My Houzz: Kate Upton’s Surprise Renovation

(upbeat music) – Home, for me, is a place where I can escape. For me, a home is more about.

(upbeat music) – Home, for me, is a
place where I can escape. For me, a home is more about who’s in it, so really wherever my dog Harley is, is where I consider home. Oh, and my husband. I’m Kate Upton, and this is My Houzz. I grew up in a large family
in Melbourne, Florida. We’re all super close. I have two older sisters,
and a younger brother. My sister Christie is
the oldest of us all, and really keeps us all in line, and takes care of everybody around her. We have a very close relationship. I always looked up to her, I always wanted to wear all of her clothes, and now she wants to
wear all of my clothes. I’m definitely paying
for those younger days. We all kinda talk about how she’s the best of the Upton siblings, ’cause
she’s like super athletic, really smart, really
funny, really beautiful. I mean, she won homecoming queen, she went to Wake Forest Business School, she kinda has it all going on. She runs a foundation
called Wins for Warriors, that helps veterans with PTSD. And, she’s really changed
a lot of people’s lives, and it’s really touching to see. My sister and her husband
Matt bought this home, in this beautiful cul-de-sac that’s really family oriented, a year ago. This house is so important
to Christie and Matt, because it’s their first time
really putting down roots, and really having a place of their own. And, I think it really symbolized
settling down for them. I wanna renovate my
sister Christie’s house. I think it’s an important
time to do the renovation now, because she keeps trying to do all these little projects inside the house, and none of them are for her. And, I really wanted to prioritize her because I knew she wouldn’t. So, no time better than the present. The rooms I would like to
renovate are the guest bathroom, the master bedroom and
en suite, and the office. And, they have a very exciting addition to the family coming soon, an eight week old puppy named Rico. With my busy schedule, I immediately turned to Houzz for this renovation. Houzz is such a great tool,
whether you’re looking for design inspiration, or a contractor, a landscaper, a designer,
whatever you need. It really streamlines the process because I can look for
any products that I want and just buy them right away. I went to the Find a Pro section to look up designers
near Melbourne, Florida. I found Motivo Home, and
it really stood out to me because they had fantastic reviews, and the aesthetic was
exactly what I wanted. So, I gave ’em a call, and I
decided to set up a meeting. I’m so glad we finally get to meet. – Me too, I’m so excited
about this project. It sounds like such an amazing
gift to give your sister. – Yeah, she deserves it. – [Andrea] Tell me a
little bit about her house. – Christie and her husband Matt
renovated most of the house, except for the guest
bathroom and the master. So, I’m really excited to
kind of finish off the house. The guest bathroom downstairs
is really outdated. ‘Cause that is the bathroom I use when I stay at their house. There is a window, but
a shed is blocking it, and no sunlight’s coming in through there. – So, what if we close that up, and add a beautiful tile
across that whole back wall. I think it could just
transform the bathroom. What do you think? – Yeah, I agree. – So, Kate, what other
spaces do you wanna do? – The master bedroom,
it’s kind of a disaster. You walk up and there’s this weird landing that’s kind of like a makeshift office. Instead of a junk drawer, they’ve created it into like a junk room. I think that we could really turn that into an awesome home office for her. Christie is the director of a foundation working with veterans
all over the country. So, I think it’d be nice for her to have a place where she can
keep all her stuff organized. – So, home office, but it needs to look super special, and like– – Yeah a place she wants to go. – To go work.
– Yeah, exactly. And, then you walk through
this weird hallway bar, in case you need to grab and go. And then, you go into the master bedroom. I think it would take a lot of stress off her plate if it felt like really her oasis in her own home. – Okay, awesome. And then, in the master bathroom. – [Kate] Even though it has two sinks, it’s not really functional for them. ‘Cause when they’re both standing there, they’re bumping into each other, and they can’t both use
it at the same time. – Okay, so let’s take a look at the ideabooks we’re putting together. – [Kate] An ideabook is so important because it’s a place where you can put all of your inspiration in one place. And, you can share it with
different collaborators. I can review ideas,
send back notes anytime. – [Andrea] For the
downstairs in the guest bath, I love the tone of the wood vanity in this inspiration photo. – I love it with the white shiplap, and the wood really brings some depth. It’s really stunning. – Houzz has this really great
tool called Visual Match. And, all you have to do is
click on this little tab, and it’s gonna show a bunch of options that match visually the picture. So, I love this one because
it’s a double vanity, it has the same amount of storage as what they have in there now. – That’s great, let’s buy it. – [Andrea] Okay. – I added this into the ideabook because I really love
the freestanding bathtub. – Okay, well we can absolutely
use Visual Match here too. I love this one right here,
and that bright white. – [Kate] That’s perfect. – [Andrea] Okay. – Let’s get it. – We are just doing some shopping. Now upstairs, in that landing office area. There’s this little
window, I was thinking, what if we did a built-in bench there? – [Kate] Oh, I love that. – [Andrea] Maybe somewhere
for her daughter to sit while she’s working.
