My Gibson Guitar Renovation, Restyle And Upgrade – DIY Gibson SG Special To Very Special

Hello everybody! My name is Mykola. And today I will show you few upgrades which I’ve made for my Gibson.

Hello everybody! My name is Mykola. And today I will show you few upgrades which I’ve made for my Gibson SG Special. All have started few months ago when I bought a second guitar – acoustic Fender. I’ve missed the fact that Gibson and Fender are fierce enemies… … so once I’ve left them both for one night in one room. Next morning I saw my Gibson lying on the floor. Damn you, the war of brands! One tuning peg was broken, so I had to fix it. I secured it with super glue – and that worked for a couple of months. But I always knew that was a temporary solution. And not so long ago my friend offered me to buy Grover tuning machines… … which was taken from new Gibson SG Standard. They were cheap, so I’ve took them. As they appeared to be in chrome, I thought… … why not to add a bit of chrome to the other parts of my guitar. So, I’ve added humbucker covers, knobs and even fretboard stickers! And now I will show you how I was doing it. I’ve started with replacing tuning machines. First of all, you have to take off a string. I never cut strings, so then they could be as spare ones. Next you have to remove nuts. From the back side of the guitar head you have to take off screws. And now tuning machines are easy to remove. When you choose new tuning machines… … the main is what to pay attention to is where are holes for screws situated… And to the diameter of the holes in the guitar. It is very important to have the same holes diameter in the guitar and tuning machines. In my guitar holes are 10 millimeters each. But first I’ll wipe guitar head and fretboard. Now I’m inserting new tuning machines. Don’t tighten them too hard – they must have space to move. Now – turning screws through old holes. As my old tuning machines had been fastened with two screws… … so just above them you can see little empty holes. But they are barely seen, so that’s ok for me. And now – tightening nuts. The next step – covers on humbuckers. To take of humbuckers you have to take off a pickguard first. And then turn off the screws that secure humbuckers. Keep in mind, that neck humbucker and bridge humbucker have different sizes. So covers have to be also different. My humbuckers fit pretty tight to the covers. But to secure them even more tight I’m using silicone for bathrooms. This will be enough to hold covers, but also you will always be able to remove them easily. After silicone is dry — attaching humbuckers to the pickguard. Putting on the spring first… … and then turning screws. Now placing back the pickguard. I also decided to change tone and volume knobs. To remove them easily, you can use a piece of cord. The coolest thing about it, is that you can place old knobs back fast and easy. Also I bought a new bell. However I really like my old one. So maybe I will return it to the place in a while. And now – the most ambiguous upgrade. Fretboard stickers! I was not planning to do this. But when I was buying other parts for my guitar restyle, the seller suggested me these stickers. So I thought – why not to try? Later I will film the video where I will share with you my experience about using these stickers. Will they stay in place, will they hinder playing… And everything about them. To stick these stickers is pretty easy – as regular stickers. If you will stick them not straight – you can remove them carefully and stick again. Before putting new strings you can apply a small amount of pencil lead to the nut. Placing all parts back. Pulling strings… Don’t wind a string around the peg many times – less turns let it stay in tune longer and better. Snip off the excess – and that’s it! I like the way my guitar looks now. And the best thing in all these upgrades – that you can easily change all this back to old. Humbucker covers secured humbuckers so well, that they do not wobble anymore. Tone and volume knobs look awesome. But I still have doubts about Fretboard stickers. So later, as I promissed, I will film my impressions after two weeks of using them. Please, write in comments what do you think about these upgrades. Subscribe to my channel. And…
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  1. You might have problems with the pickups as you didn't soldered the covers with the base of the pickups. Now, im not sure if it will cause problems or not, but its a good idea to keep yourself warned, if something wrong happens you might already have an idea of what could be the cause. But its looking really great, nice job.

  2. Awesome video, all the upgrades I’ve planed for my SG, well not the stickers, did not even know such things existed before this video

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