: [Reading fact-containing reply from screen] Oh this gets good. Let me- Let me move this light closer real quick. Which then prompted, B.O.B. “wishing airplanes in the sky were shooting stars” lookin-ass, to then reply to THIS, by saying: [Reading impressively idiotic reply from screen] [ . . . ] ….WITH SCIENCE, BITCH. WHAT’D YOU MEEEEEAAANN?? WHAT’D YOU MEAAAAAAAA…? “How can you explain it?” Bitch, it’s called SCIENCE. RE-SEARCH. PY-RA-MIDS. OB-SER-VA-TION. What, did you graduate middle school, actually?, hold up- “How do you explain horizon’s always being at eye-level?” BIATCH, because the earth ROTATES, the sun stays in the SAME SPOT, bitch, we don’t. What’d you meaaaannn? *higher pitch* What’d you meannnn?? And also, plus, the sun doesn’t go down all the way in Alaska, at some points in time.. You can’t explain that with a flat-ass earth, what the fuc- Whooo aree youu..? Go back to staring at airplanes, daamn, nobody needs this [Reads yet another marvelous tweet] …BIATCH YOU’RE TRYING TO CHANGE PHYSICS. Oh, J-Jeesus…Lord… How the hell we circumnavigating the fucking globe, with our shooting-star airplanes, every day, with our flat-ass earth, okay, Think about this Bob. I’m calling you Bob from now on. You don’t deserve that B.O.B. shit. I know you guys thought we were done, But, nah-ah. Then we got Tila Tequila, with her “neo-Nazi jumping on bandwagons just to get her fifteen minutes of fame back” lookin-ass, hoping on yet another weird-ass bandwagon, [Reading another heart-wrenchingly stupid af tweet] ..BITCH, it’s called con-stRU-CTION.. Wasn’t this girl, just like, MySpace-famous, and then she got a reality tv show one day? [Reading more from Bob’s twitter bible] …bitch, did you fall off the Earth?? DID YOU SEE THE EDGE?? *whimpering* somebody get me Jesus.. Did you look over and just see stars, bitch? What’s the Vortex- explain to me, what is this personal experience of a flat earth have you seen? Whaa- [Reading the final tweet of this saga god bless] How come you only got sixty-one likes and still verified? Last time I checked, you haven’t been around since, what, 2004? I just need to go sleep. This entire video was just me, complaining about Tila Tequila and B.O.B’s existence pretty much. *chuckle* If you’re one of the people that think the Earth is flat, congratulations, your mind has gone back five centuries, you must be so proud of yourself. Oh, my gosh, we’ve got Shaq, too?! OH JESUS LOORD- Shaquille O’Neil: “The Earth is flat.” Interviewer: “Shaq, what are you talkin’ about?” Shaquille: “The Earth is flat.” *Mac scoffs* “Drive from coast to coast, and that [bleeped] looks flat to me.” OH, my Gaaaddd… The things you learn, in like, elementary school, weren’t completely 100% true, like, what, Santa Clause? All of a sudden, you don’t believe the Earth is round, biatc- *sarcastically* “Last time I checked, you told me Santa clause was real, so then the Earth is flat!” That’s literally what it sounds like to me. So…Long story short: these people just have trust issues. They relied to a few couple o’times, and all of a sudden they came up with their own conclusion Arghh, I hate. Instead of being like, “They’re lying don’t listen to them!” Tell me WHY they’re lying, okaay? But anyways, I’m done. So do you believe the Earth is flat? Please say no. But leave it in the comments down below and I’ll try my hardest not to roast you. But ANYWAYS, I am Mac and don’t forget to like comment share and subscreeb babe *whaling* *outro music*


  1. The fact that some people are just dumb.. idk whether I should be angry or bursting out laughing.

  2. Ok but like
    If the earth was flat
    How the fuck can they explain the flights from australia/asia to america? Like tHEY DON'T GO ALL THE WAY ACROSS EUROPE, DO THEY?

  3. I think the earth is round because if the earth was flat at the "edge" Of the earth we would be walking at and angle like this ——> / and on our tip toes

  4. This is why everyone needs to learn basic science. ?‍♀️
    But what do I know…I'm from Australia apparently we don't exist we are all actors and my check has never arrived.

  5. If you walk from a singular point on the Earth in a straight line, you eventually come back to that same point. If the Earth was flat, is teleportation a real thing in science now as well?


  7. I don’t believe the earth is flat but if you look at Shane Dawson’s video about it he gets someone to explain it better on why they think that way. So I understand why they might think it but I still think it’s not the truth.

  8. Have these people never been on an airplane? You can see the curvature of earth. Also, if we weren't rotating the shadows would be in the same place all day…

  9. the thing that i don't get is…

    why tf do some ppl say ''why is the horizon always at eye level huh?'' like bitch this ain't a tennis ball, do you not know that there are 5 continents and that there are 7 BILLION PEOPLE on earth? like earth is a big-ass planet, how..? just..how..?

