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Hi, everybody [its] Kayla and welcome ask you fixer-upper the show where I attempt to fix up your houses so.

Hi, everybody [its] Kayla and welcome ask you fixer-upper the show where I attempt to fix up your houses so today We are doing a house called Mediterranean mess It’s only 30 by 20 lot cost about a hundred and seventy thousand simoleons three bedrooms one bathroom by Kim Regina and basically Mr.. Mrs.. [Rock] left the House like 40 years ago There was some sketchy stuff going on. There’s gangs here now. There’s a drought There’s new owners that want me the queen of noodles to fix it, [and] there’s also some sketchy stuff going on in the basement I’ll show you but it’s like a little bit creepy also favorite part of the dinosaur granted That’s not on this lot, but it’s just a very beautiful screen shot. It’s kind of a weird house I don’t often do houses that are this style, or the shape But I love it so much like as I was building it and fixing it and stuff I just it’s growing on you guys I really enjoyed this house, but anyway let’s do it two words, so when you first walk up You can tell that it’s kind of overgrown. There’s like a bunch of junk around the place like you know broken stuff like bottles graffiti Creepy flags because the gangs I were to [soom] um you know just a key akina’s all around also There’s like some caution signs when you want to go into the house. Which is always a good thing and packages You know just bad stuff and when you first walk in [oh] God When you first log in there should stuff everywhere again with the graffiti There’s stuff telling me like don’t go in here you [know] caution, but here I am [um] people have like boarded up the windows. We’ve just got stuff all over [whoo] That’s creepy um [out] of context those dolls are really scary um, but there’s like weird science lab stuff going on it. All oh I don’t know obviously drugs. Maybe but who knows really it’s also lovely poster. Really I just There’s so much weird stuff here also the candles like what is this? Oftentimes these houses will have candles everywhere, and I just [are] we talking like [to] demons like what’s going on I don’t know not a fan, but over here’s the kitchen [I] Turned this into more of like an open sunroom area like I left these open arches, you know And I blocked it off, and it’s got still tile on things, but it’s like a sunroom dining room space And I love it. The [kitchen’s] not here in the final product, but you know kind of run-down kitchen again with the bottles everywhere It’s clearly been having some parties here Bottles over here two boxes of [junk]. I just Ahead I I didn’t notice that before it’s baseball bats like they’re what’s going on in this house over [here] [is] the bathroom is really Dark and scary [um] but you know. Oh and naked gnome, and then in here is the master bedroom. Oh Someone really knows the way to my heart how all these [steamboats]. I am I? Have a lot [of] things to say and I’m not going to say them because it’s terrifying but there are a lot [of] [steamboats] in Here, and then here is the kids room Some sort of nursery. We’ve got like are those diapers and little blocks and things More toy. I just with the weird place like what is that? I don’t know. I don’t know it’s sketchy That’s all I’m going to say and then upstairs is like another row my gosh [upstairs] [they] have some Dead gnomes some grim reaper gnomes, whatever. This is don’t know kind of scared about it creepy mushrooms growing out [of] the bed Aliens, I mean, this is a weird place you guys also. I have never used this mirror, so [I] Should use that sometime okay? Well anyway, that’s that’s the house kind of broken down to which I first of all by the way just quick PSA I love this [though]. They have the railing and then they have like these wood piles like it’s kind of broken [it] is really cool very clever very smart I respect that you guys really good at this, but in the backyard, we’ll go out this [door] onto the patio There’s no stairs and then there’s just a lot of stuff more rocks like Possibly too many rocks also weird things growing out and wonder what’s down there I don’t know. We’ll see in a second [very] overgrown Pool more graffiti This place is pretty sketchy not gonna Lie love the gnomes though It’s nice fireworks. I love the broken down wall again. Look with the wall feels broken. They’ve got like rocks coming out of it I think it’s so clever anyway Or here, [huh]? There’s there’s a ton of like Stuff and rocks and whatever this thing is growing out of there. That’s so strange. Oh wonder what’s down here I found some scares weird wonder. What [one] was in here. Oh my gosh It’s just a terrifying science lab um it looks like they’re experimenting on alien babies Which is never a good thing? I don’t know I mean they’ve got oh, it’s creepy. They have like the window That’s a