Marty’s MIRA Build [Part 3]

[MARTY] In this episode of mighty car mods All of that… Is going into this [MOOG] Hopefully [Mighty Car Mods.

[MARTY] In this episode of mighty car mods All of that… Is going into this [MOOG] Hopefully [Mighty Car Mods Theme] “MIGHTY CAR MODS” Marty: Welcome to another episode of mighty car miras [Moog] We have a JDM Mira over here Our kei to the city car We have an Australian delivered Mira over here We have a Honda Motocompo over here for no reason at all And there we have a Ford Transit And today they will inter-mingle like a hundreds and thousands. Ontop of a cupcake Thats made out of delicious car parts Marty: Anything from this car that we can’t use ‘ever’ Interior bits that we’re replacing is going straight
Moog: In the bin Marty: Straignt into the bin to be recycled for another life Anything then Can take its place. Because we have limited room will go in the car We’re throwing a seat out. A Seat is going back in! Panels off this….
Moog: Thats a good rule Whatever we throw out gets replaced Marty : Yeah Yes Moog : So its like you take that off put another one on
Marty : Yes Moog : That mean… Is that what we’re sayin? Marty : Because we’re going to run out of room otherwise Moog: ????
*jibberish* Marty: No thats good! Moog: Okay, great! Marty: Anything like panels that are in really good condition we won’t throw, Because they’re probably very similar Marty: Like the guards
Moog: When you crash it. We might need them again Marty: When you kick my guard again!
Then we might need a replacement guard It’s alright I forgive you for that (He does not forgive him for that) Thats pretty much what we’re gonna do.
So I have no idea I don’t know whats gonna bolt in. It should
Doesn’t mean it will. Moog: So much stuff!
Marty: There is so much stuff!
Moog: So much stuff to put in there… Marty: The guys did such a good job putting it all together and shipping halfway across the world. Moog Is thata a JDM SHAMWAH?
Marty: It’s JDM SHAMWAH? Moog: Amazing. (He did not think it was amazing) Martin. Lets do this Moog voiceover: Even a car this small takes quite awhile to strip Particularly, because we’re not wreaking it and keeping many parts as possible We’re starting with the doors. The aussie ones are out. The JDM ones’s are in Marty: So this basically summarises the difference the Australian domestic market and JDM. When the car comes from the same manufacture and the cost cutting and savings that happen On the way to great southern land Moog: And we’ve talked about this a lot with Foresters and other things that come from Japan vs Australia But this is just a perfect example of what we’re talking about So Martin On the JDM Door here. I got a Delicious and very tasteful comfy pad to put my arm on. What you go over there man? Marty: I have just painted white body metal Moog: Oh Nice! I’ve got this black Velour moment happening down here. Very Luscious. What you got mate? Marty: Umm. Great vinyl that’s kinda of ripped very very thin with some padding behind it
Moog: Okay Moog: I got this really long armrest for my arm.
It’s probably half a metre long. Look how comfy that is Marty: Yeah I got a 70’s style HQ holden Little plastic thing Looks like its off a Ford Telstar Moog: Okay I got some electric windows over here mate
with auto up and down. What did you get over there? Marty: Ahh. This winder arrangement Manual Windows Moog : Okay. Over here of course We’ve got the Karas-area Pioneer JDM sound system What did you get mate? Marty: Sound system With a plastic cover and 4″ paper tweeter Moog: There it is. Marty : I think that door is going on Moog: That door is the winner Marty: This one can go Marty *Voice over* : Being the same model car door loom will plug directly into the Aussie car. but the wiring for the power windows and mirrors will have to be swapped in before they’ll work the doors line up perfectly So next we’re going to attack the front guard A few 10 millimeter bolts later and they’re coming off Revealing a few decades of dirt held in life spiderwebs. After a quick vacuum to make sure we don’t turn into spider man the car is ready to accept its mad new JDM guards Marty: JDM horn Moog: It’s funny because its one of those things we talk about everyone in japan modifys their car. Marty: Yeah
Moog: Everyone It’s like even if they’re just changing a horn Marty: horn upgrade and it’s even just like real basic like probably done it one of those autobacs or yellow hat place
Moog: Yeah Marty: like I want an aftermarket horn tick the box on the computer in a way it goes Moog: you’re going to ask yourself are people changing their horns over there because they want to somehow personalize their car which it points that way because of how many aftermarket and accessories shops Marty: Yeah.