  10. To B.o.B:
    If the world was flat, there wouldn’t be satellites orbiting earth.
    1) if the earth was flat, any satellites launched would come crashing down to earth.
    2) satellites stay in the sky because they’re going fast enough to fall to earth at the same rate as it curves.
    3) that means the earth is round.



  12. I personally dont care if you believe the earth is round or flat at the end of the day its not harming anyone however i would like to spin the tables a little and bring science into the equishion. The mas majority of 'flat earthetes' do believe in gravity. (With the exception of like 1% because of suboness) gravity is very complex to explain in short terms but one of the many laws of gravity is force will be applied on all angles of an object forcing the waight of said object downward or upwards depending on denicty. (How thick / heavy / mass of item) there for for the flat earthers (who believe in gravity) the idealism of having a flat earth is impossible due to one simple fact. The earth is an object. A very large object. With a very large amount of gravity around it. When this gravitys force pushes down on all angles it is only possible for the earth to take the shape of a ball. It's physically impossible to take any other form because gravity is always applied at all angles evenly. A flat earth would be impossiblele with out disproving gravity.

  13. The earth is really big. So big that tiny humans see a flat plain because the human eye cannot see the whole thing…

  14. I mean the physical evidence of the earth being flat is none at all. I doesn't make sense for the earth to flat in the first place but whatever

  15. There was this one bitch who posted:
    " The flat earth society has members around the globe " AROUND THE GLOBE BITCH, HOW DOES THAT STATEMENT MAKE SENSE YOU DUMBASS

  16. Flat earth society serial killers be like:
    Bitch how you can be that dumb and i wont tell you what you want to know by the way cause you are so dumb that you should throw yourself off the edge.

  17. Okay 1: The earth isn't fucking flat because gravity. TLDR.
    2: The only time that a "flat earth" would ever fucking exist is when we're so technologically advanced that we would be travelling as an entire fucking civilisation to a new planet. Last I checked we're still behind the "end our own species" filter.
    Why the hell would we have rinky dink ass shit happening in the world rn if we were that advanced?

  18. I will never ever befriend or fall in love with a flat earther, that's just straight up stupidity that I don't need in my life. Seriously, what has the world come to? Why are people believing in this shit?

  19. the earth is round. I don't really have anything else to say, but i wanted to comment something. So…uh..
    You're amazing and have a well-rounded day!

  20. Ok ok ok, let me get this straight before i go into my thought process. I am NOT a flar earther trying to prove the earth is flat, I'm actually proving a completely different theory lol.
    Ok, so, I was thinking, if you built a road like the ones on pillars, but flat, not just a ramp, it's a road that stays flat, all the way around the world (if we could with oceans and shit, this is just a scenario), then it wouldnt actually be flat. We think that it is flat, but it is not, because it goes all the way around the world, which is not flat. So, is anything truly flat? Or is everything just the slightest bit NOT flat?? Ok dont attack me I'm not stupid I just had a thought alright ok xD

  21. Person, the earth is flat me! Me. Well kinda I mean its not flat it round but compared to me I'm bigger than the sun so I this and its flat kind of person uh…

  22. Real talk tho:
    Okay but like when them flat earthers are in the planes
    they're like
    "lOoK tHe HoRiZoN iS fLaT xDDdDdDdd"


    okay i needa chill

  23. So a lot of ppl here are very against the idea of "flat Earth", so I decided to try to open ur minds a bit just to consider the idea. I myself am not sure what I believe and I do not call myself a flat earther. Some of u have probably already seen this video, but I recommend you watch it. https://youtu.be/_53cGxAUuDk

  24. If the earth was flat THE ENTIRE WORLD would be day time BUT ITS NOT!!! but because earth is rotating would we fall off ??‍♀️ explain that flat earthers

  25. “A lot of people are turned off by the phrase flat earth…”
    Me: yeah cuz that beautiful, round, juicy earth get everybody else TURNT

  26. Basic science : Proves that earth is round

    Small percentage of people : EaRtH iS FlAtH

    basic science : am I a joke to you?

  27. I really want a flat earther to explain why it even matters? If the Earth was flat (and its not) why tf should we care?

  28. Back in early human civilization they thought the earth was a square, now it's flat. In a few decades they gonna finna say it's an octagon ???

  29. Your editing style is interesting. It's almost like you had to story-board at which points you will zoom in, cut, continue, etc. Very nicely done!!

  30. The earth isn’t fucking flat, the earth isn’t fucking round, it’s an icosahedron how else do you the Bermuda Triangle?

    This ones for all the d&d nerds and math geeks out there?

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