Off Grid Log Home Addition | Tiny House Renovation using Hand Tools

(guitar playing) (digging) – No no, keep this away. (bugs buzzing) (Cali panting) (digging) (mumbling) (digging) (Cali panting) All right,.

(guitar playing) (digging) – No no, keep this away. (bugs buzzing) (Cali panting) (digging) (mumbling) (digging) (Cali panting) All right, come here pup. You should go for a swim, right? Wanna go for a swim? Maybe we should both go for a swim, you wanna go to the lake? Yeah? All right, a couple more
hours then we’ll go, okay? Get away from the bugs. Maybe we should go out
in the canoe actually. Should we go out in the canoe? Hey? Completely away from
the bugs, find a breeze? All right. (Cali panting) (fire popping) (Cali panting) You digging a hole or a bed? (digging) Run to get away from the mosquito! (laughing) (digging) Come here first, come here. Get the mosquitoes off you. (sawing) (leaves rustling) (bird tweeting) (Cali panting) (hammering) (hammering) (Cali panting) (hammering) (hammering) (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) Come here, there’s a big
one on your forehead. (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) (sawing) (hammering) (fire popping) Okay, check your dish, check your dish. (sizzling) (sizzling) What are you doing, Cali? Aren’t you ready for bed? (hammering) (hammering) Stay, stay. (sawing) (sawing) (hammering) 72. (sawing) (hammering) (hammering) Well that’s it for this
video, thanks for watching it. And please don’t forget
to hit the thumbs up and also subscribe and
hit the notification bell if you want to continue
to watch the videos. The reason I’m gonna turn
the video off right now is, first of all, I need some time to edit it. But also, it’s starting to
rain and I am out of wood that I need to continue
doing what I’m doing today. So what I’ll be doing is
milling all these pine trees, so I need the lumber in order
to finish of that porch. Well stay tuned I guess
for the next episode of that actual porch
build, I’ll show you what I’m gonna do on the outside of it. Now that is gonna be screened in as well, so finally getting that screened in spot that we can get out of the bugs. As you can see, they’re
absolutely brutal right now. It’s mid June and this is fairly typical, but I’d call this the high end of typical as far as quantity of bugs. And the weather has been slightly cool so maybe that’s part of the reason. And we just had a really wet spring and wet winter with a lot of snow, so there’s a lot of, lot of standing water
for them to breed in. Just gonna move a little bit here. If I keep moving the
bugs take a few minutes to catch up to me, although they seem to have caught me already. So I wanted to talk quickly about a couple of things going on in my life. So two days ago, well
yesterday, I was supposed to be down in Toronto
in court with my wife and a couple of lawyers who were interviewing
us, discovery it’s called. And we weren’t the defendants, but we were kind of
wrapped up in the middle of a court case between
an old customer of mine and a vendor who supplied it. My wife did some work for them and my company held a
contract between the two, so we ended up sort of
being an intermediary. And we were incurring a lot of costs, it ended up costing us,
well just the last few days just as the lawyers kind
of talked back and forth cost us about 4,500 dollars,
so probably 15,000 dollars over the last four or five years, just literally defending
ourselves so that we could convince everybody that
we had nothing to do with the litigation and
that we were just stuck in the middle and please
remove us from this process. Unbelievable system, it really
was very discouraging for us. It was the last outstanding
court case from the business failure and all that kind of stuff, so it wasn’t the result of that directly, but the businesses that
followed up on the back of that business failure that I
had in 2011 and in 2010, beginning of 11, this was sort of the last holdout from that. We were, so anyway we were talking to our lawyer getting ready to go, I
was here Monday night and thought okay, now
I have to get up early and drive four hours down to Toronto to meet up with my wife and the lawyers and go through this process. Well Monday night the
lawyers worked something out to where they finally
got us out of the case, gave us a full and
final release so that we didn’t have to do it. So the reason I wanted to share with that is just as a reminder, first
of all to you and also to me, that there’s a reason I’m
doing what I’m doing now. And that is one of the main things. I just did not like the
corruption and the stress associated with operating within a system that’s not absolutely fair. Like I said, cost is probably
15,000 dollars in legal fees over four or five years
for something that we had nothing to do with, and we
ended up having to walk away from it because the risk was
that this drags on for another two or three years, and probably will between the plaintiff and the defendant, where they’re continuing
to fight it out in court. And if we were still
stuck in that process, we’d be incurring legal fees like crazy, probably another 10 or 15,000
dollars with no recourse at the end of it. So we walked away without cost,
which was difficult to do, but it was like I said,
the last and final release of everything to do with the old business and my corporate life. So what it did remind
me is that it was about two years ago that I actually
turned down the opportunities to work in the corporate world and working for a public company
in a position of authority. And I’m so glad I turned that down. My life is awesome, amazing, I really love what I’m doing here. There’s so much less
stress and it’s just where I’m meant to be and where
I naturally want to be. And I just wanted to share that with you, how happy I am to be in this position, how happy I am to have not followed that and not got caught up in the
acquisition of more material possessions and more wealth
and all that kind of stuff. Now there’s other things. Little injuries, like I
mentioned on that canoe trip, I buried an ax in the
back of my hand when I was splitting some firewood. It was actually the last
day that the guys were here, the first episode of the longhouse. And early in the morning,
wasn’t fully awake, splitting up a little bit
of kindling to get the fire going for breakfast,
hit the back of my hand. Didn’t think too much of
it, should have got stitches but I just taped it back
together and kind of held my finger immobile for a week
and the outside did heal. But the inside is really painful, still, it’s like a month and a half now. And I was just thinking
that I cut the muscle or nicked a tendon in that finger, so it’s actually causing me some grief and maybe it always will. And dealing with all
these bugs on top of that. Just some of the hardships of
trying to live this lifestyle and getting more and more
into it as I continue to develop this place and the life. So I’m finally in that, there’s days that I say
well, should I just be back in the corporate world and
just get an office job again or become a tradesman
again and work in the field down in Toronto or down near Toronto where the money is
better, but the reality is I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I can’t go back to that lifestyle, and we’ll see where this goes. We’ll see if I’m able to keep it up and whether I can pay
what little bills I have with the income that I make
doing this kind of thing. So I appreciate everybody
continuing to follow along and support me in this journey. It means a lot to me and
I hope I can continue to share it with you. But I’m gonna go back in
the cabin and start editing that video and wait for the, well the bugs aren’t gonna go down, but I can fire that chainsaw
up soon once the rain stops and start getting some
of that wood milled. But if not or it doesn’t stop raining or I’m still editing, I’ll
just stay in the cabin and hopefully the sun tomorrow will drive these bugs down a little bit. So thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you at the cabin next time. Take care. (light guitar music)