Moog: or is there an actual fundamental reason of why the horn that Daihatsu put in this is not actually sufficient that is the conundrum Moog: Rust! Marty : Ooohh Moog: so next JDM and ADM comparison we’ve got the front guard Martin how is you’re looking mate? Marty: Good. Mines got some some brown dust on it Moog: Mine has got some red dust on it scuffed here, scratched here,
dented here, smashed wheel inner aligning there Missing paint here may be a big hit down there Marty: and a bit of rust from the snow yeah your blinkers in a different spot Moog : that’s the main and i think only difference other than the quality of these panels the only difference is where the the blinker or the indicator is located why do you think they’ve done that differently do you think that’s to meet australian design rules Marty: It must be I’m surprised like a lot of the time you’ll see Japanese cars won’t has well firstly they won’t even have yellow blinkers and then even then they won’t have them on the guards they’ll be down at the front of the car or something

Moog: yeah Marty: and I think Australian design rules meant you had to have one on here Moog: Yeah right

Marty: so this is obviously they’re done slightly different but otherwise the panel it is the same panel like all the markings on it all these things are exactly the same

Moog : yeah so I mean this kind of begs the the important question which is we’ve got a panel here which is let’s face it is in pretty terrible shape it’s gone through snow it’s been through drifting it’s damaged and then we’ve got a panel that’s actually in really really good condition so the question now is which one’s going to go on the car and the answer is Martin this one why because that is the spiritual underpinning of this car and it’s one thing to have a show car and everything nice and everything perfect but that’s not what this project is about this is about getting as much of this car that we drifted in in Japan and putting it back together and sometimes that means you’ve got to deal with the imperfections just like a human being Marty : I know that future me is going to dislike this so much if I have a paint this thing I’m going to be like why do they use that guard Moog : Well it’s not if it’s actually when because we’ll fix it all up the fact is that we know much as we could even though we’ll end up spending time fixing this and prepping it to make it look as good as that one Marty: Yeah atleast didn’t get kick Moog: Not yet and it not ever
Marty: Yet Moog: the question is Marty Marty: yep
Moog: are they making two versions of this in the factory in terms of this wiring or is this coming to Australia and someone is adapting it Marty: Yeah I don’t know. like down here there’s this point where there’s I think that’s an earth and they’re just joining them back together but that’s the exact correct spot but where it comes out on a Japanese one
Moog: Yeah it’s almost like they’ve just made one version and then everything going to Australia someone’s job is literally just to extend it up to this point here because that’s just from the factory that’s just some electrical tape that looks like a person’s put it on Marty: yeah definitely it doesn’t look like done by a machine I mean him back those days the wiring looms probably would have been done by hand as well like I don’t know no but all I know is like it’s easy to changes chop that and put it on there and plug it in it’s amazing so we’ll do that Marty *voiceover* : we’re extending the indicator wiring so they work properly and next we’re installing the JDM guards on to car Except the bolts are alittle bit stubborn Luckily many hands make light work Moog: I can hold the shaft with this side if you can push it in from there Marty: yeah its just the head is just too big Moog: Oh It’s pushing against my fingers thou really hard Marty: yeah the head of it Moog: Hold on Marty: it goes that way Moog: I got it around the ribs. I’ll grab the shaft Now you put your fingers on the end and just. I am pushing it in and you try and twist it
Marty: its just that angle man. Moog: I think i can feel it going in thou
