Marrokal Design & Remodeling is Remodeler of the Year

OP Chester OP’s 15 he’s getting up there little bit and have had him since he was eight years old.

OP Chester OP’s 15 he’s getting up there little bit and have had him since he was eight years
old but for more than 30 years Gary Marrokal has devoted his life to another
passion building a strong foundation for his
remodeling company its quite an accomplishment that our team
is done and Im extremely proud of everyone in the
company I’m proud of the community our past clients made us
successful and without them and without my team we
wouldn’t achieve the award marrokal design and remodeling recently
earned the highly coveted remodeler up the Year award a great
success for the three-decade-old company that
had a humble beginning We worked out of one room in our home and I gradually each year we grew says Gary
shows me around where he’s spending a lot of his time these days he tells me that his company’s growth is
a testament to his award winning team and their understanding about meeting
the client’s needs and respecting their homes well a
person’s most prized possession besides their family is their home what I really love is
that we go in and we listen to ’em we design what they want they go through remodeling and when it’s complete they’re very happy it’s that
satisfaction that is continuing to grow his business even as gary is taking a little more
time for himself his wife Becky and the animals out at
his ranch in the East County I feel like I’m bragging but I’m proud that we have a lot of people that are
referrals past clients more so in the last few
years people calling us they don’t know someone we did work for Its just they heard that we treat people fair because everyone
has different styles different taste everyone has different budgets and the
bottom line we need to fit their budget but we need enhance their home and enhance their lives and that’s why Marrokal design and
remodeling is the remodeler at the year Im Phoebe Chongchua for Livefit magazine

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