Loft Bed // Work Space : The Structure – Ep. 1

my studio This is a place of action all bits of life complexity had happened in this place But now.

my studio This is a place of action all bits of life complexity had happened in this place But now it’s time [to] make it better Today, I’m revealing a [part] [that] you never seen before I Came to this place more than [eight] years ago, and it has seen lots of people Has been shared has been lonely has been fully and empty eight years, and it [still] has been in embryonic Stage I needed courage to drill a wall to sacrifice the look of the wood and For a long time we have been only scratching its skin Masking tape duct tape double-sided tape Everywhere we didn’t want to hurt I Couldn’t leave the space. I couldn’t fully experience what I needed to experience [I] couldn’t embrace the space and make it real and I couldn’t stand it anymore So I made the first hole then the second then I started to absorb a little more each time from what space would give me and Now it is time It’s time to make [it] real to [make] it better Make it more functional happier more evolved Allow Space to be space and organiz physical space to reach out a better organized mind Take the challenge and fully experience it not just the floor hurt the material and drink from its life Stop accumulating endless objects on the floor Do what you see do better build a space around you instead of letting it be an infinite barrier Give it your time and effort fall in Love with the space again and Conquer it I Want to raise the bed to a platform so I can use that floor space to work? [I’m] at a small-scale representation of the Corner joints and chose a flap joints to connect all the studs [I] started by cleaning and squaring one end on each piece I’m using 11 by 7 centimeters Beams Which should translate to something like 3 by 5 for the imperial measurement users? the final size of the Platform will [be] 250 by 130 centimeters I Cut every lap John with a sliding miter saw But I needed to put a little piece [of] wood as adapt [Stoppers] since I’m using quite thick material I Adjusted progressively the depth until I got it right and once I got it I found that the blade couldn’t travel all the way back This meant I needed to bring [the] fence Forward so I simply picked up a few strips of mDF and stick them to [the] actual fence This method of making help laps is really quick once you get the first one, right? So I’m clean up with the chisel makes everything work fine in the [end] The two legs are the only parts that get a double half lap, and I just need it to readjust the depth stop Let’s see how this goes scatter now for the height I’m pretty small, and I also want to preserve the upper hide from the platform to the ceiling as much as possible So I’ll just make sure that me and my hair can fit under the platform For these metal stretchers I use the stop block on the [MrSa] fence to keep the half websites consistent on the chance Reality but I’ve been kind of contemplating the idea of just only making video I used bolts in every joint that were threaded into the wood itself and they seemed a pretty sturdy option I Wanted the heads and washers to go below the [surface] So I made the senses with a forcing bit before drilling the holes for the bolts I Lined two joints the best I could and drilled the rest of the material on the other stud with a slightly smaller diameter Bit to keep some extra wood to receive the threads I Flipped the structure over to see if everything was good and attach the legs so I couldn’t move the structure around This is a self-portrait. I made in 2011 and this is a 20 minute exposure photography of this exact same corner back in January 2010 Okay, this is not working Take off the shirt and try something else Okay, looks like it is definitely not working It is way too big and heavy for me to lift up and attach the legs I Need to call that Toe Then I screw the platform structure to the walls so I could remove the block and forth [ascended] everything to [120-grit] using the skill fox six in one Multi sander You can attach a round plate for random orbit Sander conventional and change Direction of the triangle plate but then you can get these really cool smaller attachments that you can use specifically for cylindrical or rounded Edges or to get into really tight spaces for removing all finish on complex objects or Just sand Tricky pieces after assembly Now let’s wrap up the sanding and break the sharp edges because I want to keep a crisp Edge look But don’t want to cause too much damage if someone bumps the head on the structure Which is very possible? Thank you so much skill er up for supporting this project You guys go check out their website because they got some good stuff there and stick around for episode [two]. I’ll catch you later you

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  1. I've just found your channel and I'm in the process of binge watching all your videos. I love what you do. Your opening words on this video put a smile on my face, a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.You are a true renaissance woman.