Marty: Really? Moog:Yeah, I think i can because I am using my hands to push it in while you pump it from behind Marty: Is it passed the ribbed bit? Moog No not yet. Marty: No thats not gonna happen Moog *voice over*: Next the interior is coming out And the standard ADM bits are going to the wreakers Marty:What trippy about this Is there not very many other people have sat in these seats. Actually Moog:It looks like they have.Its covered in arse sweat Marty: You were the last person to sit on this…When we’ll were doing skids Moog: *laughing* HA HAHA HA HA Moog: Oh look how much better the seat is Look at it Marty : totally different thing is it? Moog: See thats not even similar Marty: Nah! Moog: Thats like proper. buckety. wingy head resty, Marty: Yep. How good is it? Marty: I am very comfortable and I am held in I have good lateral support Moog: See look at this I can just push you with a 3-out of 10 force Do the same to me martin It doesn’t work It doesn’t do what its mean todo Marty: No Moog *voice over*: The rear seats are coming out The complexity of the built is about to be determined by whats under the rear carpet Marty: So we’ve noticed a couple of differences between the australian and JDM part that we’re been looking at One of the biggest differences we’ve come across its might looks a small different. Australian model comes with a full size spare Alot of the time Australian cars. When they got bought over it was a big requirement because we have vast distances that people would want a full size spare So if you had a blow out. You have a full sized wheel back on it and keep driving Space savers spares we’re much as a thing They become much popular later But!. Our JDM one a space saver spare. What does that mean? That means thats very very god chance these cars have different floor pans We do have the front and back floor pan Oh the half cuit. Just encase this happened The all wheel drive version has a rear diff and prop shaft. We know its got different fuel tank. We don’t know if its got a different floor pan Offend to save money Companies will use the same floor pan and just bolt stuff differently on If thats the case we have a bolt in swap If not And its completely different rear floor That means, we’re gonna be cutting this out Welding in a new one and going crazy doing these more much major modification. And goes from being an easy more bolt on thing Alot more complicated. All because of that space saver spare Marty: The floor might have to get chopped. That means all the interior needs to make way come out for some fairly major surgery Luckily. We have every single bit of theJDM Interior bit to replace with later on JDM seat belts are black So they will make their way into this shell also Marty : This stinky carpet is being removed. As-is the quite little front nudge bar Moog: Martin we’re having a quick snack break The car is looking awesome. And we’re just had a random package arrive This from Germany.It’s deutsche post Inside martin Does it appear we have some SUPER DICKMANN Marty: SUPER DICKMANN’s Moog : What is it? It’s a super Those capital B’s in German mean S doesn’t it? ‘SUPERGROSSMEINT Something Marty : Ohhhhhhhhh! Moog: What is it? Marty: Ohh,. They like little chocolate mash-mellow things Moog: Are they? Marty: Look at them! Moog: Dude, there all sort of snacks in here. Theres a tapsy Whatever that is…. Marty: woah look at that Moog: There’s a maxi-pack colorardo oh marty: They look abit Look abit worse from wear. But very cold air-plane and very hot post van Moog: Martin, I am going to try that one there Thank you whomever sent it to us Alexander umm thats good Moog *voice over*: Fuelled up on dickmann this is getting exciting Now we can remove the bonnet front indicators and front bumper aswell Marty: So the front bumper is off So couple of interest things about these cars.
This front panel This front panel is completely removal-able As-is this part Which means pretty much put the engine in straight up You don’t see that as much anymore because of crash safety because so much was designed to crumple. But back in these days it wasn’t much as a big deal It does look like this car has had some kind of hit on the front It doesn’t look bad. You can start to see places where it may of been repaired But overall its really clean This is also engine. EF series engine which is the same as that one They will have differences. slight differences with oil squirters, oil feed lines, waterlines for turbos and stuff like that But essentially Pretty much the same block Oh uahh so. We’re going keep pulling the front end apart Eventually this all going have to come out So we’re just going to keep disassembling Moog: So one of the funny things about this car If you look at the placement of the oil filter There no real way of getting to it from underneath the car And there no real way of getting to it from here ither because you got the heat-shield over here And you can’t get your hand around Whats interesting and pretty cool about these cars Is that there is this little panel on the front If we undo this What you’ll find behind it Is rad little pokie hole And there the oil filter right there So thats how you do your changes.
