Minka Aire Remote Control RCS212 and Wall Control WCS212

Hi, I’m Zach from Minka Aire and I’m here at Del Mar Fans and Lighting to talk about the features.

Hi, I’m Zach from Minka Aire and I’m here
at Del Mar Fans and Lighting to talk about the features of the Minka Aire remote control
and the wall control. The Minka Aire remote operates at a distance
of up to 40ft. The remote operates in three fan speeds; high,
medium and low. The remote and wall control operates ceiling
fan direction in both forward and reverse. Press and hold the light button to set the
dim or increase the light. And the wall control has all the same features.
Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the Minka Aire remote and wall control.
Thank you for joining me here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting.

97 thoughts on “Minka Aire Remote Control RCS212 and Wall Control WCS212”

  1. ok, The controls are great, I speak from experience since I own a Minka fan with a remote. However this video leaves out so much… Like programming and install information. You could combine the video with the RCS223 and WCS223 and make a better video.

  2. how do you set different frequency if you have two of the same fan in the house. As of now, both controls are on the same frequency and thus interfere with one another. Thanks

  3. You will just have to change the frequency dip switch settings for one of your ceiling fans on the ceiling fan remote and on the ceiling fan receiver. The dip switch for the remote control can be found by removing the remote back and the battery. Remove the small panel that covers the dip switches. Remember the four switch settings. Note which switched read "On" and "Off".

  4. Turn off your ceiling fan and flip your breaker controlling the fan "Off". Remove the glass light cover or if there is no light, remove the cap. Look for a small rectangular or square shaped receiver box. Remove the receiver box cover and look at the dip switch settings. There should be four sliding buttons. Make sure the button configuration matches the remotes dip switch configuration. Change the dip switch settings so they are different from the settings on your other ceiling fan.

  5. I have 2 outdoor fans 52" Concept II fans. They are both on one switch (Single pole on-off).

    The Fans have receivers in them from the factory. Purchased a remote RCS212. Can I run both fans with the one remote?
    Also the remote has dip switches but the fan receiver does not.

  6. Hello – Because this is a full functioning remote, each fan is operated independently on one switch and will need separate remote controls. The fan receivers are self coding, so you can set the dip switches on the remote to any combination and it will sync with the fan. Set the dip switches in each of your remotes (once you get another one) to different combinations. Power off both of the ceiling fans. Then power on the fan that you are attempting to program.

  7. Within sixty seconds of applying power to the first fan, press the center STOP button on the remote for five seconds and then release the button. The light on the fan will blink twice indicating successfully setting that fan to a unique frequency. After programming one fan, turn the power off before attempting to program the other fan. Make sure the next remote has a unique frequency setting and go through the same steps stated before.

  8. Once both fans are programed, restore power and wait 60 seconds before operating the fans as they will go into program mode once more when power if first restored. We hope this helps you out!

  9. I have 2 fans that are about 10 years old . the remotes that came with them are failing. Is the remote you show in the video a replacement for them? the ones I have are 5" x 2" with 6 black buttons buttons.

  10. Hello William – Are both of your ceiling fans Minka Aire Concepts? The RCS212 in the video is a Minka Aire handheld remote control and comes with the Minka Aire Concept. It is compatible with certain Minka Aire ceiling fans. If you could let us know what ceiling fans you have, we can suggest a compatible remote control that you can purchase as a replacement. Thank you!

  11. Hello William – Unfortunately we do not sell Hampton Bay ceiling fans so we are unsure of a remote that would be a suitable replacement for your current remote control. If you call Hampton Bay tech support at 877-527-0313, I am sure that they will be able to provide you with the answers you are looking for. If you are unable to find a new remote for your current ceiling fan we would be happy to help you with the purchase of a new ceiling fan and remote that will fit your needs. Thank you!

  12. I have a Concept 1 fan with no remote. It has a Model CFR-3T remote controller. Will the RCS212 remote and WCS212 work with this controller?

  13. Hello Randy – This will depend on the age of the fan. If the fan uses the old style black receiver then they will require a RC or WC210 remote. If the fan is using the newer green receiver, then the WCS212 or RCS212 will work with the fan. We hope this helps!

  14. Hi, I was hoping to see the wall panel in action. I've read that the LED backlight is very bright and annoying in a darkened room. Is that true and if so, is there a way to turn it off? Thanks!

