Motu Ke Ghar Ka Renovation – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Patlu, our house has turned very old, why don’t we renovate it? Yes Motu, we will build a beautiful house..

Patlu, our house has turned very old, why don’t we renovate it? Yes Motu, we will build a beautiful house. But first let us find out, in which direction there should be kitchen. And in which direction there should be bathroom and bedroom. Where should kitchen be? This we have to ask someone. Hey Motu Patlu, why are you both staring at your house? Boxer brother, we are planning to renovate our house, you tell us where should the kitchen be? Show me the map of your house then I can suggest. Map is there, look. The kitchen should be here. Ok! And where should be the bathroom? Here or there? If the kitchen is here then the bathroom should be there, ok now I am leaving. Thank you boxer brother. You are welcome. If bathroom is here then kitchen there, if kitchen here then bathroom there. I am not able to understand anything. You only tell me. Motu, kitchen is there. Ok, so then where should be the door? Boxer brother, where should be the door? East side or west side or which side? Tell us please. Where should the door be? Hey, the door should be in the east direction. Boxer brother, what is the benefit of having a door in the east side? And what will be the benefit if it’s in the west? Hey, that’s enough! You go east and you go west. Boxer brother, you didn’t tell me that what is the benefit of having a door in the east? Hey Motu Patlu, wait there. I will come there and tell you. Until your house doesn’t get ready I won’t come here. Because you both will drive be crazy by asking questions again and again. Hello Chingam sir, I am renovating my house. Ok good, you carry on with the renovation and I will definitely come for the inauguration. Ok. Sir, either I will stay in Furfuri nagar or these criminals. Excuse me, hello Chingam is here. Chingam sir, please tell me what should be the budget? Motu that is your look out, depends on how much cash you have in your pocket. What should I say? Sorry sir, so what I was saying is when Chingam is here. Hello, what’s the matter? Who’s there? Hello Chingam sir, is it possible to renovate the house with 20 thousand? Patlu, I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Sorry sir, so what I was saying is, Until. Chingam sir, if you could tell us the budget, we could start with the renovation. OK, will you both let me work or not? I will tell you how much the budget should be. But first you see how long are the hands of law. Oh my god!!!!! Friends, first we need to break the house, ready? No tension friends, no tension. I will solve the problem right now. I’ll be right back. Hey friends, now just see how the house will break in seconds. So what I was saying is, either I will stay in Furfuri nagar or the criminals. Saw? Now say more sorry to them. Where did this come from? Come, Patlu. Oh my god!! This bulldozer is coming towards us, run!! Oh my god!!!!! Oh my god!! I won’t leave the one who left this bulldozer here. Motu now there is only one way to break the house. Now dig a hole, place the bomb and blast the house. Hey Patlu, my friend, my brother, I have made a monitor for you, now you can see Motu’s position in the tunnel. Come on Motu, now keep one bomb to the left and another bomb to the right. Ok Patlu. I have placed a bomb to the left. Motu, now place another bomb to the right and blast it. And here goes the right side bomb. Now blast the bomb. Daddy!!!! Our house has been destroyed or not? I won’t spare you!!! Run!! They both have harassed us a lot and now they have even broken our houses. Beat them up. Patlu please do something. My mind doesn’t works when I’m on empty stomach. Look friends, you can beat us as much as you want but please don’t break our house. Sorry we broke your houses. They broke our houses now let’s break theirs. Break it!! Break their house from the root. Now our house will break and then we can easily renovate it. Hey Patlu, you are a genius my friend.

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