– Yeah. – And, read a book. And then, I love the
structure of this built in. So, you’ve got your shelf space. – That’s perfect. – Okay, great. So, in the master, what do
you think about color scheme? – She loves blue, it’s her favorite color. So, I think adding little
pops of darker blues, and a little depth here and there would be kind of the perfect mixture. – I found these stools
for the end of the bed. – [Kate] Oh, those are so cute. – Awesome. So, if we just add two
of these to the cart. We purchase them, and we are good to go. And then, in the master bathroom. What are you hoping to see up there? – I think keeping the neutral theme. – [Andrea] Okay, so you really love the cabinet color in this image. – I think it’s so great, it’s a great play on neutrals, but it’s not just white. – So, what I’m thinking
would be a great solution is taking out the linen closet. If we just straighten the vanity across, you get the two double sinks, and do a linen tower in between the sinks. – I love it. – [Andrea] And, in this master bathroom, I love the shape of the mirrors. But, I was thinking maybe doing them in a wood tone, like this. – Oh, I love adding another texture and bringing a little depth into it. Let’s buy it. – Okay. I think I have everything
I need now to get to work. – It’s really important
to do this for her. Thank you.
– You’re a very good sister. – The best.
– Yeah. – And, if there’s anything that you need Christie’s husband Matt will be on-site. Of course, I’m available as well. – I’ll be in touch. – Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – Today Andrea and Matt
are meeting at the house to finalize design plans. – Nice to meet you.
– So nice to meet you. – Come on in.
– All right. – [Matt] Okay, so here is
Millie’s tub, bathroom area. – So, what I was thinking, is relocating the shower and the tub
to the back of the room. It kind of gives a natural division. And, I think the layout is going to feel more open and spacious. – I think that’s a great idea. You ready to check out the master suite? – [Andrea] Yeah. – [Matt] I don’t even know
what to call this room. – Okay. By the judge of all this,
you need a lot of storage. – [Matt] Desk space, filing. – [Andrea] Well, we can find
solutions for all of that. – When we bought the house,
this bar area was here. I don’t know if you’re
cracking open your nice wine, and serving it to guests. – [Andrea] Yeah, you could
have friends up here. – Yeah. Okay, so here’s the master bedroom. A few years ago, Christie used this chair to nurse Millie. – Okay. – If I had to bet, I’d say
our family might grow soon. – Okay, we’ll try to incorporate
something special there. – Okay. So, another thing is,
Christie loves to read. – [Andrea] Okay.
– Especially in bed, at night. Right now we just have a little light that you clip on the side of the bed. – So, maybe something on a dimmer. We could get two on either side, really balance it and make it
feel intentional’d be great. – Yeah, that would be perfect.
So, here’s the master bath. – [Andrea] Okay. – [Matt] What are your initial thoughts? – Well, I feel like it’s
just a little choppy. I think we should maximize
the square footage of this bathroom by
taking out that wet bar on the other side of the hallway, and bumping the bathroom
out two to three feet. – That’s a great idea. So, here’s the shower. Enclosure. – Oh my gosh. – [Matt] Could use some work too. (squeaking) – Oh my gosh Matt, make that stop. That’s quite the wake up call. – If you’re gonna get rid of this door. I think that’s, it all can go. – Well, how do you feel
about starting demo tomorrow? – I’m in. – Okay. Now that I’ve had the
opportunity to walk the house with Matt, I’m just so
excited to get going because I think we have
some great designs in place. (rocking guitar music) (knocking) Hey Matt, we’re here. – Hey guys, come on in. I’m in the kitchen. Hey nice to see you.
