My Houzz: Mario Lopez’s Surprise Renovation

Home to me is a place of solace and peace, somewhere that’s purpose is tranquility and is zen-like, a place.

Home to me is a place of solace and peace, somewhere that’s purpose is
tranquility and is zen-like, a place that I don’t ever
want to be away from too long. Like Dorothy said, there’s no place like home. I’m Mario Lopez and this is My Houzz. Growing up my sister, Marissa,
in Chula Vista, California, we were very close, but we fought like all siblings do. We’re there for each other if we need to kind of look at things
from different perspectives. I have always felt very blessed to have someone that has
my back no matter what. She’s not just my sister, she’s my best friend. Marissa is one of the only
people from my extended family that have moved out of
Southern California, which was like a big deal
because we’re all very close. She’s always been very independent and she’s very smart, very tough, she used to be a probation officer. She started to give everything up when she fell in love with her husband and then they ended up getting married and having four kids. She never really wanted any help too, she wanted to do it on her own. And with the kids and
all their activities, she doesn’t take a lot
of time for herself. So I’d like to do something nice for her, which I know would help
her out with the kids and all the family can benefit. Growing up dance was the common bond between my sister and I, we both loved doing it. Still love it and we’re thrilled that our kids love to do it now. So whenever my sister came and visited she’d see the kids hangout
and play in my dance studio. She would always say something like gosh, I wish we had something like that. So I’d like to give my sister a dance studio slash fitness area. So the fact that we’re able to create it, oh, she’s gonna flip out. So since I’m in California
and my sister lives in Texas, I turned to Houzz to help
make this renovation happen. Houzz is cool because you can find everything you need to
totally renovate your house, find professionals, get inspiration, share ideas, get opinions from other people. So it’s sort of one-stop shopping. Houzz inspires me to look at things that I wouldn’t otherwise consider and it makes it very easy. So if I can do it, then like a monkey can do it, it’s easy. I went to Houzz and looked up local contractors in the Houston area and Sneller Custom Homes popped up. So I had a conversation with Matt and he suggested Cindy
come on to the project. So now Matt, Cindy and
I are getting together to start working out the plans. So Matt and Cindy flew
out to LA for our meeting. Well first of all guys, thank you very much for
taking the time to come. I’m really excited about this. Yeah, thanks so much for having us, man. Absolutely. This is really cool. I like to fancy myself a little designer. Okay. Not by any means any experience. My sister and her husband
with her four kids, all the kids are very active. The girls with a lot of dance and the boys with their
sports and jiu jitsu. And they’ve got space in their home, but not necessarily space
to just kinda get away and have like a fun family game space where they can dance and the kids can roll out a mat and do their
jiu jitsu and wrestle. I just kinda wanted it to
be a dance studio slash gym. Basically what we’re looking at doing is going back there and just scraping off the roof of the garage and just adding on a second floor above that. And that gives us this wide open space that is just basically a blank canvas. That’d be awesome, ’cause they already have
the two-story house too. Exactly. So it’d just be like another
little two-story property. And it would exactly like that. All the finishes on the outside– Oh nice. All match and be the same. So it’ll look like it was
always a part of the house. That’s cool. Okay, well let’s take a
look at our Houzz ideabooks. So an ideabook is a place where you can store and share all
these inspiration photos, including photos of products. Using the ideabooks was really a clever way to get on the same page. [Cindy] So this is kinda
what we were thinking, an awesome idea for this vaulted space. [Mario] That’d be awesome. We really wanted a space that everybody could benefit
from, the whole family. Like a real hangout space, like a destination that
you wanna go there. So this was kinda the feel that I was shooting for for
that sectional area. So here’s an option. I don’t really love the
tufted finish right there. [Cindy] So what about this one? That one’s cool. I like that one, it looks very clean. It’s modular, you can bust it apart. Yeah, I like that you can bust it apart. Let’s buy it. I liked these kind of lanterns
that drop into the room. We’re gonna do probably
seven or nine of those. Oh, wow. Kind of over that hangout space, that little pit area. [Mario] Let’s do it. Nice. – So what would really make this great is if we added a kitchenette, you know just simple kitchenette that’s got wood on the backsplash. And then up above doing a fun little neon sign to go in that area. You know it’s fun, the kids are all young, anything bright and shiny is always good. And with the little kitchenette up there, it really can be that space where they can have friends over or they
can just hangout as a family. That’d be awesome. Yeah, absolutely, man. And the great thing is that we’ll have the bathroom up there so that you don’t have to be up there and then somebody needs to go to the bathroom and they go all the way back to the house. [Cindy] I really like this vanity. I thought it was great looking. [Mario] I like that too. I loved that it was floating so you can clean underneath it. [Mario] It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It doesn’t. So in the picture there’s
this little price tag. [Mario] Oh, look at that. [Cindy] Houzz has this really cool feature called Visual Match. Wow, that’s cool. That’s cool. You can purchase items that are similar to your inspiration photos. So you just tap here. One of the things I really like about this particular vanity
is this hidden storage. [Mario] Yeah, I like that. Okay, let’s just add this to
our cart and then we buy it. Great. So I love this tile, I was really happy to find it. It’s this very cool mosaic. [Mario] Oh, that’s cool. [Cindy] Isn’t it great? It gives you a little of splash of color. So I love all this. It’s so much cooler than
the space that I have. I love how it’s really functional
in many different ways, you can hangout, you can play, you can dance, you can wrestle, you can be away from the house, which is what I like, but now this seems to
make a lot more sense. But if you wanted to check it out I can show you the space that I have. – I would love too.
