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Welcome Hello DIN Diners On the menu today, I’m gonna be taking a look at a brand new cartridge for.

Welcome Hello DIN Diners On the menu today, I’m gonna be taking a look at a brand new cartridge for the Commodore 64 This jam-packed full of interesting features. You could even say too many features And don’t get me wrong, I find it hard to knock any of these new products Personally, I find it just incredible that these things are still even being made for the Commodore 64 So kudos to this team! I’ll be taking a brief look at all of them But there’s one feature in particular that really interests me It’s an updated graphic user interface for the Commodore 64 That originally appeared in an earlier version in The Final Cartridge III But first I’m gonna have to find a way to get hold of one of these miniGANGCARTS Excuse me. Hi. Do you have the miniGANGCART? What’s that? Ashley: A gang of carts.. mini Ahh.. no.. it’s like the final cart. Ashley: Final? Right here. No, not like it a cart. It’s like a cartridge has for the Commodore 64 Ashley: You might have to order from Poland. We have to get it from Poland? How do you know all this stuff? Ashley: Um. Research. Now I’ve heard you loud and clear You guys are .. well ..nuts about Ashley Ashley: No.. you’re nuts. So, I’ll be you doing an upcoming episode called “Ask Ashley” Maybe also incorporating ‘Ashley Reacts’ where we sit her in front of a Commodore 64 and ask her to try to load a game I’ll be taking questions to ask Ashley exclusively from Patrons and PayPal supporters But if you’re not already a supporter of our little Retro Channel here Go on.. follow the link in the description, join the fun, claim your retro rewards Impose your gentlemanly questions to Ashley But now, from a great gal to a great GUI.. G-U-I See as luck would have it, I was donated a miniGANGCART by my friend in Retro Joy Golf AKA Pete It also came with this snazzy t-shirt Rather coincidentally, featuring asteroids Just like the t-shirt I was wearing was also Atari asteroids I’ll show you what that Asteroids is all about at the end of this video And here it is (American accent) The best cartridge for the Commodore 64 Play game, make fun Design and realization by polish fans Oh.. Polish (different non-language) miniGANGCART cut absolute and projects is Lessening bladder no minor eyes like Duncan town.. I don’t know, I don’t speak Polish Now this whole user guide is in Polish But I downloaded the English version This seems to come in a VHS case Comes with this neat little cheat sheet And this is the cable to connect to a real disc drive May be a little short, it has some pretty cool features I’ll show you for that And our SD card goes in there So I bought a samsung one .. who is she? And in it goes Luckily I hadn’t cut my fingernails lately Do be careful because he could lose the card inside there Now let’s stick it in the hole in the port Ha s these are rather snazzy LEDs Here is the main menu and you can see the function keys immediately presented very easy to use Ashley would be able to load these games Press F1 for parent directory F3 to run And F5 is this fancy magic key So what you can do is scroll up to any position in the directory and it’s almost telepathic Just hit F5 wherever you are And it just does what you want it to do Showing a directory Unloading a full program And you can press backspace question mark for help Help me! I don’t know what I’m doing So let’s try it just loading in game just using that F5 key I’ll kill you fried eggs! PEW Now, as mentioned, there are a lot of features here But let’s get to the most interesting first So this is an emulation of The Final Cartridge III And it has these freeze options, which we’ll show you in a second But if you go to desktop You get this For this I think I’m gonna need my Commodore 1351 Mouse But what do I do here? The choice of appropriate option from the menu is done by setting the arrow on the appropriate command.. I think I get it now You can see that this release, I believe was a Cena’s release, and came out in January 2015 That’s 33 years after the Commodore 64 Just incredible! So it has its integrated version of basic but look at this It has drop-down menus over the basic Pretty standard two functions there And basic Menu One, you’ve got all these options Basic V2, this is where the fun ones are Auto for example, or also number your program So you just type your lines of code Pretty basic key code in this case And it is auto numbers It even has find and replace And renumber so if you’ve run out of line numbers it will just renumber the whole program And give you space to add some more fun And then the shortcuts for loading files Saving files And a list of all the function keys that work differently in this version Than in the main menu of the cartridge and here’s where things do start to get, perhaps, a little confusing Having so much in this miniGANGCART It’s not so many, perhaps, after all Who was it who said “Less it more but less is a bore”? Maybe it’s a good thing So what? But here’s where things get really fun The little apps that come with this So let’s try out the notepad And we can save our file then just try loading it back in Beautiful Even print? hmm.. Try that in a second But what’s this Bold, Wordwrap , Proportional? What witchcraft is this?1 You may remember my recent documentary about the Commodore +/4 But why was that discontinued? Was it really that bad? Let’s take an even closer look at it’s main selling point.. that business productivity software Yeah So first up.. the word processor Now I played around with this for a good few minutes