– How are you. Nice to see you too. So, you finally get to
meet Rik the contractor, and my husband, in person. – Okay, hey Rik, nice
to meet you in person. – Finally meet you too man. – Yeah.
– Ready for demo day? – It’s here, let’s do it. I can take care of the 1980’s glass. – Get a hammer for you, some
gloves, some glasses, let’s go. I’m gonna take down this wall first. – [Matt] All right. – So, let’s get our safety gear. – [Andrea] Have fun. – Try to hit it at the corners at the top, see what happens. Take it easy, it’s not spring training. – Okay. (crashing) – [Rik] Okay. – Nah, nah, I’m gonna keep going on this. (banging) Wait ’til you see. Holy crap. – These are the exciting
things that we find in the wall sometimes. Nice little snake. All right, you can… Whoa. There you go. (upbeat music) – [Kate] It’s been a few
weeks since we started the renovation, and
everything is well on the way. New floors, tiles, and bathroom vanities are all being installed. And, today Matt is meeting with Andrea to see how the progress is going. – Wow. This is great. – Nice to see you again.
– You too. Floors look gorgeous already. Brand new and… – [Andrea] Look at that wallpaper. – I think Christie’s gonna love it. I mean, this has come a long way. Last time we were here we talked about some sort of chair over there. – [Andrea] Right. – What’d we settle on? – There’s this chaise that I had in mind. And, I’m thinking it
should hang out right here, under the window. – [Matt] Does it fit over there? I mean, how would it really sit? – Well Matt, I got something
really cool to show you. Houzz has this really great tool, it’s called View in My Room 3D. – Okay. – Where you can actually
get a visualization of the piece of furniture
to scale in the space. – Wow. – You wanna try it out?
– Yeah, let’s see it. – [Andrea] Okay, hold
your iPad up like this. And, position the chaise in the room. – [Matt] Wow. – [Andrea] And, I can show it
to you in scale, in the space. – That’s pretty cool. – [Andrea] It’s really
impressive isn’t it? – [Matt] Yeah. – So, if you think
Christie’s gonna love it, we need to buy it right now. – She’ll love it, yeah let’s get it. – Okay, so we just add it to the cart. And, checkout. And, we’re done. – [Matt] That was easy. – I think we should call
Kate, give her an update. – Let’s do it.
– All right. – Let’s give her a call. Seeing what Andrea has done in
such a short period of time, it’s pretty incredible, I
think Kate is gonna love it. (ringing) – Hey guys. – Hi.
– Hi Kate. – How’s it looking? – It’s looking awesome. – Oh, I can’t wait to see it. – So, here we go. Look at that tile.
– Oh my God, that looks amazing. I love the pop of color. – Love it. Christie’s gonna freak out. She’s gonna be like in
heaven in this room. – I’m happy with that one. It’s gonna look awesome. – Take her upstairs? – Yeah, let’s do it. Is Harley gonna be in this? Make a cameo? – [Kate] He’s here. – Ah, there he is. – Look at that face. – [Kate] Harley. Do you like it? – [Matt] What do you think? – How dare you. – [Andrea] And, here we are in the office. – Oh my God, it looks so great. – Yeah.
– Look at that wallpaper. – [Matt] Doesn’t that scream Christie? – [Kate] Yeah. She’s gonna love it. – So, this is just gonna be great storage up this wall, and then I’m really excited about this built-in bench that we did. – She’s gonna use that so much. Especially for her events. – There’s gonna be these really beautiful upholstered cushions on top. So, that makes it really comfortable to sit up here with her and hang out. – Millie loves to work with mommy. – Oh yeah. – So, I’m sure she’ll use it a lot. – [Andrea] Oh, great. You notice anything
different about this hallway? – [Kate] Yay, no awkward
bar there anymore. – Yeah, no more drinks in
the hallway, sorry Matt. – [Andrea] Okay Kate, into the master. – [Kate] I love the wallpaper in the back. – Definitely right up
Christie’s color scheme. – [Andrea] All right,
into the master bathroom. Look at the tile on the back wall Kate. – [Kate] Oh, they look beautiful, yeah. – And, then that mosaic
will carry down the floor. We’ll have a beautiful marble sill that will lead down right to these floors. – Oh, the floors look amazing. And, I love the gray
coming up from the floors. Christie’s gonna love it. It’s all happening, our
vision’s coming true. – [Matt] That’s right. – I’ll talk to you guys later. – All right.