mirror. You know So they can stare at the alien baby, but it’s tears itself I just it’s very sketchy you guys. I have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers, [but] [that’s] the whole house So as you can see it’s a lot of fun. I love the shape of it I love the style of I love the idea of it and in the end I ended up keeping this basement here, but I’d leave the stairs so when you del in the house You’re going to find this basement at some point and be like oh, okay That’s fun And you know surprise, so that’s it. We’re going to go ahead though and jump right on in to the renovation, okay? So we are back and we are fixer-upper in this house. That’s right kids It is my favorite time of the week I love to give sit here and talk to myself which I mean you’ve probably noticed by now because I do a pretty fair amount of sitting and talking to myself But you’re listening so it’s not like it’s just me right right? I mean look okay I’m talking to my computer but at some point like 20 something thousand people are going to hear this so really it’s not talking to my I’m going to stop now, okay I’ve got some stories for you guys today I’m not even going to address the house You know what why should I? You already did you guys this is this is the little secret that I never I was in [admit] ball a bit now my speed build last weekend with my mom and the the video she did the voiceover for There was no video play when she recorded that she just kind of talked for like 16 minutes And then I built the house Afterward and played the audio over it so usually what people do is they’ll build the house like [I] did this yesterday I built this house yesterday, and I’m coming in now and talking over a set up version, but was my mom I hadn’t built anything yet And so we just talked over nothing and then I played the audio and so we never addressed the build because it didn’t exist We should [nobody] [notice] because then I’ll often talk about the bill anyway, but isn’t that funny anyway I have stories for you guys today [I] feel like I’ve been talking a lot about my ending high school Lately because I keep being like [alright] guys six days laughs all right guys three days left, and it gets kind of annoying I’m sorry, but I’m done as of Monday Monday was my last day first of all what kind of the last day is on a Monday of all the days on Monday Like a Tuesday even weird, but a Monday you come back for one day that makes no sense like weekend Monday done You know I’m not going to get into it. I’m annoyed about that though. Let’s be honest not happy about it, but it’s okay I’m not here to judge or anything except I am because I was mad [about] it anyway last day of high school I’m done. I mean I haven’t graduated yet I have graduation next Monday and I have graduation rehearsal on Friday So I still have to see these people at least two more times, but afterward I’m done Which is a whole other thing it’s a very fun experience [11] out of 10 would recommend. I mean it only takes you You know 13 years of public schooling to get to that point and if you’re me? [2] years of daily uploading on YouTube on top of taking 6 Ap classes and Kind of you know feeling miserable and having a social life for like two year and not going to get into this anyway My stories are about high school because I’ve seen some concerns about me No longer seeing susan [everyday], and they’re like oh [my] God no more susan stories Don’t worry you guys. I have the yesterday night. I made a list of all the stories about Susan that I couldn’t tell before now because I see you every day But I can tell now like I have a list of at least like 25 stories about this Susan the original Susan that. I couldn’t tell when I still had to see her every day singing I might still see her now that we’re done with school Because you know like we still live in the same [town] and stuff, but we’re not going the same college and I Don’t have to see her every day like if she hears me talking about her and I see her like [Publix] a grocery store one time it’ll be awkward, but it’s not like I’m gonna see her in [my] calculus class every day you know like so I can talk about her more which design accent so don’t worry I have plenty of susan stories for you and most of them are worse the ones, I’ve told you because I intentionally couldn’t tell these until I graduate so after next Monday get ready kids and also Just like other students and things and don’t worry there are always mean people I will find a new susan don’t get me wrong. There’s always going to be a new suit So that’s not an issue. But my story today. It’s not about Susan it’s about Me, I don’t know how to okay. I just want to talk this out because I feel [like] it doesn’t make much sense But now that I’ve graduated I suddenly feel much more confident because okay. Here’s it [I] feel like for the past couple years since I started my [YouTube] channel [I’ve] been living this weird double life where Kayla at school was very quiet Very shy like ridiculously, shy really anxious really self-conscious miserable all kinds of bad bad things and then sims Ii who I am right now would come on YouTube and be really loud and excited and entertaining and just very different So if you were to meet me in real life you would probably be disappointed because I’m really shy And I really don’t like I’m not you know this Enthusiastic maybe at least around [peoples]. I don’t know very well my friends Maybe but I’ve been living this weird double life right? I mean not intentionally cuz I feel like sims. Ii is Kinda just sims Ii who with me but it kind of like the better version of me and Kayla Who my classmates knew in High school was a lot more? Shy, and a lot more awkward and self-conscious and other stuff, and I feel like now that I Don’t know those people That knew me as Kayla [I] Think my life is going to be a lot different because I feel like more recently I really come into myself does that make sense like I? Just feel a lot better I mean I don’t know how to explain this I’m a lot more confident now and Just that comes from talking a lot and also having a lot of really big support system on YouTube Thanks guys, but now that I don’t have to like people that knew me as Kayla that really awkward shy girl That was afraid to speak in class They’re gone and so whenever I meet new people They’re going to meet me as sims II does that make sense [like] I grew up with these people that knew Kayla but now like in college I’m going to people as cindy and I just think that I’m going to have a lot better of a time in the future You know um I’m gonna like cry talking about it I don’t I just I’ve always felt really uncomfortable around my classmates And I feel like I shouldn’t but I don’t know I just feel it’s hard to explain I’m really [shy] you guys, but on Friday or Monday whoa on Monday my last day of school. We didn’t do anything They had all Ap classes all my exams and then last Wednesday, and so I had Thursday Friday, and Monday all kind of at school still But I didn’t have to do anything because my exams were [over] but they were like regular exam days for seniors So we had like if I was taking I don’t know like honors government I would have had a exam that day But because [I] took ap my ap exam was the week before you know [cuz] it’s like a nationwide exam instead It doesn’t matter don’t worry about it, but I was doing nothing in school, right and so on Monday my last day I had three [classes] three of which were actually probably my favorite classes all through high [school] and the ones that I had the longest Like I had calculus I had TV production we had English and I had my calc teacher for three years out of a pre calc calc a B and Calc BC And then I had my TV production teacher for four years for [a] freshman through senior year I had [it] for two class periods this year actually and then my english, [sir]. I had three times I had her sophomore freshman year and senior year, so my three probably favorite teachers or at least teachers I knew the best because I had him the most you [know] I had all in the last I’m just kind of fun But in my last class period of high school ever my last ever class period My last class my last day of school We had to [sing] which first of all Thank you English teacher for this I feel like I’ve talked to one [go] [to] English class because it caused me a lot of stress this year Because I had to talk a lot [in] it, but we were sitting in a giant circle, okay? We’re going to have a party this day [kind] of like a like a food party. I don’t they got chick-fil-a but I can’t eat chips like because you know vegetarian So I didn’t eat anything. I had a cookie actually, but anyway this doesn’t matter So we’re sitting in this big circle, right all the Jets are in a huge circle around the entire room There’s like 30 people there and my teacher is like okay guys [I] wrote some questions on the board We’re going to go around the class and answer these questions, and so immediately I was like oh my God Oh, no [because] I was facing like my back was to the board through in a circle you know and So I was right up at the front of the room because my always like right next [to] the board But like directly in front of it Sort of like how that couch is Directly front of the bookshelf the bookshelf is the board and the couch [is] me not facing it but like right there so picture that see Visuals anyway um so I the questions were as follows number one was what are your plans for next year? So like college working whatever number two was what is your favorite of literature ever and number three was? What is one thing you want to tell the class and so I think she was aiming for kind of like up? I really appreciate you guys. I’m going to miss you my dear classmates, but instead it ended up