You take that off Take it off Put a new one on Put the panel back on And thats just super awesome efficient Way of getting your service done Moog: The stickers are in really good condition Look at that
Marty: Its is… Marty: Amazing condition Moog: Because there was talk of maybe needing to get replicas so the car would look the same They actually look really good man Marty: So cool! Moog: And that is AWESOME! Marty: How much better is the factory tailgate… Moog: So over here we’ve got JDM MIRA tailgate. Over here is what we’ve got in australia Martin I would tell you the features of mine.
But there nothing on it Marty: You don’t have any features! Moog: I’ve got this….. And I got a sticker thats says I’ve got 12 valves EFI Marty: You know what else you have That I don’t. But also do You’ve got a stop light that sort of stuck on the bottom of your wind screen This one integrated into the spoiler Moog: If thats a spoiler. then whats that? Marty: Dude! is duck or chin spoiler. I don’t know what its called There a name for it Moog : But you got double spoiler right? Marty : But I don’t know why this car would ever need it.
But I like it Moog: So you get two spoilers
Marty: Yep! Moog : An integrated brake light
Mary: Yep Moog: And I get nothing But do you know whats interesting martin? lets do a quick flip for a second Because something I’ve just noticed Is like the doors Inside mine features some metal. Yours actually features some sounding by the looks of things Marty: Some cracked plastic by the looks of it actually Like some proper trim Moog: A little bit of Japanese bondage tape, of course. Our favorite Lets install it martin This is amazing Marty *Voice over* ” The rear hatches attach Two bolts on the rear of the roof A single gas strunt stops you from
smashing back of the head Next we can install passenger side car guard & door.
And the car is starting to take shape There is so much more work todo But atleast its starting to look like the ‘Kei to the city MIRA Marty: So I would call that quite a successful day of half cut and MIRA wrangling I find this car is a joy to work on Its simple, and everything is easy to get too. Moog: It’s lite!
Marty: It’s lite… Nothing heavy It’s just fun Moog: And almost looks like Other then this little bit of white here From the front here You can start see what gonna look like.
Marty: yeah Moog: You can actually start to see. This is the kei to the city MIRA Marty: Yeah. And that the thing see They’re might of been so many other nicer MIRA In Japan. Infact I know they would of been alot better ones
Moog: Of course. Marty : That was a $300 dollar piece of scrap Moog: But they we’re OUR MIRA martin Moog: This is our story Marty: I know there alot more work
to make it look really good But for now. I am just happy now thats just bolting on and looks good Condition isn’t that bad. There not too much rust through it Marty: yet
Moog: Its great man! *repeat* You got a really good example. This one here is a great donor car Like It’s not really festy It’s not super stinky Marty: yep Moog: Umm its really good man Well done. Its a great day Looking forward todo-ing more Of Course you follow the progress and follow our balls at fordward slash mad MIRAS And umm. Alot of you guys ask how we can support the show If you like too. We’ve got t-shirts stickers and other mad thing. We’ll ship them anywhere on the world directly to you door literary anywhere on the planet So you can check out that stuff at mightcar Thank you very much martin I am going to eat some more DICKMANN Marty: Really?
Moog: Yeah. I am massive
DICKMANN right in my mouth Moog: Absolutely delicous.. Marty: I am going to clean up all that half cut stuff
and all those left overs then tomorrow. I reckon some more Moog: Awesome Moog: Absolutely keen let do this

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