– See you Kate. – See you soon.
– Bye. – See ya.
– Bye. Kate and Matt both seem so
excited about everything. I just can’t wait for
Christie to see it all. (chill guitar music) – [Kate] I’m finally back
in Melbourne, Florida. And, I’m so excited. I’m meeting Matt and Andrea at the house to get everything ready. Today is finally the day I get to show Christie the renovation. I really thought it was so important to have my family here,
so I brought Harley. – Oh man. Put that up right in
the middle of the shelf. – [Kate] Come on buddy. – Okay. – Oh my God.
– [Andrea] Do you like it? – Oh, yes, it’s incredible! – Oh good, I’m so happy. – Look at this wallpaper. We’re going to make Christie cry. I made it. – [Andrea] Hopefully it’s a happy cry. – [Kate] Yes. Hi. Good to see you.
– You too. This is awesome, isn’t it? – Yeah, this is the
perfect retreat for her. Oh my God. A little bit of glam. These are the mirrors
that we found on Houzz. What do you think? – It’s awesome. – I think we did a good job of mixing feminine and the masculine, so. We remembered that you lived here too. – Oh, thanks. Appreciate that. – It’s been really exciting
working on this project. – It’s gorgeous! – It was just such a great feeling to see how happy Kate was. – Oh, this is perfect, ’cause
you know this is my bathroom. – That’s right.
– So, I can see myself in it. – I have a feeling Millie’s gonna think it’s her bathroom too. – She, yes, we share everything. – Yeah, it’s the princess bathroom. – I’m really blown away
by this renovation. It’s completely Christie’s style. I love how it all came together. – Well, let’s get the room
together before she gets here. – [Matt] Yeah. – So, lay that white one down first. – Matt, you watching?
– Yeah, yeah. – So, you know. – [Matt] So, I know how to do this. – Feel how soft that is. – This is so cozy. – Pillow for the chaise. See that fringe detail. – We’re like kids, we’re like oh. – [Andrea] Look at
these beautiful pillows. – [Kate] Wow. – [Andrea] Fluff one of those guys up. She’s a pro, look at that. Final touch right here. – All right. – Boom.
– Karate chop. – Perfect. (laughing) – [Andrea] Good job guys. – [Kate] You’re coming
back for the party right? – Yes, Rik and I will both be here. – Oh perfect. – [Matt] I’m gonna pick up my parents. All right. – See ya later. – It was so hard not being able to talk every detail through
this renovation with Christie, because she’s always been my
go to with things like this. So, I really hope she loves it. – [Christie] Kate? Hi.
– Hi. – Oh my God. So good to see you. I’m so excited. – Me too. You always put everybody before yourself. And, I really wanted to put you first. You truly deserve it, and
now you have a finished home. – Well, thank you.
– I love you so much. – I love you, thank you so much. Let’s go. Oh my gosh. This is gorgeous. – What do you think about the wall? – [Christie] I love the blue. – [Kate] I was dying picking out the wall. And, we took away the old window – [Christie] It’s so bright. – It was hard to do it without you, so I’m hoping you like it. – I love it. I literally like, I don’t
feel like I’m in my house. I feel like you’re at a luxurious hotel. – Yeah, that was kind of my inspiration. – The bathroom is something
I never could’ve dreamed of. Look at these stairs. I feel like I’m in a dream, I don’t feel like this is real. Oh my gosh. This is amazing. To finally have like an office. – You do so much work
for so many veterans. I wanted to give you more than
just a folding table up here. – This feels unbelievable. I can’t believe this is the same space. Oh. – [Kate] These are thank you letters from the veterans you work with. – Oh my gosh, I love it. Having some quotes from
some of the veterans that I work with, in my office, you know it really just touched my heart. – A little space for Millie. – I’ve always wanted a place to read. Like ever, remember that
place in Mamie’s house? – Yeah. – Where I would read every day. – The reading nook.