But there’s just not much you can do with it.. there’s not even any bold or italics Unlike perhaps the Amstrad PCW that came just a little bit after this But here’s a computer that came out two years before the +/4 and it can make the whole file bold Admittedly with the help of this cartridge We can adjust our spacing.. line spacing Let’s try that printing Now this Commodore MPS-1200 was very kindly donated to me by zippy Zapp aka Racer X AKA.. well you get the idea I actually forgot you had to load in one sheet at a time For some reason we used to auto-feed here at Retro Recipes. Omnomnomnom One thing that amazes me is when I print from my Mac to my HP printer The printer can take like 30 seconds to just clean the heads and But this.. this is still working with the original ribbon and it prints instantly So I may do a little letter Put that on eBay And we’re back to desktop You’ve got DLINK and TLINK that will link a disk to become your project disk for notepad and other things Can use a tape as well And all the fun kind of utilities, we can change our desktop color, our pointer color, the speed of the mouse And which port the mouse or joystick uses as well And it also selected my 1351 mouse, which is very nice as well We’ve gone for kind of Macintosh Grey here We can even change key clicks and border colors and cursor blink in basic itself as well If you want a more color-coordinated basic programming environment I’m gonna go something a little more snazzy We’ll look at some other house in just a second By the way, I know Kung Fu Now what GUI would be complete without a calculator And it works! You’ve also got disk operations here You can validate a disk, formatt it, initialize it, rename it, etc Well, this is kind of interesting, TAPE, slow and fast So this must be for the turbo function Now funnily enough, I recently found this letter that I’d written to ZAP64 back in 1986 (1986 Perifractic voice) I’m writing this letter in the hope that computer hardware manufacturer might be reading I was wondering if it’s at all possible to link the good old C2N cassette player to a cartridge in the back of the Conny and make it possible to load programs a lot Faster by speeding up the C2N dataset and letting the cartridge store the speedy Information in its memory buffer and feed it into the Conny in program format. Please. Let me know Yeah, well you get the idea. So apparently I was a bit of an inventor back in 1986 Well, this doesn’t exactly speed up the cassette But it does offer turbo function Which works in a similar way to perhaps compressing a zip file does today So let’s just demonstrate how the slow version works first Ahh.. That’s better And then to test the turbo function, I’m just going to try saving a regular program here that I’ve loaded Press record and play on the tape And now we can load it back using fast load Now I won’t bore you with the full process But in my test, it was about 7x faster using the fast turbo option Pretty Nice! But perhaps one of the coolest features of the miniGANGCART itself is its native ability to fast load disks You can use pretty much any disk drive you can throw at it This here is a Commodore 1581 using three and a half inch disks So let’s load up in Linux And yep, that really was that fast, let’s see that again Now it took a while after that to decompress in the computer’s memory But I’ve got to say, that disk fast load is pretty cool Another thing I really like about this is it uses an original, old-school ceramic EEPROM It stores everything in its 8MG And this is similar to the EPROMs used on the Voyager Spacecraft That’s how retro it is If you wanted to design your own PCB like this I recommend PCBWay They offer full assembly service And as we all know, PCB stands for Polish Cartridge Board Doesn’t it? And back in the GUI here, we’ve got a whole host of utilities thrown in for good measure with this new version (1986 Perifractic) Clearing the disk? Wait, don’t clear my disk Cancel that This one’s really useful.. it’s a Cassette Azimuth Alignment tool Now my cassette is aligned, so I’m not gonna risk messing it up But you just put a screwdriver in the head alignment screw slot And you turn it until these lines get as straight as they possibly can Exploding..wait, no!! aww Here’s some of the other tools .. .. apart from me There’s even yet another version of Basic The amount of Basics on this cartridge is not really very basic There’s even a sprite editor Now there’s a ton of other utilities built natively into the non-GUI side of the miniGANGCART Even a disc head alignment tool You know, it’s really hard to know how to rate this cartridge This isn’t really a review as a result because reviewing this would be like reviewing everything that’s on it Wait.. Flappy Blue which are just so varied Which are just so varied that it wouldn’t be possible If there was a rating for cramming as many programs as possible in Then you have to give this 5 out of 5 That said most of this stuff, if not all of it, is available just to download and put on a SD to AC card But some of those native features, like the fast disk loader, are pretty damn cool It’s a built-in Asteroids game Written by one of the creators of this cartridge, Wegi Don’t have any coins on me Breath mint Hey it accepted the breath mint Well, I’m gonna have some fun playing this game! And then maybe I’ll load some more disks, really really fast But what do you think about this cartridge? Is it a case of less is more? Or is there no such thing as too much when it comes to new products with a Commodore 64? Comment below and Cheerio! I’m Polish.. like a little bit Polish. We’ll go together. Come on, let’s go