being a lot of advice from Like eighteen year olds to other eighteen year olds, and what do you guys know [about] life? I know they’re all like guys I hope you follow your dreams with most of the things that were said, I’m sorry It’s a little bit ridiculous in my opinion because like I think we all hope we follow our dreams [I] don’t [need] the person that is literally never so commute afford to tell me that but whatever so we’re sitting in a circle We’re talking and because I was you know kind of directly in the middle like the person that started Talking was like directly across from me So I was like the middle person to go basically [I] was looking like a 15th person And so the whole time I was freaking out you know because I don’t like to talk in class and I had this Feeling that I really wanted [to] tell them about my YouTube [channel] because I have never Done that before like I figured that most of them already knew which by the way whether they did already know? But I hadn’t told them myself. It was like gossip that they found out and not because I was ashamed It’s just I don’t really talk about it unless I’m close with [people] because it ends up being a lot of questions I don’t want to answer like how much money Do you make oh you make sims videos like that kind [of] stuff? And I strongly dislike those conversations and so I avoid them But this last day of school last class period Ever I decided I wanted to tell them so It gets to me right, and I say like okay. I’m going to the school for college I’m going to study this and I’m going to work on my Youtube channel next year question two. I was like I love the stranger favorite book. You should read it. That’s beside the point. I told you guys that not them I was like love the stranger and then third question I was like and I want to tell you guys [that] you should all subscribe to little sims II on YouTube And what doesn’t seem like a big deal really just like say that I mean it was kind of funny They kind of laughed but for me that was a huge deal to like admit that to them because [again] I spent a very long time never speaking like I’m pretty sure a good portion of that class had literally never heard my voice before and Here I am Surprised I have a [Youtube] channel. I post daily I’m really loud and obnoxious which I get probably really weird for them to find out because again I never speak at school unless I’m like really close with you And so certainty leg will hold on this girl the one who doesn’t talk she has a Youtube channel where she only talks What the heck I mean, so I get the shock. I guess but most of the class was like Oh, yeah, I learned like two months ago. That’s crazy You have a lot of followers, huh, and then I was like oh my God yeah Yikes, but I mean, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal because they already knew um But I didn’t know they knew and now they know and I told them so [in] the last day school I was finally able to open up [me] like you guys This I’m [exist]. I don’t know how to explain this it makes no sense, but it was a big deal to me, okay So that’s what I wanted to tell you about today. I guess They’ll take away from this is that Mmm. Don’t be me don’t spend all four years of high [school] like not talking to anybody I mean, I had friends like a couple friends I had close friends, but I wasn’t like you know trying to talk in class It’s just because I’m very shy I don’t know what you guys I [just] I feel very good that it’s over and that I can kind of be myself more does that make sense I mean, I guess it shouldn’t be like that But just knowing all of them knowing me as the super shy awkward girl kind of was holding me back But now I don’t have that anymore so I can you know does that make sense I feel like I’m making no sense this is getting real and it’s very unrelatable because most of you guys don’t have the same problem But I guess it’s it’s a thing that I should talk about because the thing that I’m dealing with right now And I think that a lot of people have think I assume that almost all [of] you guys that are probably Similarly shy like this have things that you’re really good at and really like cool things we [prod] up that you’re afraid to talk about Like maybe you’re really good at drawing or something I don’t know be good at drawing forget what they think like. Maybe you love. I don’t know Writing comics do that. You know guys don’t worry about your dumb classmates because you [shouldn’t] see them again And if they go to your same college you won’t see them. It’s not a big deal. There’s a school. They’re big you’re fine Oh speaking of college I’ve seen a lot [of] people asking where I’m going to school next year And I like university wise and I [don’t] think I’m going to talk about it Just because I don’t really want The internet to know where I live does that make sense like I’m gonna live on campus, and I don’t