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NARRATOR: Home Diaries– every house has a story. My name is Richard Berliner, and I’m an architect. I saw the.

NARRATOR: Home Diaries–
every house has a story. My name is Richard Berliner,
and I’m an architect. I saw the house, and
it was kind of rundown looking on the outside. I guess I was looking for a
project, as much as anything. The original owner’s, Alma and
Fritz, built the house in 1946, and they lived here for
the rest of their lives. So this is the entry hall here. It’s a small space,
really tall, leads you up into the second floor. It’s sort of like climbing
up into a tree house, because it’s right next to
the big olive tree outside. The original stairs
to the front door lead up to the second floor. There was a small
landing outside. One of the great things about
the mid-century modern houses, and this one in particular,
was the connection of outdoor spaces
with indoor spaces, and also the visual connection. When you’re inside a
room, you see the outside. And I really wanted to
build on that whole feeling. The unusual thing
about this house is that the kitchen’s
on the second floor. The original kitchen
was a 10 feet by 10 feet compartment, which was more
traditional in the ’40s. People didn’t live in their
kitchens the way they do now. So the new kitchen is open
to the living room and dining room, and there’s lots
of space for people just to hang out in there. Everything I added
on to the house was sustainable materials. You know, the flooring, and the
tiles, and the other materials. Alma lived in this community
for, like, over 60 years. A few times, her
niece and nephew came driving by the house. And they waved to me, and
I went out and, you know, asked who they were, and
they introduced themselves, and I gave them a
tour of the house. And, you know,
they were thrilled. Her niece spent many
summers here growing up, actually sleeping
on the Murphy bed here in the living room. I’m not really sure why
I kept the Murphy bed. It’s really cool. So this was the
original bedroom. It’s about 12 feet by
12 feet, very small, and I wanted a
larger master suite. So as part of the addition,
added a large, loft type space for the bedroom
with a master bath, and then a small
balcony on the left. You can’t sleep
late in this room, because the sun comes in
early in the mornings. Good thing I’m not
a late sleeper. I’m usually up
before the sun rises, so it’s not a problem for me. The house has a really
great energy about it. That feeling comes from Alma and
Fritz’s presence in the house that they built, and having
honored that original intent and built upon it
in what I did there. The story of the houses isn’t
just about an individual owner. It’s about the history of people
living there over the years, and how they make it their
own and change it over time.

5 thoughts on “Midcentury-Modern Home Renovation in Los Angeles – HGTV”

  1. Can you please tell me what was used to update these countertops. The ones you were touching, what is that? We are redoing a MCM home but I’m stumped on counters. I don’t want granite, marble, or Formica. Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

  2. He did an excellent job of maintaining the essence of the house while updating it into his more modern midcentury home. Brilliant!

  3. U did a wonderful make over, it's beautiful. So light, airy and open. Love the small deck outside the bedroom. Great place to sit and gather wool late night.

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