MadHouse | Sitcom S01E03 – Villain in the House | Niharika Konidela | Pink Elephant | Infinitum

100 thoughts on “MadHouse | Sitcom S01E03 – Villain in the House | Niharika Konidela | Pink Elephant | Infinitum”

  1. Why there is no connection b/w (episode 1 ending & episode 2 starting) again
    (Episode 2 ending & episode 3 starting)

    Now I think there will be no connection between (episode 3 ending &
    Episode 4 starting)

    Climax scenes are exiting and I want there continuation…..

  2. Compared to last 2 episodes, e episode chaala bagundhi. Direction inka chaala improve cheyyali, dailogues edo appacheppinattu vasthunnayyi.. connect avutaledu.. feel

  3. @KrithikaSingh, me role inka vunte bagundedhi,u are one of the nice actor. Hope they give some more good lengthy role❤️

  4. నిహారిక మేడం మీతో కలిసి యాక్టింగ్ చేయాలనీ ఉంది…… ఏదైనా ఒక క్యారెక్టర్ ఏదొక వేషం మేడం…. plz one chance my no 9866552206 super madam mi యాక్టింగ్….👌👍💐💐💐💐

  5. '21' movie concept is taken for this episode 🙄🙄🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️But the way they presented was too good , Always the best, loved it❤❤

  6. story is simple but all actors and actresses their expressions is perfect
    Specially club manager danger looking like a legend bollywood actor "Shetty"

  7. Real stress buster, trend setter in Telugu short series. Will reach number 1 in couple of months. Ignore comments abt laughter, it takes some time to get adjusted to the laughter but now we are all used to it. eagerly waiting for next episodes, All the best to the entire team and one and only Niharika.

  8. simbu புலி நாமம் .Arasan சிங்கம் பட்ரை.

  9. Am i the only one who observed pink elephant logo toy in almost every scene of every episode😁😅😅😅

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