  15. hi working at a house that has your fan yl-lq AC553mp3. The remote in the top of the fan is 7067GM5=05B(4+6) it has no dip switches. they also have a wall switch UC7040twith 8 dip switches. (all on) and a remote UC7084t with 4 dip switches. the wall switch seems to work ok. the dimmimg feature does seem to want to work. but remote doesnot work and the light on the remote will light but nothing happens. the costomer complained that it hasnt worked right since it was installed. this is a very nice fan. would like them to be happy any suggestion. i did reset the wall switch to 2 dip switches, reprogramed with the stop switch and tried to do the same with the remote. nothing

  16. This is the most informative video I have ever seen in all my years on Youtube. Thank you so much!
    Your friend,
    Jeff Jefferson

  17. I have a minka aire concept 1 52.  The hand held control is a minka aire  UC7064T.  I need to reverse rotation on the fan.  There is no indication of a reversing mode on this control as the reversing icon is not on the control.  any ideas?

  18. Hi, I have the "Minka Aire, F577-BNW, Concept I" with a wall control. Our home was wired for a smart home system, which means all ceiling fans need to be set up on wireless hand remotes. They were not wired to the wall (no wall switches or set up).  Will the RCS212 work?  Also, I have a "Monte Carlo Airlift" and a "Casablanca, Stealth" with the same issue. I have wall controls and wireless hand remotes.  What can you recommend for these ceiling fans as well?
    Thanks, for any help you can provide. Kathy W.

  19. I recently had a Concept II F519-ORB installed and it worked fine.  Then I opened the remote and inadvertently changed one of the DIP switches on the remote – now it doesn't work.  Should I access the receiver DIP switches in the fan and set the remote's DIP settings to match the receiver?

  20. My receiver has only 4 dip switches for my minka aire fan. The old transmitter blew its fuse. When I got the new transmitter, it has 8 dip switches, and won't sync up with the receiver.  Do I need a new receiver? can I get the 8 to communicate with the 4?  My ceiling is 15' high, so getting up to the receiver isn't the easiest thing. So any help is appreciated. 

  21. Hello, I have 3 Minka Aire F574-ORB Concept 52 in. Outdoor Ceiling Fans that I had installed to run off of a single switch. Somehow the dimming of the light on one of the fans has gotten a bit out of sync with the other two so when I'm adjusting the lighting that unit hits its brightest a bit before the other two and then is noticeably dimmer than the other two by the time they are at their brightest.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to coax the errant light back in sync with the other two?

  22. I just installed a minka aire F1000-ORB with a wall controller and having hard time getting the wall controller to work properly.  I can only do one command every minute or so. ex: I can turn light on, but have to wait a minute to turn light off using the wall controller.  Same with the fan.   Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens?  I emailed Minka Aire about it but havent gotten a response back.   The remote that came ieth it works fine.

  23. I have the remote featured in video and can not figure out how to reverse fan direction. There is no reverse button on the housing.

  24. It looks the remote in video except for the arrows on the bottom. It is just blank there. I've held it down with the fan off but it didn't change directions.

  25. We got it when we bought this house it was built in 2007.
    The remote says MinkaAire and Aire Control
    Model UC7084T

  26. We just had our bedroom renovated and added this fan and it is gorgeous. It makes very little noise and pushes a lot of air. Great product!

  27. @Stephen C Wallace Hi Stephen! You can contact Minka's customer service line at 800-307-3267, they will be the appropriate resource for you. -Alexa

  28. I have the minkaAire fan without the light.  I am having a problem with getting it to work.  Can you help?

  29. Hi, I have a Minka Aire Concept 1 in one room and a Minka Aire  Airus in another room. For some reason the remotes for each control both fans so when I turn on one fan/light it shuts off the fan/light in the other room. I tried to change the dip switches but when I pull out the receivers I dont see any dip switches to change, I only see dip switches in the remotes/wall controls. Any tips?

  30. I purchase 3 Minka ceiling fan and all controles are working on the same frequency. How do i change the frequencies so that i can use all three independently?

  31. I have a Minka-Aire MODEL: MKS-R manufactured in Feb. 2006 in a home I recently purchased which looks identical to F544-GBZ Calais. It appears the previous homeowner may have a wall mount but replaced with a ON/OFF switch but not a simple, basic standard ON/OFF switch. Would these model receivers work or would I need a different model? The receiver is 7067FM-15(5+6). I believe the unit works (switch on, fan spun) but no lights or fan control. There is what appears to be a manual reverse switch. Any help would be great!

