Nationwide personal loans for home improvements

We would all like to improve the look and comfort of our home. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your kitchen,.

We would all like to improve the look and
comfort of our home. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your kitchen,
replace that old bathroom, or even add a conservatory or extension.
Whatever you’re planning, you might need to think about your finance options.
For example, a loan could help pay for some or all of your home improvements.
You can choose between a secured or an unsecured loan.
With a secured loan, you can borrow against the value of an asset, such as your home.
Which means you might get better terms. But it also means your home is at risk if you
stop making payments. An unsecured loan could be another option.
That’s where you borrow money from a bank or other lender…
…then make regular payments until it’s paid off – without having to secure the
amount you borrow against your home. With a Nationwide unsecured personal loan,
you arrange to pay it back over a set number of months…
…and at an agreed monthly rate, so it is easier to budget for your payments.
Plus you could make over payments at no additional fee, which will help reduce your interest.
So no matter what home improvement project you’re planning…
…you could be eligible for an unsecured personal loan from between £1,000…
…to £25,000. And the good news is…
…if you’re an existing main current account customer with us you’ll pay at least 1%
APR less for the same loan than our other customers. Just so long as you qualify, of
course. Before signing on the dotted line it’s also
worth checking a quick representative example too…
…like this one. And with our Loyalty Price Promise, we’ll
also beat any like-for-like UK loan provider’s offer by 0.5% APR. So whether you’re borrowing £1,000 or £25,000
You won’t find a better loan rate anywhere else.

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