NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca

this apartments located in Rushcutters Bay which is a suburb in walking distance of the city as well as Sydney.

this apartments located in Rushcutters
Bay which is a suburb in walking distance of the city as well as Sydney
Harbour this apartment building was built in
the 1960s and there’s about 4 studio apartments in the block this apartments
24 square meters when we first got the apartment was
completely different to what it currently is when you walked in the
original apartment you enter through a corridor which contained the kitchen and
the living space was combined with the bedroom
we completely demolished everything within the existing apartment we decided
it was really important to have a strong divide between what’s sleeping and
what’s living so we contained the amenities of the apartment and the
sleeping space the smallest possible area so the living area could be as big
as possible so the design idea was to have a sliding
screen that could determine the function of the apartment at any one time during
the day the timber screen creates a visual separation from the bedroom to
the living area while still allowing light to pass through when the bedroom
space is closed and I it can slide over the kitchen
opens up a sleeping space there’s a little open shelf which acts as a
bedside table and includes integrated lighting
the beds raised up and includes drawers underneath it for extra storage one thing
unique about the apartment is the full width windows and we wanted to make that
obvious from the moment you walk in we angled the joinery unit next to the bed
so we can pick up light and a sense of space the material palette was kept to a
minimum the black bud timber screen is the same as a black bud timber floor
that added a softness to the apartment the bathroom and walk-in robe
are accessed via a hidden door combining the bathroom and you’re
walking road makes the whole space feel much bigger the gray tiles in the bathroom
complement the timber floor gives the whole apartment a really earthy feel a combined with concealed lighting create
a luxurious feel as well as soon as you walk through that door there’s a
full-length mirror beyond gives you a sense of a larger space the kitchen was
really carefully considered it includes a fridge and oven a dish drawer and a
narrow cutlery drawer the kitchen also integrates a little
appliance cupboard incorporate full hi pantry stack with the minimal material palette our
bench top and splashback are also a gray concrete cities like Sydney have some
amazing old housing stock that’s been solidly built and isn’t going anywhere
and repurposing that amazing housing stock to bring it up to the way we want
to live our life now or you know just given that refresh is one of the most
sustainable ways we can continue to grow our cities

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca”

  1. The apartment is stunning. I especially love the timbre wooden separator and full width windows. My only concern is how time consuming is cleaning of these wooden boards

  2. 1. are you allowed to just take out a wall of an apartment like that?
    2. everything in here must have been super expensive, one that i just don't see most people doing
    3. looks good though

  3. My dream home! I love the hidden bathroom door and sliding divider screen. Excellent design for best usage of space. I would be quite comfortable living there.

  4. This is how elitists want us to live, while they flounce around in their mansions, and pretend they are doing good for the planet.

  5. ok someone correct me if im wrong but, in the US apartments mean you are renting that space. A set price per month with a rental contract, now if this apartment is the same why did he up grade it and make it better for something he does not own or plans on owning?

  6. This made it to the front page of Youtube? I can't help but be suspicious that the 'elites' want us to be more content with less space, all the while they, of course, have more than sufficient space.

  7. This seems more like a "weekend in the city" apartment. There is hardly any storage and the kitchen is more like a breakfast nook. Fine if you eat out all the time or live on coffee and toast.

  8. very gorgeous apt but when i watch this videos i always wonder…where the are the books? my 35sqm apt is packed with books

  9. i live in ~55 square meters (18sqm bedroom/workplace + 19sqm living/open kitchen + 3sqm bathroom +10 sqm basement + 5sqm shared laundry room with one other appartment), it is pretty doable really.

  10. dude for me as a gamer thats actually a dream u can get a drink in one second go to the toilet in one second go to bed in one second and have a cozy gaming room

  11. I would not want to have to make that bed. I thought it might pull out on a track so there was easy access to the whole mattress for proper application of bed linens, without having to climb onto it and put one’s back out to do so. However, I see that is not the case. Other than that, I love this tiny apartment. Must take all of 20 minutes to clean. Speaking of cleaning, I wonder where the cleaning supplies are kept? Didn’t see space for that. Hmmmm…

  12. This is how life should be lived. Tiny homes with huge acres of wildlands, jungles, forests, and parks to roam. Small can still be luxurious.

  13. In my mind, a small apartment should be less than a house, but when I check out the prices, they cost on par or more than my house.

  14. I love this apartment. I liked how they hid the bed. Murphy beds are often used in designing small spaces. The concealed bathroom is simply awesome.

  15. sad thing is were i live. a place like this would cost more than a larger space….only because its more stylish.

  16. I'm having a zen-gasm over that view from the shower into the rest of the bathroom. And moving the wood screen back and forth is hypnotizing me.

  17. it has basically no room for more stuff…
    Luxury btw means "the state of great comfort and extravagant living" which in no way is resembled in a place that barely fits the bare essentials. stop fucking lying.

  18. This looks horrible. There's no room to do much of anything. Even when you empty the place out to make it look deceptively spacious, it looks cramped as hell.

  19. Love it. No detail was too small. I feel this couple knew even how many spoons they owned and designed a visually pleasing way for every essential object to have a place. Every square inch has been thought out.

  20. man, it is so tiring if i am lying on the bed at night and wanting to go to the toilet and needing to slide the wooden sliding door everytime in order to pee….think about it. cheers

  21. No clothes? This looks like a neat place to spend a weekend at but I can't imagine anyone living there full time. At least not someone who owns more clothes than would fit in a cabin suitcase.

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