– This is gonna be like my favorite little corner in the house. I just know it. – [Kate] Ready to see the bedroom? – [Christie] Yes. – Okay. – I love it. – [Kate] No more bar. – [Christie] Bar that we never used. – Exactly. Look at all those pictures. – Oh my gosh. This looks like it’s out of a magazine. Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful. Oh my gosh, reading lights.
– So, we added reading light. I love that. Always wanted a chaise lounge. Oh my gosh, that’s stunning. I have so many reading places now. – [Kate] We really wanted to make sure this space was yours,
and added a lot of blues, but mixed it up with different
patterns and textures. Like, these striped ottomans
that we got from Houzz. And, the rug. – [Christie] Beautiful. – [Kate] Now you get to
see your master bath. Here it is. – Oh my gosh. It looks so good. – [Kate] I really wanted
this to be your spa. – [Christie] Oh my gosh. – Picking out your bathroom was full panic that I couldn’t ask
you what you preferred. And, it’s all real marble. – [Christie] Wow. – [Kate] Because you deserve the best. – I love the wood. I think it looks so cool. – And, I thought the chandeliers were just the glamour you deserve. – These are the touches that I always like wish I had, but would never
know how to implement them. Just love this so much. Thank you. – Oh my gosh, I love you. – If it’s possible to
be closer than sisters, that’s what Kate would be. – So stressful. – So nice. Oh this bed, and these pillows. To have her just thinking through things that she knew I’ve dreamed
of since childhood. – I’m so glad you like it. – I love it. I don’t deserve it at all, like. – Stop. – I’m just so grateful it’s really incredible. – You do deserve this, and this is why I wanted to do it for
you because you always put yourself last, and now
this is your own space. And, you do deserve a place to relax, and rejuvenate, and
have time for yourself. – I’m just so moved. Hey guys. – [Millie] Mommy. – Hi.
– So excited. – [Matt] Do you love it?
– [Christie] I love it. I can’t wait for you to see it. – [Matt] Do you love it or what? – Oh my gosh, she loved it. – It look’s amazing. – [Millie] I wanna see the bathroom. – You wanna see your bathroom? I think she’s been almost
more excited than anyone to see her special princess bathroom. – [Kate] We’ll meet you upstairs. Do you love it? – That’s gonna be such
a fun tub to play in. – [Kate] Is it so big,
just for a princess? – Oh my goodness. – Oh wow, that’s beautiful. – [Woman] So beautiful. – Okay. – It’s perfect. – [Woman] I love it. – [Kate] Look, oh my gosh. Do you love it? Look at this pretty room. – [Woman] Wow. – [Woman] Oh, I love the mirrors. – [Kate] We picked out the mirrors and the vanity from Houzz. – Smart idea to move that wall out. – Yes. – This project would not have been possible without Andrea’s help. – Hey. – Oh my gosh.
– Oh my God. They loved it. This is who I’ve been talking about. This is Andrea the designer. Meet Christie. Finding a designer on Houzz, really made this process so much easier. Andrea saw my vision right away. And, she was able to
accomplish everything. – You guys are welcome any time. – And Millie.
– And Millie. – [Christie] Yes, she’s breaking it in. – [Matt] Do you like it Millie? – Should we head downstairs, and maybe pop open some champagne, and celebrate? – Yes. – Come on Millie. Everything turned out way
better than I expected. This is gonna definitely change
the way we use the space. – Well, actually she can’t have champagne. – Why? – We’re expecting number two. – Oh my gosh, well here, for you. – Yeah, I’ll take it. – Cheers, love you guys. – Congratulations. – Thank you for being here. – [Everyone] Cheers. – And, cheers to the new additions. Rico, and baby number two. (laughing) The family’s growing, with a new puppy and a new baby on the way. And, I’m so happy I could
get this renovation done. – Say hi.
– Hi. Oh. So does Harley. – [Matt] Rico. – [Christie] Isn’t this so nice? – Christie’s always been very nurturing to everyone around her, and
she’s still like that today. So, all of my memories of her growing up is her really watching over me. So, it’s nice to be able
to reverse the roles and take care of her. (laughing)

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  2. I would love to do this for my parents house in St. Louis MO. Are there any donations type organizations for seniors or veterans who raised 11 kids and still live in the same 2 story home?

  3. You did a great job ? There’s nothing more beautiful than sisterly love! I would love to accomplish this for mine ??

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