MagVent MV-180 Dryer Vent Installation

Welcome to the installation video for Mag Vent’s MV-180! Look behind the dryer and make sure that the dryer exhaust.

Welcome to the installation video for Mag Vent’s MV-180! Look behind the dryer and make sure that the dryer exhaust port and the wall exit point are in reasonable alignment, Within two to three inches. Unplug the dryer, And remove existing transition duct if necessary. Cut the end of the duct system approximately flush with the wall surface. Or notch and bend over as best suits the installation. If the bracket location is on the baseboard or other wooden surface proceed to step 5. Hold the mounting bracket to the wall centered around the wall exit point, and mark the screw hole locations on the wall. Warning! Always check for live wires with an AC sensor before driving screws into the drywall. If the bracket is on the drywall, screw the included self-tapping wall anchors into the drywall in the marked locations. Hold the bracket in position, and drive the included mounting screws through the bracket hole and into the wall anchors. If on a wooden surface drive the screws directly into the wood. Insert the tail piece of the MV-180 into the wall exit point, and press until the retaining arms on the bracket engage with the profiles on the side of the MV-180 body. Securely attach the Dryer Side Union to the dryer exhaust port using the supplied hose clamp, and extend the hose with a slight tug. Plug the dryer in and push into position, allowing MagVent’s powerful magnets to self-align and complete the duct connection. A quick visual inspection to verify proper seal and you are done!

10 thoughts on “MagVent MV-180 Dryer Vent Installation”

  1. Parker you have proven just how little you know and how little you care about people. I have been in many homes where fires and near fires have occurred and all due to improper venting. Since you are very immature I know you can’t understand the seriousness of a fire in a home but it is very serious. I treated every customer as if they were family and did my best to prevent tragedy, maybe you are okay with a tragedy to happening to you family but I am not. Maybe once you get life experiences and some maturity you can understand things. Until then leave it to the people who know better. Hopefully you never get into a career that a person like you, who cut corners and disregards safety.

  2. Why do these Companies always show 20 feet of flexible tubing smashed behind a dryer like thats the way normal people connect dryers, and flexible vent tubing can't be cut to fit. Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. I want to buy one, but out of stock. Can’t find them anywhere online…
    Am I missing something, or a site that has them for sale. I need the MV-180.

  4. Great Idea but with any offset from a straight shot from dryer to wall creates a minimum clearance from the wall equal or greater to the flex vent fully expanded. Very seldom is the dryer vent exit and the connection on the house a straight line left right or elevation

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