  2. vc é tipo uma magica que trabalha com madeira, rsrs

    you are kind of wood magician, lol

    Amazing brilliant video

  3. Fine instructions. Fine joints. Suggestion: replace the small screws in the wall with 5-100 mm wood screws; you will need a socket wrench.

  4. Hello! at the moment of 9.53 your difficulties were due to the fact that you did not take into account the center of gravity of the structure. If you put a vertical pole in the middle, where you wanted to put chairs instead of temporary support, everything would work out! good luck good video!

  5. Serie de 5 EP muito TOP… parabéns, você tem sido minha inspiração pra muitas ideias!! 😀

  6. What we can do if we just expand our minds.. say, I can and I will, then do it. We can be anything we want to be.. to be free…

  7. Awesome video ? and explanation. I enjoy seeing ladies pursue activities that most think only men can do. All I recommend is safety glasses u don't get a second chance with sight .

  8. I love your build, but I love the video story you told with the editing in the beginning. Well, you got me subscribed. I look forward to seeing more.

  9. Muito nice 🙂 Grande projecto e excelente vídeo 🙂 Só fiquei na dúvida se a cama aguenta um elefante aos pulos 😀

  10. Excelente trabajo e ingenio, para ser tan joven, sigue adelante, eres un ejemplo. Ya eres un gran carpintero, se te da muy bien esos trabajos con ingenio, y lo haces parecer fácil.

  11. Fico impressionado com a variedade e quantidade de ferramentas que você arruma. Muito legal. To sonhando com uma serra de bancada a uns anos. Parabéns pelos videos.

  12. **Just discovered you .. ? .. geeee you're good .. ( I'm always fascinated to see artists at their art ) thank you for your generously / Québec ? .. ?.. ( suggestion : did you ever think of building your tiny home !? )**

  13. You're video and design are great. The only thing I'm not keen on is the fasteners. I think lag bolts or something similar with deeper threads would have been better. Anyway, keep it up!

  14. Lucky short people, If I go with a loft bed I'll have ~+/-3ft clearance up top and ~+/-5ft under, I'm 5'11.

  15. Excelente video, muy buen proyecto la verdad me gustó mucho… Lo malo es que no encuentro la segunda parte del trabajo para ver cómo finaliza y su acabado final… Saludos desde Costa Rica ??????

  16. I think you may have created a new percussion instrument when you raked your thumb across the multiple thin cuts. ?
    It sounded really cool.

  17. Я думал это пацан…
    А может она превращается в парня…

  18. Just to say that I think that you and your projects are absolutely fantastic! If I wasn’t into making things with wood.I think after watching a couple of your videos,I now want to try and have a go at making something as the work that I have seen of yours so far has been just Genius! Keep up the good work!

  19. Great video! Awesome SUPER STRONG BED!!! WOW, you could hold an entire house up with those lumps of wood!! Well done!!

  20. I loved this video. It's been a few times I've built myself into a tough position and had to call for help. So I could feel your pain, with a little bit if a laugh. I just moved I to a 575 sq ft apartment. So your video gave me some good ideas and good inspiration. One love gurl. Take care.

  21. I think you're amazing quite honestly.
    Your videos are awesome, your skills are brilliant and you've inspired me to build my son a loft bed in our new home. Keep up the good work. x

  22. You are such a highly creative person. Absolutely love your videos and the work that you do! Could watch for hours.

  23. Hey, i'm really considering doing it myself, will it be safe to have it like 9 or then feet in the air ? thank you ! I really like your skills, i'm going to take a class in carpentry this winter, and that kind of project really confirm my choice !!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  24. "lap joint", maybe I could have learned it elsewhere but I'm so glad I found your channel. You're building things for spaces that I'm living in and want to build for and you don't use glues so I'm also learning how to make things I can easily move in and out of more narrow entrances.

  25. Thanks for the video! I’m staying in a room at the moment so limited for space can’t wait to build something like this then il have room for a sofa and a bed. Good work ?

  26. Genius! One word sums it all. Thanks for sharing your skills.
    Could you kindly do a video of that double half lap? I have rewound this vid tens of times but just can’t get it. I’m about to make a bed for my daughter and thanks to you I’m feeling positive I can do it

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