Minka Aire Concept II Ceiling Fan Installation

Hi, I’m Zach with Minka Aire and I’m here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting to show you how to.

Hi, I’m Zach with Minka Aire and I’m here
at Del Mar Fans & Lighting to show you how to install the Minka Aire Concept II flush
mount ceiling fan. Verify that you have all of the parts and
use the install manual as a guide. You will need the following tools, a Phillips-head
screwdriver, a straight slot screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters, and a ladder.
Turn the power off at the circuit breaker box.
Secure the hanger bracket to the ceiling outlet box using screws, lock washers and star washers
included with your outlet box and fan. Hang the motor assembly onto the hook of the
ceiling mounting bracket. Connect the fan ground wire.
Black wire to Black wire marked “AC IN L” from the receiver.
White wire from the fan to the White wire marked “AC IN N” from the receiver.
Secure all wire connections with plastic wire nuts.
Loosen the two screws that line up to the key holes and remove the other two screws.
Bring the motor housing up to the two screws and lock in place.
Install the two screws previously removed and securely tighten all four screws.
Insert the blades into the motor housing blade slots, push blade until snug. Repeat process
for each blade. Install 1 100W medium base bulb.
Raise glass shade up against bottom of fan housing and secure it to the fan by twisting
glass clockwise until snug. What did you think of the Minka Aire Concept
II flush mount install? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts. Thank you for
joining me here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting.

42 thoughts on “Minka Aire Concept II Ceiling Fan Installation”

  1. Thank you, Zachary! Installing a ceiling fan definitely doesn't have to be difficult. As long as you have the right tools in front of you and can follow the step by step directions, you should be enjoying the cool breeze of your fan in no time! We hope that our how-to videos can help everyone to see how simple of a task it can be!

  2. Excellent video. I need to replace the receiver in one of my fans. Any tips on how to dismount the blades so I can drop the fan and hang it by the hangar to access the receiver. thanks

  3. According to the Minka Aire Concept Installation instructions, your fan should have come with a blade removal tool. It looks like a circle attached to a hooked piece of metal. You can remove the two screws, washers and rubber covers from the motor housing. Then remove the blades by pulling the safety pin via the opening above the blade in the motor housing. We hope this helps!

  4. Hi Zach. I have the Concept II Wet model and had no issues with installation. Shortly afterward, the fan developed a clicking noise as the blades rotated. I can't find the source of the noise exactly except that it's is in sync with the rotation of the fan. I've re-checked all screws / connections and all seems OK, but still the fan makes the loud clicking noise. Any suggestions?

  5. So sorry that you have been having trouble with your Concept II fan! You can try removing the glass shade and running the fan. This may be where the source of the noise is coming from. If the noise is eliminated, simply re-install (re-position) the glass until the noise stops. If you have not done so already, you can make sure that the outlet box is secure and the hanger bracket is secure to the outlet box. If the noise continues, call Technical Support at (800) 221-7977 for diagnostic support.

  6. Hi! I just installed this – but my problem is that I had 3 wires in the box (red, black, white) and two wires from the fan/light. I connected white to white, black to black, and capped the red from the box. I grounded the green.  The old light/fan was operated by 2 wall switches. Well, it doesn't work – could the red wire be the hot wire?


  7. Hello Meghan – The red wire is hot as well. The Concept II fan only requires one hot wire to successfully install. Since you have 2 switches at the wall, you may opt to use both. Thereby, there would be able to turn the light ON or OFF as you enter or exit the room. To accomplish this, simply detach the "blue" wire from the factory installed receiver and connect directly to the "red" wire. The only drawback from this application is the inability to dim the lights since the blue wire is NOT routed through the receiver. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  8. Jim Conner – Are you trying to program that remote control for another fan? Other than the one the fan in the other room that you are receiving a signal for? If this is the case, you have to make sure that the fan that you are trying to program with the remote control has a different frequency than the fan in the other room. You will have to locate the receiver in the fans canopy and create a new frequency combination using the dip switch settings. You will then have to change the dip switch settings in the remote to match your fans dip switch settings. You should then be able to program the remote for that particular fan without receiving a signal for the fan in the other room. Please let us know if this is not what you are referring to and if you still need additional help! Thank you!

  9. We just had our bedroom renovated and added this fan and it is gorgeous. It makes very little noise and pushes a lot of air. Great product!

  10. Very quiet and aethestically pleasing It was much easier to put together than we had anticipated. All in all a great buy and very different than anything you can get at the big chain retailers.