– That’d be awesome. All right, so come on in. [Matt] Oh, wow. [Cindy] This is great. This is a space that I know
my sister has always loved, because the kids love
to hangout down here, they entertain themselves, they’ll put on little recitals for us or we’ll have little wrestling matches and she doesn’t have anything like that. So actually you guys are really taking it to another level, just wow. I think they’re gonna love it. [Matt] It’ll be a fun project. [Mario] Thank you very much. Well thank you so much. Thank you for coming. It was great meeting you. Thank you for coming. Absolutely.
You got it. Thank you.
All right, let’s head out. [Mario] So since I can’t
always be in Texas, my brother-in-law, Kailee, is gonna be helping me
out with this project. So how’s Marissa doing
with the surprise aspect and not really knowing what’s going on? I’m definitely keeping
it very hidden from her. [Matt] Cool. So she doesn’t really know
what to think about it. Well I brought some plans so let’s take a look real quick. Basically the outside of the existing structure is gonna stay the same. We’re taking your single story garage and basically scraping off the roof and adding a second floor above it. So whatever space you have in your existing garage right now, we’ll add a staircase on the side and you’ll basically have that
full living space up above. We’ll have a big wall of
windows overlooking the house and you’ll get a ton of natural light. So meeting with Mario
it was just so obvious that he loves Marissa
and really wanted a way to show her how much he loves her and this is the idea
that came to his mind. And it’s so fun to be able
to bring that to fruition. We’re just so grateful. I can’t wait to watch this thing happen. Coo, thanks man. All you gotta do is just keep Marissa and the kids out of it. Deal, done. [Mario] Today we’re gonna start demoing and just ripping off
the roof of the garage. [Mario] So today Kailee’s
meeting with Matt. Hey Kailee, how are you, man? [Mario] To get an update on the renovation now that we’ve got the framing up. You’ve been able to keep the kids from getting up in here? We have. I’ll tell you what, we haven’t been in the backyard at all. Really? This is my first time back here. All we’ve seen before is just
the wood in the front yard, they don’t know what’s going on. [Matt] This is the new space, what do you think? [Kailee] This is amazing. Can I tell you kinda
what’s going on up here? Absolutely, please. Awesome, man.
This is amazing. So in the corner over here
we’ll have the kitchenette up against the wall right here. And then you’ll go into
the powder bath from there. And then the far corner over there, we’ve got a little meditation room. And then this whole space up here is just gonna be wide open. This is gonna be amazing. The kids are gonna lose their mind. Yeah. Marissa is getting the dance studio she’s always dreamed of, this is beautiful. This will be perfect. [Matt] Yeah, it’s awesome. Is there any way that we could get a resistance band
training for Marissa? Absolutely, we’ve got
the perfect thing for ya. Yeah? You know actually Cindy had come up with a really cool idea. And so it’s basically these wall panels that we’ll mount to the wall there and they’ve got these
heavy duty brackets on it, you can put a pull up bar, you can mount your TRX system on there. Oh wow, that’s perfect. Yeah, it’s got it all, man. [Mario] So once the framing is finished, the crew can start
installing drywall, electric, and all the finishes. Oh wow, this is awesome. It’s big. [Cindy] It’s big, right? [Kailee] Bigger than I
thought it was gonna be. [Cindy] And bright. [Kailee] I love it. So you haven’t seen this. So there was no peeking? I’ve kept the kids outta here, my wife doesn’t know what’s going on. I haven’t even come in and see this place. So this is my first time actually walking in here after the framing. There was no peaking. Okay, well you can see that we have a ton of room for dance parties. We’ve got plenty of hardwood
dance floor that’s happening, just a really good place for
the kids to just go crazy in. I’m pumped. So this whole wall is gonna
be shiny bright mirror, which is gonna reflect the light and make this room look
even larger than it is. I also wanted to create
that comfy lounge space for you and your family, so I found this cozy rug on Houzz. So one of the features that Houzz offers it’s called View in My Room 3D and I wanna show you how it works. Okay. [Cindy] What it does
it lets you see product in your room in 3D before you buy it. Wow. And there we are. There’s your rug in this room. [Kailee] I can’t even
believe how easy that is. And it gets a little easier. So you love it, we press the list button, add it to our cart, then checkout. [Kailee] That’s amazing. Hey Cindy and Kailee. Hey Matt.