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  1. There is only one feature in final cartridge three that would make sense to fix: Being able to freeze into the monitor and then return to the machine state properly. If this is not fixed then it's not much worth using. Some tools, ok, maybe somewhat useful. But who the hell uses that crippled notepad etc. No, they should have put the energy into the assembly monitor and the freezer function.

  2. You have Terrorpods! I loved playing that on a friend's Amiga back in the day. I should see if I can find a copy on eBay.

    Also, your "Ready" mouse pad exactly matches the shirt I'm wearing right now. 🙂

  3. That's cool. Having never gotten into the Commodore and Amiga computers when I was growing up, I always love watching these videos about them. I went straight from my CoCo 2 into the world of PCs. The good news is it's never too late TO get into these machines!

  4. I had the same Blockbusters game for the Spectrum. My sister won it on the show along with a sweatshirt, dictionary and £25 a lot of money to a teenager in the mid 80s.

  5. Great video!

    You reminded me, I did all my college work on one of those Amstrad word processors with a deafening daisy-wheel printer… I'd wake the whole house if I printed an essay at night.

  6. It is unbelivebeable to see how an old machine with less of 64kbyte of ram, and a 1 mhz cpu, could handle a graphical desktop. Nowadays our gigabyte and gigahertz devices, just to open a windows, wants not less than 1 Mbyte… we definetely lost something over the years… a thing generally described as "optimization"

  7. It would be quite funny if Ashley was actually a retro gamer and she played on the C64 intensively and had game consoles when she was little. Also, I am mad with you my fellow Brit! Because of your "ASK ASHLEY" tease for Patreon only, I am going to have to Patreon you! And, think up a "Gentlemanly" question to ask her. Oh well, I never watched Netflix anyway! And thank you for still keeping the merch in British Pounds! I wish you would come back here! Brexit needs you! And yes, I do like exclamation marks!!! Doesn't PCB stand for Perifractic's Completely Brilliant?

  8. Thanks for another video in that calming Bob Ross style voice… Always waiting for "we don't make mistakes, we have happy little accidents" 😁👍

  9. That is a really nice interface – it seems so much faster than GEOS yet still has a lot of it's best features. Only available on this cartridge?

  10. It was pretty cool having a look at this cart, I don't have any ultimate carts ect, but im considering it.
    I'm also learning a bit of the polish language and I'm starting to wonder if the Commodore 64 is super popular over there atm because I bought my replacment power unit and possibly my sd2iec from Poland.

  11. I never got to use a C64. I got to use a Basic computer, a Tandy TRS-80 with a thermal printer. Fun times. But nowhere near as awesome as the C64. This is really cool that new stuff is still being developed for these machines. Wow! And, ah, nostalgia, the Dot Matrix Printer that you have to feed paper into, then peel off the sides.

  12. I believe the most important question is: Can this cartridge load multi part programs ?

    Nice video, thank you. And if this cartridge can load multi part programs i buy it !

  13. Wait…… ashley said you had to to tooo…… order it from poland lol
    look down here

    well im from that country hi

  14. Sorry, there’s nothing new about a cartridge with the FC3 ROM. I had FC3 back in the day. And my U1541 also comes with FC3 ROM.