  32. I need fans and remotes. I bought a WCS212 from Amazon not knowing I need a receiver and probably should know the model of the ceiling fan. Either way.. going forward I should figure out how many fans, remotes and wall units. I'm hoping to find help here.

  33. We just built a home and installed 3 Minka air fans – two Pancakes and 1 slipstream.  For no apparent reason the handheldremote stopped working on one of the Pancakes.  Confirmed it's not the battery.  Read the instructions and they keep referring to a Stop button – where can I find that??  What mind cause the remote to stop working?  Do the signals interact with signals from other remotes, like the TV?

    Thanks so much.


  34. I have two units that are identical along with two identical fans in adjacent rooms.  There is a constant source of electricity to both units, thus all controls are via the remote rather than a wall switch.  Is it possible to change the frequency of on the remote units.  I've tried to call customer service and I cannot get through.  If this is feasible, then why not upload a video segment here?

  35. I have a minka aire remote. How can I switch direction of fan. I know it can Bc it has changed several times but the remote does not have a reverse button like some pictures I have seen. Help!!

  36. I can't figure out how to get BOTH the remote and wall control to work. I can get one or the other to work, but not BOTH. The wall control and remote control have the same dip switch settings.

  37. Hello: I have a Volterra with a wall control. All of the sudden everything stopped working. A red light still come on at the wall, when a button is pressed. However, the fan, up light or down light do not respond(work). It is my understanding is there is a receiver at the top of the fan. Does it have batteries or other things I might be able to fix? I would normally just check for myself. However, the fan is hanging from a 20' ceiling.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  38. Why do the remote and wall controls have two buttons for the light? You would think that one would brighten and the other dim the light, but the both seem to do the same thing.

  39. my remote battery died, and after replacing it, it no longer communicates with the fan/light.  The wall switch works fine.  How do we get the remote to communicate again, and can we expect this to happen every time the battery is replaced?

  40. Hi i have an older minka aire gyro white i am having trouble. All of a sudden when we turn the switch on the wall control to "on" the light turns on and the fan turns on we have no control on the functions. I belive its a problem with the module connected to the fan but i need help.

  41. This fan is always having issues. I have three. The one in my bedroom makes noise as it turns. Drives me crazy. The one in my office. Well. it just stops working all together. Ill never buy another one. Then will just start working.

  42. Hi. I have 3 Delano fan's none of them reverse directions. They all rotate counter clockwise. Pressing the reverse button stopped or moving doesn't change directions. When the fan is moving the fan does throttle as if it's trying to do something. Ideas? I'd question the wall control but all 3 have never worked.

  43. I tried holding down the fan button to change direction but it's not working. I replaced the battery so I don't know what else to do.

  44. How can I wire my Minka Aire Concept I to my existing light and fan speed controls? I tried hardwiring the fan directly by removing the receiver, but the fan spins the wrong direction…

  45. lost power in the room where my fan is located, reset the breaker but now neither the wall remote or hand remote turn the fan or light on or off anymore. I checked and there's power going to the control unit. What's up?

  46. How do I get my two Minka fans to resink to one controller. They work fine but opposite of each other. So when I brighten the light on one fan it dims the other. Same with the fan speeds. They worked fine but somehow they became opposite on controller. Thanks Abby

  47. Where do I find replacement parts for the Minka Aire Mojo ceiling fan with remote control? The electronics in the light assembly are burned up and the whole switch/capacitor/wiring harness needs replaced. Nothing works, No lights or fan.

  48. We've had ours for 6 months and the stupid thing never has worked right. If I could get smb to come take it away and give me smth that does work, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  49. Had an electrician install the fan this am. The fan does not reverse direction (we have a remote with the reserve button).

    Any advice or recommendations?

  50. I hate this newer style wall control! I have 5 MinkaAire fans, including Flute and Acero. My most recent, Artemis, came with this newer sytle. As did the Concept II (2). I HATE this wall control style. The older panel control is much easier to use-even in the dark! This circular pattern sucks!

  51. I would say people were looking for how to install! Connecting the wires. I'm never sure of the ground. However, this shows how to operate. Funny! The old style didn't need explaining!! I still HATE this newer style–circular dial. Guests always screw up a hit the reverse–as I have done as well! NOT COOL!