  11. Can you walk me through taking the ceiling fan down? The electrician says the motor is dead. A fan repair person says this is doubtful (the fan is about 3-4 years old). He asked me to remove the fan and bring it to the store. Help please!

  12. I bought 3 of these 2 years ago – great products. One of them recently has not worked with remote – I could previously reset the remote/receiver in the normal way. Now, the only way to get communication is to take fan down and rescrew connections, put it back up, and it resets when I push stop button in normal way. This lasts for a couple hours and then no communication again. Does this mean that the green receiver is going and needs replacement? Have replaced battery, tried other pin combinations.

  13. Bought 2 of these. 1 of the remotes works perfectly. The other, I cant get the fan to change speeds or reverse direction. Its stuck in winter mode and its hot! These were installed by the same person, so doubt it was the installation.

  14. I just self-installed this fan and the bracket droops on one side which makes the fan wobble slightly and be very noisy from bumping against the ceiling. I tightened into the junction box as much as possible. What's the next step? Should I uninstall the fan and check the junction box to make sure it's level? If it is, then what?

  15. I love my 2 fans…BUT…I use a remote to turn them off and on….Altho I use the recommended battery size, with 3/4 days, I have to install a new battery. What am I doing wrong? I have a 3rd one in NY, and it holds a charge for months!

  16. I installed the Minka Aire F574-BNW wet version to the undersurface of my patio cover. While it does not wobble, there is the appearance of the unit being off center when it is spinning at the highest RPM. There is no noise and no wobbling. There is just an asymmetric appearance as the unit spins around the light. Is this a manufacturing or installation defect? Thank you very much.

  17. I love my concept II ceiling fan. Have had it for a couple of years now. The bulb just blew, but I'm unable to get the glass cover off. Has anyone else encountered this problem? How has anyone managed to change the bulb?

  18. I have a MinkaAire 54MKB ceiling fan that I can't figure out how to get the light shade off to change the bulb. I know I have to turn it counter clockwise, but when I try the whole light fixture unscrews and I still don't have access to the bulbs. So frustrating!

  19. Watched this video and then went to install my new Concept II fan. Had to take an old ceiling fan down first, then installed the new fan. Did it all within forty minutes and it looks great and it works! Was careful to give the glass light cover a 1/4 inch turn in hopes I can remove it if the need should arise. I am a 62 year old female and cannot believe I did this all by myself. Do admit that I texted my sister to let her know if she did not hear from me in an hour to call for help! Was very simple but the motor was heavy for me. Thanks for the video!

  20. Hi I also have the additional red wire coming from ceiling not shown in the video. My prewired room has 2 switches for fan so you can control light dimming and fan speed independently with 2 knobs. My concept 2 also has a remote control with it. How do I wire this fan so I have full control at the wall and on the remote?

  21. I've had this fan for several years now and I always felt it was extremely slow moving air. Recently a friend bought the same fans and hers are very efficent. She has no complaints and tells me her fan move air quite well. I watched several videos on here and realized this fan does go anywhere as fast as the ones shown. Is there something I can do to get the fan to work properly? or is this a defective fan.

  22. The black mounting circular bracket does not mount flush to the ceiling. The center circle is almost 1/4 inch deeper than the edges of the black circle. Therefore, the edges are not flush with the ceiling. We can not fit this tight to the ceiling. What is the solution?

  23. my fan has been shorting out since install. Ive burned out 2 transformers in the housing and now its just a ceiling ornament. Has been for 5 years. Hmmmmm i think i need an electrician. the problem all started because i have a dual with. one on each side of the room. it never worked with this fan. each transformer is over $80.00 and I'm done trying.

  24. how to connect the blueish wire? I left it there without connect to anything, is that right? Also after I installed, the switch on the wall no longer works, did i connect the wire wrong?

  25. My problem is my remote isn't working, how do i set up the initial code, we have two fans in two adjoining rooms.

  26. I have two of these fans. Was going to install myself. A bit cumbersome! But this demo would have been very helpful. Our joist box needed to be changed. Too small, too old (1988).

  27. I install a E11dimmable LED bulbs to replace the E11 halogen but remote cannot turn off the lights! Dimmable button ok… The only way to turn off the lights is the wall switch. Why?

  28. This was a wonderful addition to our newly remodeled bedroom.>>>nub.best/415e I would totally recommend and will purchase again when we remodel the other rooms!

  29. The night after our fan was installed, (we hired someone to install it) an intermittent clicking sound started. I’ve heard from two different places to run the fan for a 24 hour break in period, so I’m letting it run, but it seems to be clicking more steadily. I’ve also read that I might need to tighten a screw. Which screws should I tighten?

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