My Houzz: Kyrie Irving’s Surprise Renovation

What makes a home for me is there’s an emotional connection Some memories, warmth, and the people that are in.

What makes a home for me is
there’s an emotional connection Some memories, warmth,
and the people that are in it I’m Kyrie Irving
and this is My Houzz I will always be from New Jersey that’s where my father’s house is
that’s where I grew up It’s where I get my attitude from it’s where I get some
of my personality from My dad’s name is Drederick Man, he sacrificed a lot ultimately gave up his dream
to play basketball professionally He chose to, you know
work nine hours a day a nine to five And he would divide
the time up of working all day and then teaching me
how to play basketball or dropping my sister off
at a dance class He was really a super dad I want to do this renovation
for my dad because, you know, he worked
his tail off to get the house and provide for myself and my sister He deserves it It’s his first house I think he wanted it
to be his only house That’s where I grew up and I respect him even more
for wanting to keep it But I know that there’s always things that he wants
to improve on in the house My dad’s house is great but I think it’s time
to see some new looks and make the house more functional and I think it should be
a little bit more spacious The dining room
is to the right of the living room the walls are so closed off and it’s definitely something
that we just need to open up From there, you walk
through a small door and enter the kitchen Definitely fix up the island area
as well as the sink There are a lot of memories of me being in that kitchen
washing dishes all night and me and my dad
having really long talks My dad has an idea that we’re doing
something special for him but he doesn’t necessarily
know exactly what He trusts me enough that I’ll get the right team
to really fix up the house I live in Cleveland and my Dad’s house
is in West Orange, New Jersey So I turned to Houzz
for this renovation Houzz is the perfect app that has
everything you need to get inspired find a professional, go shopping
and get advice all in one place I went to looked up for local designers
in West Orange, New Jersey and along came Jules Found her profile
looked at some of her designs I thought that she can
find that balance between modern and traditional Jules and I scheduled
a meeting here in Cleveland to go over the design ideas
for my Dad’s house Before we jump in, I want to ask you about the “hungry and humble” sign
on your wall, tell me about it It’s a mantra that my dad gave me to really live by
through basketball and life just always having a hunger for more
and always striving for perfection And then humility, it’s one
of the most important things that makes me who I am
and I developed it from my family Walking into this kitchen
and seeing this wonderful mantra that means so much to Kyrie just speaks to how much
family means to him So is there anything you think
your dad might really like? So he loves really old finishes
with a modern sense Okay You know, as blue
is his favourite colour, I think… Okay Something to play on with navy but a little flare
of some colours here and there – That sounds perfect
– Yeah Jules set up an ideabook
on Houzz to collaborate from She can show me
different ideas she has and I can add to what
she has already done Where I think we should start
is in the living room I’ll go to the… – To this one?
– Yeah I picked this picture
because of the fireplace Do you guys use
the fireplace quite often? Yeah, we use it – Yes, we use it
– Which is so nice A lot of times, yeah And to have seating
around a fireplace again, it just ties back to this you know, wonderful tight-knit
family that you guys are and I’d like to highlight
that in the space You know, make it a fresh happy room I’d like to incorporate a nice rug… I think he’d like to see that Okay, well, wonderful Do you guys entertain? My dad throws
these incredible parties but people are just going
in different spaces in the house and that’s where everybody
kind of lounges around Some of the rooms
feel a little closed in I would love to see more
of that light shine into the kitchen So I’m sort of thinking what if we could create a larger
entrance into the dining room maybe try to open up
that space a little more Speaking with Kyrie I feel it’s really important
to break through some of these walls It’s going to dramatically improve
how they function in the house I really want to embrace that and warm the dining room up
as much as possible When we have our family gatherings
that’s where we go all the time In the dining room I still want to keep our big table I think that he would
want to maintain the feeling within that room Right And I want to, I want to keep that One of the things
I wanted to talk to you about for the dining room
is a storage piece I love the idea behind it I think it will be great
for our big party gatherings… Okay And things that
we’re having over at our house Great We’ll just click Add to Cart
and then you just purchase it and you can either check out
or keep shopping Seems pretty easy And so one of the things that
really struck me with your kitchen is you have this really small island
