Nintendo Wii U Complete Tear Down, No Fluff. Fix and Repair video

Alright today we’re going to take apart one of the brand new Wii U’s. To start off with, on the.

Alright today we’re going to take apart
one of the brand new Wii U’s. To start off with, on the bottom of the system
there are a bunch of little black plastic stickers that are covering up all of the screws. So just take a razor and pry those up and
then save them somewhere so you can stick them back on later. There are 6 screws around the edge. You’re going to need something called a
tri-wing screwdriver. A bunch of the screws on this system are those. These 3 right here are just your regular Philips
head. And then on the side of the system there’s
a screw that holds in the battery. This little battery…sometimes if your Wii
won’t start, you can just replace this battery and it will get going. Two more screws along the side; also the tri-wing. And then the other end of the system slides
up and off which shows us a few more screws; still the tri-wing. Once you get those off, the black plastic
casing lifts up away from the system itself. Now the front facing plate is held on by two
screws; both Philips head. So I’m going to release one right here and
then show you how to undo the ribbon cable. The ribbon cable is positioned just inside
and there’s a little latch along the edge that you have to flip up, and this unclamps
the ribbon cable from the system. Then you can pull on the little blue tab which
releases it. Then do the other Philips head screw on the
other end of the faceplate. And the whole faceplate will come up and away
from the system. Now the actual CD drive itself is held in
by 4 black screws; all Philips head. So unscrew each of those. So if your CD drive has stopped working, it’s
easiest to just replace the whole thing. Pop out the screws and there’s a little
ribbon cable underneath that you’ll see here in just a second….right here. And if you take your little pry tool and flip
up the little black lever at the bottom, that will unclamp the ribbon cable from the device. And here’s the model number just in case
you need to buy another one. Now the fan on the rear is also held in place
by two black Phillips head screws, so I’m going to unscrew those and then the fan just
wiggles out of the little slot that it’s in. Then you can unplug the connector. And here’s a close up shot of that. Now there are 2 black screws holding on the
little black plastic bracket over the heat sink. So unscrew those and you can get started on
the really fun stuff. Right here are all of the silver screws that
are surrounding the metal part that’s covering the motherboard. So basically unscrew anything that’s silver. All of the screws are pretty visible. And then the metal bracket is unattached from
the bottom plastic. Now here you can kind of see where the screws
attach to it from the heat sink on the top end. So I’ll show you what that looks like as
soon as we get this metal bracket off. There are a bunch of little metal antennas
that are attached to the plastic bracket and each one of them are clipped in. So you just bend down the little clip and
then untangle the wires from the little plastic brackets that they’re in. It’s pretty simple to see where they go,
but also take a mental note where they’re at so you don’t get messed up later. Also as a side note, make sure to keep all
of the screws organized as you’re taking this thing apart because the screws are different
sizes and go in different locations. Here’s the heat sink. You can see the little fins that help to dissipate
the heat and 4 screws that hold it onto the processor. I’m not going to show you how to take off
the processor just because it does require new thermal paste as well. Anyway, thanks for watching.

18 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U Complete Tear Down, No Fluff. Fix and Repair video”

  1. Thank you so much! I was about to start, but now I see I need one of those tri-wing screwdrivers first. Liked and subbed!

  2. Thank you for the walk-through gave me enough info to get to the DVD drive and pull out the two discs my son stuck in there at the same time. You saved the day!

  3. HOLY CRAP Zack!! You just saved my Wii U!!!
    I replaced the battery and it works!!! OMG it works!!!

    Thank you so so so much Zack!
    I was so worried for so long that my Wii U was UN-repairable as I accidentally spilled a soda on it, but your tip about if the Wii U wouldn't start to replace the battery worked!!! OMG I LOVE YOU!!

  4. This also works if you wanted to switch housing cases let's say you want a White Wii-U but with the 32GB motherboard you could do that "I might do that 1 of these days."

  5. Tfw you thought the ribbon cable was attached to the top and you tried to unhook it and the lever broke which means you can't power your Wii U on anymore. 🙁

  6. Thanks for this, very helpful. Wasn't till after I finished that I realized it's jerry rig everything! Embarrassingly I closed it with 6 extra screws LOL welp the lack of screws won't hurt anyone ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  7. Tri-wing… that's for rich people. You just gotta find the right straight screwdriver. Trick also works on those security torx on xbox controllers.

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