Hey. I’ve got Mario here on the computer, he wanted to do a little check in. [Cindy] Awesome, hey. What’s up? What’s up, Kailee? Cindy, how you doing? Doing good, great to see ya. We thought we’d just give you a little tour of the place. Let’s check it out. Okay, so look how large it is and how open and bright. And the light from the windows just really floods the space. Oh, look at the windows. How cool. [Cindy] And we’ve got
beams on the ceiling. Ceilings look great. So the room is really
just open and bright. Okay Mario, and then this is the area over here where the sectional’s gonna be. So this is plenty of room
for a comfy place to sit. So with the couch there, I can just sort of crash
out there when I go visit and I don’t have to sleep with my nephew. And now I have my own little
dwelling slash man cave, slash yoga, jiu jitsu, dance studio when I come visit the Wongs. [Cindy] I have one thing
that I’d love to add. This graphic wall covering
to two of our walls in here. It’s a vinyl wallpaper, it’s something that would be scrubable and it would just do a really good job of making it feel finished and complete, adding texture and visual interest. Yeah, you like it, Kailee? Love it man, looks cool. I think it adds some
character to the room, I think it’ll be perfect. Nice. So you guys, everything looks fantastic. I can’t believe what
you did with the space and the way you were able to maximize it. However, I have one concern
that I feel is legitimate. Are you gonna be done in time? We’ll knock it out for ya. Okay, great, guys. Well that looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it. And Kailee, man, I can’t
wait to check it out. Make sure Marissa doesn’t see it. Oh for sure, she won’t, the kids won’t. Well thank you guys again and I will see you soon, Kailee, I’ll see you soon. All right, brother. Bye. Bye. [Mario] Well I’m finally
in Texas on my way to see my sister and her
family and the space. I can’t wait to get in there and help out with any finishing
touches and show Marissa. Oh my gosh.
What? Dang! Cindy! [Mario] This is dope! This is unreal. Look at this, doesn’t this look real nice? This looks awesome. Look at this space, Kailee. The girls will be getting down right here. Look at how big it looks in the mirror. Look at this couch, man. See you chilling right here, this couch is nice. [Kailee] It’s beautiful. This is so well done. [Mario] Aren’t those lanterns
the ones we picked on Houzz? [Cindy] Absolutely. I mean I hope Marissa likes this ’cause we’re going pretty crazy with it. Remember we talked about making this a multi-purpose family space? Oh this is player, dude. This is great. Oh, this is dope. [Kailee] Why do I need to
leave this room right now? I don’t know why you would. How dope is this room? I can’t wait for sister to see this. It’s way more than I
thought it was gonna be. Got it? Yep. [Mario] These are fun. Oh yeah. Right? [Mario] Oh yeah. [Kailee] Oh, I love these pillows. Isn’t this a good little space? It looks huge right here. It does. Look at that. You still got it, nino. I’m really excited about this addition, because I think it’s gonna have a huge impact on her life as a little oasis and retreat for her. Cindy, this exceeded my expectations. It’s so cool. Can’t wait to see my sister’s face. Would you please go get her? Absolutely. It’s gonna be awesome, right? It’s gonna be so much fun. She’s gonna absolutely love this. Thank you again. What a good brother.
Thank you again. It means so much to me that my brother wanted to do this for me and my family. You ready? I’m so ready. You nervous? I’m excited. I’m so nervous. All right, come on.
