Niswonger College of Optometry Renovation Update (1.3.19)

well here we stand right now and what is rapidly becoming the Niswonger College of Optometry the newest school in.

well here we stand right now and what is
rapidly becoming the Niswonger College of Optometry the newest school in the
country of the 24th this is presently going through all of
the necessary steps for the Accreditation Council and optometric
education to review or doing and see if it’s acceptable to begin to recruit and
train students for the College of Optometry the rapid pace that’s which
has developed the passion CDC and all of the photos just a few short six weeks
ago construction had not even begun our facilities department at the savings of
tens of thousands of dollars have been all over during the break to produce
what you see of a optometric examination laboratories for both our first and
second years the accreditation councils were in particular that we have an arm
patient access play as are we particular about that because that will serve our
students will serve our faculty and our staff and our other neighbors in the
area this will be a state-of-the-art College in the modern era of the new
optometric physician our students will be trained in optometric medicine and a
very different curriculum the present stage as you can see is
where we have individuals who are working on the classrooms working on all
the examination laboratories and at the same time constructing our
administrative offices for our new College of Health Sciences we’ve been
working diligently to recruit the very good faculty that will begin to teach
our first-year students dependent upon the evaluation by the
Accreditation Council as you begin the journey this was just a year ago a dream
people spoke about it there were no faculty I had just come on campus dr.
James Hurley our president had just begun to discuss a College of Optometry
with our board and members of our board chairman dr. Greg Nelson this rapidly
has expanded into complete support by both the board and the president the
president’s administrative staff for what will be one of the outstanding
schools in the nation

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