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  1. That's how they did it, and no 30 year mortgage. They came with a box full of tools, bought an ox, wagon, wood stove, and plow, went out to claim some land, dug a hole in the ground, built up dirt around it, and covered it with logs and sod, and in the spring began to plow.

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  7. Thanks for sharing your life; it's so interesting and explains and adds to what you're doing in these videos. It reminds of the number of times I ignored my gut and listened to the "sensible voice" that said a particular decision was a "good career move", but turned out not to satisfy me in the ways that really matter.

  8. Shawn, your videos have been my go to place to relax, and I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago. I live vicariously through you as this is a life I’d love to have. I live in a small town of 5000 in Southern British Columbia and love it, but I’d still rather be in the wilderness. God bless you, Cali, and your beautiful wife and daughter’s.

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  10. Lemon grass is a great bug repellent, it grows great in ohio and comes back every year. And the herb "comfrey" helps with just about any wound.

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  14. Descrição
    Você pode me conhecer como o cara quieto do meu canal, My Self Reliance ( onde eu documentei minha vida na cabine, mas neste canal eu falo muito mais e coloco mais vídeos sobre o resto da minha vida. Minha missão neste canal não é me gabar de minhas próprias realizações, mas espero ajudá-lo a viver sua vida de sonho, para que você possa se tornar mais auto-confiante, feliz e realizado.

    Você pode esperar ouvir mais sobre a maneira como eu vivo atualmente, como eu cresci, como eu me envolvi em dívidas aparentemente intransponíveis, como saí daquilo, o que me levou a viver o estilo de vida ao ar livre e o que planejo fazer pelo resto da minha vida. Eu respondo suas perguntas, eu entrevisto pessoas que estão vivendo vidas não convencionais, eu tento inspirar e motivar você a buscar a vida dos seus sonhos, eu te dou as dicas e truques que eu costumava me aposentar em meus quarenta anos para viver minha vida de sonho e eu Refletir sobre minha própria vida – passado, presente e futuro.

    Obrigado por acompanhar – espero que gostem disso.
    Shawn James

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    well that explains it perfectly. Good for you man!! Living the dream and setting a great example for everyone.

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  31. Hi mr James. So sorry you have had that worry to deal with. I wish I were rich I would have loved to repay you but we really understand how upset you are at the injustice you have gone through. This system has caused so much pain to so many innocent people for so long worldwide. Soon there will be drastic changes on our beautiful earth. Our creator will not let this amazing planet be brought to ruin and humble people and animals will live in peace. Take care. Thank you for your wonderful Alaska videos. Amazing. But glad you are home safe with your family and Cali. Carol and Bob

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