  52. Piss-poor explanation!  How about showing the folks exactly how to reverse the fan.  Whet "steps" to reduce light brightness (i.e. "push the lower button to turn the light on, hold the smaller upper button to dim" (then show how the fan light actually dims).   What is the slide switch for on the wall unit?  You folks need to show "detail;" not quick shots of useless info.  First you say we are here to explain the remote control, and the wall unit.  Then you say the wall unit operate exactly — but say no more. How is that explaining both?   The wall unit does not operate "exactly" — similar yes, but not "exactly".  Poor presentation.

  53. My fan goes on by itself, comes on high and some times the light also comes on. It’s been doing this since the day I bought it. Do you have any ideas how it can be fixed? Thanks. Helen

  54. The remote control light dimmer function has two buttons.  This would lead one to think that the upper button would increase the light and the lower button would decrease the light.  But both buttons just cause the light to cycle lower to higher.  So then what is the purpose of having to buttons when they both do the same thing?

  55. I have an air cool industries fan model # f888(rm268) and have lot my remote. where can i get a replacement?

  56. i have two rooms with the same fans. when i use the remote for one room, it turns on the other. how do i avoid the and keep each remote working for its respective fan

  57. I have three MinkaAire fans, one on each level of my home. Two are controlled by a wall control panel, the third by the remote in this video. My problem – the fan controlled by the remote does not reach the same ‘high speed’ that my other two fans reach. This third fan reaches a speed equal to the medium speed of the other two. I have changed the remote battery and unsuccessfully attempted to change the frequency (watched numerous videos and read the user guide, but the light never blinked and I always had to revert to the prior frequency). Any suggestions on why this fan isn’t reaching the same high speed the other two are?

  58. Hello! We have several Minka fans that are about a year old. One of them has a remote that is no longer connecting to the fan. Is there a way to reset that? I can only use the on/off wall switch and cannot turn off the light without turning off the fan.

  59. I bought it on amazon to replace the original wall control that came with my Minka Aire F601 BS-BN . The previous problem was : fan can be only operated by turning the switch on, which turns the light on ,ALONG with the fan at its lower speed . None of the buttons are working : I cannot turn the light off, let alone dimming it, none of the speeds nor reverse works. Needless to say- the stop button won't work either . After correctly replacing the wall unit with a brand new one ,ALL the problems continued. I don't know what to do next . Please help !

  60. I lost my remote and just bought 2 new ones. The only problem is that I cannot get them to connect to my fans. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  61. I bought an E11 LED bulbs to replace the E11 halogen, but now the remote cannot turn off the light? But dimmable buttons still ok.

  62. Hi. I lost my remote during a move. Where can I get a replacement, and will it work with my unit? Does it have to be programmed?

  63. When I press the 'up' and 'down' button it just turns the lights on and off. I cannot figure out how to reverse the fan rotation. Would appreciate a response.

  64. How do i know what the frequency is cuz i acadently changed the frequency on my remote and i dont know what its supposed to be so plz help cuz i Cant have a freaking light in my room and its giving me a mental breakdown

  65. We had a power outage for about 8 hours and when power came back on everything worked except the WCS212. The pwr light would operate normally but all functions of the wall unit were inop. I ordered a new WCS212 and tried to install it to no avail. The instructions said a power outage will cause this to happen, it's wired correctly what am I missing?

  66. I have programmed my fan using the hand held remote. I purchased a WC210 wall mount to also control the fan. How do I get the WC210 mount to control the same fan? I'd hate to take the fan down to find out it's frequency switch positions.

  67. How in the heck do I program the remote for a minka aire fan? I've tried multiple videos on youtube and none work. I've turned off power at the breaker and tried holding the stop button for up to 20 seconds. Nothing. I've tried multiple dipswitch configurations. Nothing. I've tried turning the fan off at the wall and holding the stop button. Nothing. I've tried looking at the fan box to see if I could program a code in directly at the box, but the fan radio has no dip switch controls. I'm at a loss. I have four of these fans in my house and I can't control them. It's lame.

  68. I have purchased 3 Minka Aire ceiling fans that are a year old now . They have worked flawlessly. Just recently one fan does not respond to the wireless remote control. it is on all the time. The green light is on when I depress the "off" button but with no response.

  69. This fan works wonderfully!>>>nub.best/415e The design on the blades are so ergonomic that I find the air is pushed really far (we have ours in a big room). The light is ok, but the best part is the remote. It allows for the fan to be installed on high ceilings, and it makes using the fan and the light really easy.

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