that has storage in it That was all my dad’s idea Well, I get the idea… Nope, that had nothing to do with me – Nothing to do with me
– What did you think of it I don’t sit in the kitchen I stand in the kitchen Okay, okay Just because I know
my knees can’t get up to the island Your knees… Well, you can’t get any knees
because the countertop ends… – All his idea
– Right, okay So I’d like to come up
with a better solution for him Me too And then I would like
to incorporate one fixture that comes down from the ceiling
a pendant fixture, in the kitchen I liked this one
for maybe over the island Always make a statement
no matter what Okay, click on the piece
add it to cart, purchase, and voila So I’ve got some ideas
going on about the kitchen but one thing that I really
wanted to run by you was the tile Bold navy blue with a hint of orange I like the design Artistically, I think people
will come in and be like “Hey, where did you
get this tile from?” which is always
a conversation starter It has a wow factor
about it, I like it So let’s get it When you retire from basketball you might have
a new career ahead of you I appreciate that, I appreciate that But that’s not gonna be
for a super long time – Yeah, no, no
– Okay Not for a long time Not for a long time, but thank you My sister Asia will be taking
over the reins with you from here while I go through my season So I know she’s excited I can’t wait to get
Asia’s input as well And it is very, very important very important
that we kinda get this right Excited – So nice meeting you
– Yes, ma’am – Thank you
– Thank you so much Really appreciate it I’m using Asia, my sister as my other set of eyes
and she’s in Jersey already so it works out that
she can be close to the project – Welcome
– Thank you – I’m Jules
– Asia It’s a pleasure to meet you It’s a pleasure to meet you as well Well then, I know you have
some great things planned for us Yeah, yeah You know what
let’s start in the kitchen – Yes, this way
– Okay, you lead the way Okay We want to make this
a really inviting space because, you know, everyone
congregates in the kitchen which makes it really fun It does But I’d love to maybe try
to open it up a little more so you have more of a flow going on Great idea, I’m excited Let’s take a look at the dining room and see
how we can work that out Okay You know, the first thing I noticed in the dining room
coming in is this step I would love to see that go away That would be great because a couple
of people have tripped over there Especially during his parties – Yes
– Yeah, yeah We need to resolve
that issue, absolutely Yes, we do So, Asia, when we were in the kitchen we talked about sort of pushing out This is the wall
that we’re talking about I would love to see this wall just completely open up
as much as possible It’s hard to get your head around it – Yes, it is
– It’s a major change But what would happen here is then you’ll have
a completely transformed flow of traffic in this space And it’ll be better You want to show me the living room? – Yes
– Okay, great, let’s take a look This way Okay So we don’t really
use this room a lot All right, well
we need to change that Okay You guys do a lot of socialising
at the parties We do So we need to accommodate people for comfortable seating
and conversation areas maybe some new paint colors,
opening up the windows Before you know it it’ll be a room that you guys
want to spend so much time in – I’m excited for that
– Okay, good So I think that this is gonna be
a wonderful project But wait, there’s one more room that I think we should take a look at This will be a great surprise
for the project – Oh, I love surprises
– Yes – Let’s take a look
– Oh, excellent Wow So this is our trophy room Tell me why your dad has so much
of Kyrie’s trophies in here So he likes to give him
his accomplishments just as a gift to him
like, as a thank you – That’s so meaningful
– Yes – That is so meaningful
– It is It’s very special So this is gonna be
an awesome transformation and a really special
wonderful surprise – Yes
– So we need to get started Today is demo day at my Dad’s house Oh, here he is – Hey, Anthony
– Hey, Jules, how are you? – Great to see you
– Good to see you again I’d like you to meet Asia – Hi, Anthony, nice to meet you
– Hi, Asia So this is the other side
of the wall facing the dining room We’re gonna take the finishes off
of here too today So we’ll be able to see right
through from one room to the other and even at that point
we’ll get a feel of the open space So, Asia, throw on a pair
of designer work goggles and… The hammer is ready to go Grab a nice big hammer Let’s do it – Yeah, I know it’s a lot of fun
– Right here On your mark, get set, go Anthony, are you here? Oh, my gosh This is amazing Look at this And I see right through the kitchen Worked out really well What we saw earlier
before we started the demo was there was a step-up
into the kitchen – Yep
– We got down to the subfloor And how many layers
do you think there were? Six or seven
six or seven layers of floor Unbelievable We were looking to lower the floor
and raise the ceiling Look at the ceiling The ceiling’s
a much more dramatic change than even the floor – Oh, my God
– Yeah I’m jazzed about that
we’re gonna put… – Jazzed?