    I remember the back of the packaging of FC3 it said: This cartridge will give you half an Amiga.

    Back in the day you could also buy an extra developer diskette so you could write your own programs for the Desktop GUI. Very few did, so there wasn’t any extra programs for the Desktop GUI. But you can find the diskette online today and try to make a GUI program yourself.

    I think the problem with this approach back then was that your software would only be available to people owning the FC3.

    You then inserted your program diskette and selected a menu entry, and your software would show up in the menu.

  15. I apologize for the comment I made about being cheesy, it wasnt fair and I made that after a 13 hour day at work. The video is fine, just maybe not my style. I deleted that comment because it wasnt fair. Sorry about that.

  16. The thing that astonish me the most is that somebody is still SERIOUSLY using a 35 years old system … in Poland. Ah wait: Jack Tramiel was Polish … maybe it's something genetic involved.

  17. I use to have the Final Cartridge III… was a great cartridge. Kind want to get my C128D going again… but I haven't got any of the accessories I use to have… :-/, like the Final Cartridge III, CMD HDD, or many of the apps I use to have :-/

  18. I ordered one, I think it looks interesting and as you said, it's great we are still getting new C64 products this many years later. 👍 Great video as always, keep them coming!

  19. It seem a nice Swiss Army knife type system. One could get a C64 and this cartridge and run with it. An SD card would do in place of disk or tape. I wonder if the SD format is accessible by other systems. I do not have C64, but this seems a nice basis for a New C64 user. It is ready to help tune any disk, or tape, system one creates. It also fits well with solid state only system. This may keep systems alive, as the old drives die off. It is a great idea, if one can afford it. I look forward to more of your Videos. Cheers.

  20. Commodore 64 ($500) beats mbp ($3000) in the booting department. 2 seconds to desktop vs about 10 🙂 (PS Australian $/tax, US peeps divide by 2)

  21. c64 would sold even more with this,but nobody in this time would hand written on real machine.this is done on pc with vice and 30 year of knowledge. and amigaos havent done yet. nobody ever could think this gui.

    sold via email. well..send money for someone you not know hope.. hope. would sold more if there was shop to sell them.
    there is no shop and ready made products. they not believe own product
    now its look like sold for demand. means send money we build. if you are youtuber and say you make review. you propably get it. for others. there is no proof you ever buy it..
    lets wait someone rip softwares and others can add them allready exist cartridges and sd2iec. they only are bits and bytes

  22. Oi Boi! Well done. Loved your reference to Blockbusters. Thought you might like this link. Hopefully, it’ll take you back:

  23. 7:30 Ma la pubblicità in italiano del commodore +/4? Hahaha mi ha fatto spezzare!
    7:30 That Italian advertising was so funny

  24. Did anyone order one of these and actually receive it? I placed an order and was told it was shipping in mid March 2019. End of April 2019 now and not responding to emails… I think/afraid the other person is right (@Kevin Phillips) and it is a scam.

  25. I don't know why but I busted up laughing at the glass break sfx when you threw the manual. I had to rewatch that part like 3 times cause it was so funny.

  26. "new C= desktop os", come on .. where you been in late eighties, its a Final Cartridge III with some modifications ..

  27. If Commodore had put a Plus/4 version of GEOS in the application romspace on the Plus/4 I think its story would have ended very differently .. and on a much better note.

  28. I guess if I didn't already have an Ultimate 64, an Ultimate II, and a Turbo Chameleon, it might be useful… but this does feel like a product that's already been eclipsed by products already on the market.

  29. 13:05 wow, I had no idea that EPROMs would even hold data after such a nice long bath in cosmic radiation!

  30. Dzien dobry 🙂 I love all of your videos and this one is no different! A lot of Commodore 64 and Amiga fans in Poland!

  31. I have two Commodore 64 computers and a floppy drive, joysticks, plenty of software (including Geos) for the computer. I also still have some magazines which came with programs for various computers during the 1980's era. I loved playing games on the computer and using some of the software which I purchased from stores and received from one guy I purchased one system from. I have one of the manuals for the computer somewhere at my old house and need to pull it out once I figure out where to hook up the system again.

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