want everyone to know Where I’m going to school for that reason which is chi my [talked] about it at some point, but for now I don’t think I’m going to announce that publicly [um] and as for the major situation [I] don’t [really] know what I want to do So if you’re going to ask that question I get a lot of questions on Tumblr about that, I don’t know why But I think I’m going to study business in college, but you know we’ll see [I] don’t really know because I want to keep the youtube thing going as long as possible And I want to study something it’ll help me kind of branch that out, but I don’t know how to do that just yet I’m only a small child. [I] need more time, so I’ll get back to you on [that] one at some point eventually So there’s that questions answers, [you] know how it goes high school finished [well], you know what you guys I’ve been thinking a lot about this actually well [I] Already made the channel [and] stuff. I’m starting a podcast at some point pretty soon, not within the next month I don’t think holding on until after june, so I’m going to be traveling all of you And so I won’t be home to like make the podcast [but] when I get back [from] my trip I think [y] know I’m starting a podcast I haven’t really announced it yet because I don’t want to make anything too official But I am starting a podcast And I think I’m going to do an episode about high school and like one miserable high school experiences and two Things people don’t tell you because there is so much stuff that I wish I had known Coming into high school that nobody told me and also like applying to college nobody tells you how to do that Why don’t they help you? I don’t know I [into] dumb [so] I wanted I’m going to do a podcast about like I’m not going to get into it’s going to be funny Don’t worry [but] I’m probably gonna never said about like high school and Tips for the little ones because you guys I wish that I had had that because I mean my siblings all younger than me So [I] don’t have anyone older than me kind of guiding me through high school I wish that someone who is older and had done it could’ve been like Kayla. Look it’s not [that] big of a deal Don’t worry because I would have felt much better about it But alas I did not have that so if any guys want to give me some tips about college and you know that same like here’s a Misconception, I swear you’ll be fine that kind of stuff I would love that in the comments down below And you know what about high school to [clean] a lot of you guys probably like maybe finishing middle school if you’re starting freshman You’re going to cheer or something if you’re going, I don’t know I don’t know everyone’s got stuff going on help them in the comments give some friendly advice But nothing like don’t worry them just be like guys. It’s not that big of a deal. I swear you’ll [be] okay because You know they will be and also I could use that right now. Thank you. Okay, sissy. See, we’re all friends here We help each other out. This is great. I’m proud of us and me for talking about my YouTube channel I know, it doesn’t okay It doesn’t seem like a big deal to tell like a class of what like 30 people on YouTube channel because I mean grizzly dart They already knew all of them Maybe even like a couple didn’t know but most of them already knew but when they could be watching this hey if you’re watching wow How’s it going yikes anyway? It doesn’t seem like a big deal But to me it was a huge deal and so I thought I would share it with you today Because that way I can remember this because now I means I can tell them I can tell anybody [right] Because does that make sense. [I] don’t [know] I’m going to don’t know I just It was [a] big deal for me. I’m proud of myself and this house by the way. I think is very cool I’ll get to that now at the very end of the video. I never build houses like this I don’t really know why it is a lot of really boring suburban houses, but this one’s very different and very cool and recently a lot of them have been having creepy basements in them like creepy murder basements and Science labs and stuff I’ve been leaving the basement in but getting rid of the stairs so [do] you download the house? And you just happen to page down one day and find the basement And it’s full of creepy science murder stuff surprise [I] think it’s kind of fun that way anyway the video is almost over you guys I hope you enjoyed it give [some] advice in the comments Make sure to leave a like and [comment] and subscribe and do all those let me do things and in case you guys Now I post [new] videos every single day, and so I will see you all tomorrow. [bye] everybody I Feel so much better now that high school is [over] and my youtube channel is kind of out in the open And I just feel so much [more] like me. You know does that make sense. [I] hope so uh I’m trying you guys

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