Okay. Look at this! It’s beautiful, huh? Look at the stairs, like the wood. I can’t even, look at this window. (gasps) Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it. Are you kidding me? Is this awesome? Didn’t it turn out awesome? I thought it was gonna be like a box. You know just like lots of mirrors. I thought it’d be cool, I had no idea. The windows. I can’t believe there was nothing here. Isn’t that crazy? [Marissa] I’m just in shock, it’s just so beautiful. Look at that. Look at this. Oh my gosh. [Mario] The little ballet bar. [Marissa] The girls are
not gonna wanna leave. This is gorgeous. [Mario] Isn’t it? [Marissa] I mean it’s perfect. So you see it’s big right here. See you can dance right here. Have a little dance show. No, exactly. Look how cool it looks right here. And this, you can move this
ottoman back over there and really have a lot of space. Yeah. [Mario] Look at how cool the lights are. Those are gorgeous. I just can’t believe it. This is just amazing. It exceeds anything that I
would have ever thought of. That is my favorite wallpaper. [Mario] That’s from Houzz. Glad you like that. Look at the fan. [Mario] That cool fan, right? [Marissa] That’s the coolest fan. [Mario] Isn’t that great? Look at the yoga mats. [Marissa] I can come workout. You think I can do this? [Mario] Yeah, totally Marissa. And then this is for, you
can do pull ups and dips. You know what I mean? So look at the mediation room. (Marissa gasps) Look at how beautiful this is. Oh my gosh, I think I’m gonna cry. It’s just so pretty, I love it. Isn’t that awesome? It’s perfect. (gasps) I can’t believe it. [Mario] Watch, come over here. Oh my gosh, more? Gosh, look at this. Isn’t that cool? I’m on the pursuit of happiness. Oh my goodness. They did a really, really good job. Oh, I love these cupboards. I love the tile. Look at how pretty. [Mario] Why don’t you pull this out. You’ve got storage right there. [Marissa] I wanna move up here. [Mario] It’s a whole like
entertainment spa center. Yeah. You can meditate, you can dance, have a little bar party, cocktails. I love to dance and I love to workout and I’ll be able to come up
here and do that for myself, which I’m really excited to do. It’s totally like my style. I mean look at this. Isn’t it awesome? This is so cool. It looks awesome. Good, you’re happy. Oh my gosh, I’m beyond happy. Look at the rugs. I know, come here. Come here. Look at this, watch. Shut up. It’s coming right there. Isn’t that cool? I couldn’t have imagined a better place. I see our family using it as
just a fun place to hangout. [Kailee] We’ve got a lot
of excited kids here. It’s just gonna be a
fun, fun addition for us. Oh my gosh.
It’s a dance room. [Marissa] Can you believe it? Wow.
Wow, oh my gosh. [Marissa] Can you believe it? [Mario] Yaya, you got your
own little dance space now. You guys can have like a little– Can we have a party up here? Yes, of course. Yes. We’ll have a dance party. Look it. No, it’s kids night, tonight we’ll have it up here. Oh okay, kids night. It was great to see the kids light up and immediately get in front of the mirror and talking about all the little plans they have with kids parties
and slumber parties. No.
No. (laughing) You can just tell that
they’re in heaven right now. That’s so cool. Dad’s gonna be here 24/7. Yeah, he will be here a lot. Why not? This is ridiculous. Cleanest bathroom we’ve ever had. I know. I’m so thankful for the brother-in-law that I’m lucky enough to have. [Mario] Oh, she is strong. [Marissa] I know, look at her. Mario means the world to our family. Hey, smile. And it’s very touching that he just even thought enough to
kinda make this dream of his sister’s really come true. Okay, so this was a total team effort ’cause I worked with
a contractor obviously and a designer, they were great. Matt, Cindy, would you
guys mind coming up please? (cheering and clapping) I think it went great today. I was so thrilled. It just really made me feel great. All right guys, time to celebrate. My brother and I have always
been involved in the arts. Opa! I think it makes it even more special that we have this space. Well, to Cindy, Matt, thank you so much for all
your hard work and efforts. And to the Wong family, congratulations. Salud. He’s been there for me my whole life. For him to do this for me means a lot. I’m gonna cry. See? I just love my brother so much. You guys ready? Come on, stand up. I just knew the girls were gonna love it. I think this room will be incredibly special for the Wong family. It just meant so much to me and I know it’s gonna mean a lot to
them as they get older. Just all the memories
they’re gonna create. He is absolutely the best big brother anybody could ever ask for.

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