– Yeah – I’m jazzed about it
– Jazzed Be careful here
’cause here’s the other issue Oh, wow, okay Something that happened years ago… Okay And they just kept
piling floor on top of floor no one ever knew there was an issue Oh, my gosh And then we’re gonna
just change out the whole section Okay It’s been four weeks
since construction started Asia’s going to be
meeting me at the house to see how the progress is going – Wow
– Hey Hi, Jules – How are you?
– How are you? It looks so different in here Oh, what do you think? This doesn’t even look
like my house anymore Oh, is that a good thing
or a bad thing? Yes, yes, yes It was a big deal knocking down
all the walls in her dad’s house so I am so relieved
by Asia’s reaction At first, I was a little hesitant but now that I see it
come to life, it’s amazing So are you ready
to see the trophy room? I know you can see it already Yes – Blue
– I love this blue – What do you think?
– I love this colour Have you told your brother
about this room? Are you keeping it
secret or telling him? – Keeping it a secret
– Oh, you are? So you cannot let him know about this Okay, okay Asia is so excited
about this trophy room and I love that
she’s keeping it a secret This is so different for you – It’s very different
– I mean… I think we should call Kyrie – He has to see it
– I love that idea – Yeah
– He has to Okay, okay, good I was in the car
and I got a call from Asia and Jules Hello Hey, bro – How are you guys?
– We’re great How are you doing? I’m good
just getting out of practice Well, we have a surprise for you A big surprise – The house looks so different
– A big surprise? Let me see We’re gonna give you a little tour We’re standing in the dining room
facing towards the living room Can you see a lack of something? Yeah, the wall Yeah The walls are down, they’re gone So pretend
you’re at the front door now So it’s really open Right? It looks so much brighter in here now It does That snazzy backsplash
you selected on Houzz Shop is really gonna make quite
a statement in the kitchen – Really?
– Yeah – It’s gonna be great
– It better – It better
– It will What was this backsplash
that you chose? Asia doesn’t know Yeah, Asia, it’s really just
between me and the décor You and Jules? Okay, well, I have something that I’m keeping
between me and Jules too that you have nothing about That’s completely on you and I respect
your artistic expression Okay, okay It’s really a silent competition between us on whose idea
would be better, so it’s… It’s just sibling rivalry
at its finest, that’s all It is good to see the progress
that’s going on, I’m excited – Okay
– All right I love you, Shorty I love you too – I’ll talk to you later
– Okay All right, signing off, take it easy Bye I love the fact that
he is enjoying this process I think he likes it I’m so anxious to meet Dred
the man behind the house I picked up my dad and we’re headed to meet
Jules and Asia at the house My dad is extremely anxious but, you know
he’s definitely excited to finally get back
to his house after two months Okay, so we’ve got a lot to do
before your dad and Kyrie arrive Feeling that anticipation
is a little nerve-racking but I’m gonna keep my calm
cross my fingers and hope for the best I think it’s in the right place I’m excited to see exactly
what it looks like Okay But I know as much as I’m excited
I know my dad’s even more excited And then the lamp goes on the table My sister has been a great extension
of me throughout this whole process so I’m definitely excited to see
what her and Jules have come up with – All right, so I think we’re good
– Yes, I think so We’re ready
for your dad and Kyrie to come I’m so excited for them to see it I can’t wait I just couldn’t wait
for the project to be completed This is where I’ve been for you know
a substantial amount of years and there’s so many memories
in this house but just not knowing
and not having control I’m just really anxious to get back
and to actually see the house – Hello
– Hey, Jules Great to see you
– You, too I’m so excited about today What’s up, Shorty? – Hi
– How are you? – Hi
– I’m Dred – I’m Jules – Nice to meet you, Jules
– Pleasure to meet you Pleasure is all mine – Hey, sweetheart, how are you?
– Hey – Good, how are you?
– I’m good – Are you ready?
