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Look, our house windows and doors are broken. The windows and doors have broken and the the landlord is not.

Look, our house windows and doors are broken. The windows and doors have broken and the the landlord is not ready to repair the same. Big brother, help us!!! In this big world, where will we go? Motu my brother, you both don’t worry, I will provide you both with an Human House. Human House? Yes dear! Human House, this is like a Human, it walks, moves and even talks. You can take the house, where ever you want to. Long live!! Where is the Human House? Quickly, give it. Quickly, give it to us. Good morning Dr.Jhatka. His name is Mike, He can talk but remember very important thing. He likes cleanliness and without entry fee he won’t allow you to enter.The entry fees is Rs50/- only. Rs 50/- entry fees ? To maintain himself, he charges entry fees, you can think in such a way that everyday you are paying rent. We agree to his fees.Patlu lets take him along with us and will station it in front of our old house. Lets go my friend. I am not your friend, you are my tenant. Owner and tenant can’t be friends. Hey Motu, what kind of house is this? It can walk too. We got it from Dr Jhatka, he has solved the problem of our staying. We shall live in this house. Mr. Mike, open the door, we need to enter. Entry fees Rs50. Drop it in the slot next to the door. Haha!! I thought Dr Jhatka joked about the entry fees. In reality if I have to pay, I shall pay in the evening. Evening, if you don’t give then ? Don’t worry, we have lots of friends, in case we don’t pay, they will pay on our behalf. Ok I hear that, your friends shall pay. Lets see how the interiors are ? What all is there ? Wow! Everything is there. Remove your shoes and footwear and then enter or else the house shall get dirty. You should keep our house clean, footwear should be kept outside. By bringing inside you are prone to diseases. Shut your mouth, what will you do, if we don’t remove them. Sorry, it was a mistake. I have removed the shoes, now why are you hitting me? Sorry!! No!! Sorry, it was a mistake. Does a maid comes to clean the vessels? No, we do it ourselves. The used vessels are left behind, this will dirty the place and inserts shall be around. If its so unbearable, do it yourself. I will wash you both instead of the vessels, is that fine? We will do!! Open the door, let me come in and wash the vessels. Entry fees? We don’t have money now, to get money we came out, now tell me, should I wash the vessels or go. I won’t allow dirtiness in my house, won’t allow you to go. Help!! I won’t spare you, I am going to Dr Jhatka. John will be the Don!! I shall sell this precious house and earn millions. Wow boss! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry and think about becoming a millionaire. Hey black and white movie comedian. I will sell the house and become millionaire. John you can enter in any bank but not in this house. Haha!! You are challenging John, you are too innocent, you are underestimating my talent. Strangers are not allowed to enter. We are friends of Motu Patlu, not strangers. Are you their friend? Best friend, thank you. Remove your shoes quickly. Motu Patlu owe me Rs50 of entry fees, they had said in case they don’t pay. His friends shall pay, therefore you all are friends and need to pay. I am Don, I take money but never give money. I am a thief. From where will I get money? Robbery takes place in night. Now, he will ask me for money but I am very expert in calculations. I will confuse him so badly that he will not understand whether to ask for money or not. What are you thinking? Its your turn now. Are you giving me the money or you want a tight slap? Since you have to take money, why should you ask everyday? Think about it, Motu Patlu are gonna stay here for 10 years. Now calculate the amount. Ask them to pay it in advance. Why should you ask for money everyday. Calculate Rs50 per day for 10 years. And 10% interest every year. Add compound interest on that amount. 10 lakh rupees. Look, I made so much profit for you. Now, when Motu Patlu comes, ask them to pay 10 lakh rupees. I won’t ask them for money, instead I will ask from their friends. You give me 10 lakh rupees, or else I won’t let you go. Take your Rs50. Not Rs50, I need Rs10 lakh for 10years , everyday I am not going to ask you money. 10years? The calculation is not correct. What is the calculation? Interest on interest, Compound interest. Sorry, its not Rs10 lakh, its Rs10crore. I am not going to give even 10 paise, big brother, please explain him. Big brother shall explain later, I will explain you first. Cut the red fuse wire , everything shall be alright, the walk and talk will all be stopped. Give me 10 crore rupees!! Help!!! Keep him busy, I will go inside and remove the fuse box and cut the red wire. Because of you, we all are in problem, we won’t spare you. Stop it! I have come to resolve the matter. Do it fast, Patlu!! Yeah!! Hurray!! Thank you Patlu, we got saved. Patlu, you have done an excellent job, or else we would have been in jail for life long. Beat him, its all because of him. Give me 100 crore rupees or else. Run!!

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