– Yes, I am, very excited Have we got a surprise for you guys – We’re so excited
– All right, let’s make it happen Okay, all right When me and my dad walk in I’m hoping that he’s just
as open to the newness of what we created as much as I am You know, we just have
to go on with an open mind and really trust
what Jules and Asia did Incredible I’m like speechless It looks so much bigger Doesn’t it feel like this is the way
the house was supposed to be Yes, it does So the living room
you’ll notice we painted the brick the mantle on the fireplace
to give it a lighter feeling Incorporated the shelving now you have lots of places
for family photos Navy blue is one
of your favourite colours Yes So I wanted to give you
a nice large navy blue sofa selected some accent colours Looks great, wow So it has a very warm feeling
and yet remains masculine In the dining room your beautiful table
really shines now I love it Wood finish gives you that
Thanksgiving vibe all the time It does You know, family intimate environment
is still here, so… Yes, I love the chairs These really cool tangerine chairs Oh, yeah, those are nice And we replaced
your old storage piece with a new console
adding additional storage The cabinet is really nice You’re standing
where a wall used to be – Really?
– Yes So the wall was here
and we had another wall here Now you can see
right up to the stairs Awesome And then we also
opened up the wall leading from the dining room into the kitchen We’re walking through
the imaginary wall that used to be Yes, this is… And I want to point out to you
look, it’s all even I want you guys to know that there were seven layers
of flooring in your kitchen that we peeled back And then the ceiling
went up about 7 inches It seems so much larger, doesn’t it? This seems a lot larger I want you to notice the backsplash Remember, Kyrie
this is what you selected on Houzz I walk in
and I’m speechless at first and then I look around and I realise the ideas
that were shared on ideabook were now brought to life This is an exciting moment
and I really just try to live in it This kitchen is unbelievable
it feels like home but it just feels like it’s more like Kyrie said, like
this is how it should be We know how much
this house means to you but it’s still so warm, Dad and we know how much
you enjoy having people here and we enjoy being here
as much as possible Now it just gives
this house more options it gives it just more
of an identity now, man It’s just now we create
from this point on And I think, Asia
you have one more surprise – I do have one surprise
– A big surprise So, Asia, take the lead I don’t really have an idea
of what Asia’s surprise is but I know it’s definitely
gonna come from the heart Dad, this is the new trophy room Wow – How do you like it?
– I love it It has actually all
of our accomplishments we have your stuff
from Boston University [] Dad, I didn’t know
you were keeping all this, everything in here I mean, I didn’t even know we still
had some of your old trophies I mean it, I didn’t know
you were keeping all this stuff It’s overwhelming to see all
of your accomplishments in one place It’s not so much that it’s more or less the relationship
I have with my dad My Dad gave up his dream
for my sister’s dreams and my dreams he knew that from the beginning It’s incredible to see
that he has every single trophy I’m sorry, this actually
really means a lot Just a lot of memories
shared with not only my sister but with my dad
and for Asia to design this room and bring this to life is awesome You did a wonderful job – You did
– Thank you When I got to the trophy room
it was an emotional moment for me It’s a special moment
it really is, for all of us We’re a close-knit family and to see those guys get emotional
was really special This is just… I’m speechless I can’t even conjure the words but it’s been a long time waiting this has always been my dream
to knock that wall down but I never envisioned
that it would be like this The house was definitely a success a lot warmer now, a lot more spacious it opens up a lot more opportunities
for my dad now in this house Thank you – You’re so welcome
– Thank you, guys You’re so welcome Let’s have a little party – All right, let’s go
– First one Start it off right Hey, welcome, welcome Hey, wow There’s more possibilities
that now we can work with and I think he’s ready to do that I love the open Oh, yes This is my tile that I chose You picked it out? – This is me
– That’s pretty I’m just so grateful
to Asia and Kyrie It’s just a good feeling as a parent
to know your kids have your back and they think about you and it’s just a nice gesture
on their part We’re all gathered here today
for an amazing person You know, Dad this is just a little bit of thank you for everything that you’ve done
not only for the family but everyone else around here – Thank you
– Toast – Thank you
– Toast – Toast to new memories
– Cheers This is a big thank you to my dad for what he’s done for not only me
but for my sister Through the technology of Houzz I was able to bring
the vision to life I’m not claiming any team
I am a player fan I’m a Pittsburgh fan I like seeing great athletes
do amazing things Me and Broad, Pittsburgh
Uncle Ty, San… Without my dad’s teachings
I wouldn’t be here so it goes without even being said how much thanks you try
to give a man like that

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