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The folks who come to us, they’re supervisors, they’re brand-new estimators, they’re folks who want to jump into the industry.

The folks who come to us, they’re
supervisors, they’re brand-new estimators, they’re folks who want to jump into the
industry because they know about the shortage that we have. These classes are
truly for anyone and everyone. My name is Wendy Fitzgerald and I’m in the
construction industry. I spent about 10 years of doing administrative work and I
had learned about the San Diego State Extended Studies program in the
Construction Practices through a company I was working for, a general contractor, at
the time and they suggested that I take these courses as a transition from
administrative work more into project management. Because the program is
offered online, students love it because they can access it on their lunch break,
first thing in the morning before the boss gets in, or if they’re given time during
the day, or as it happens in our industry when they get so busy they can log in at
night after the kids are in bed. I work full-time up to 60 hours a week so it is
very convenient for me to take these courses at home online, I don’t have to
leave my children or my family and I’m not rushing to campus to try to try to
make a class. Another reason that these classes are the best choice out there is
because of our instructors. They are industry experts, they are not only book
smart, they are experienced smart. They’ve spent their lives in construction, and so
they have a lot to speak of and a lot of resources that are beyond the theory to
give to these students that are very applicable. I was able to connect with
people across the country, everywhere from Tennessee, North Carolina, Northern
California, so a lot of people that had some really good insight and I learned a
lot of valuable information from them. You know these students have seen
benefits in their bottom line, in their paycheck, they have risen in the
ranks, they have overall developed a confidence in the skills that they’ve
learned from the online classes so those are benefits that the students have seen,
and then their companies have seen huge benefits by overall increase in
productivity and communication, and that alone saves hundreds, thousands,
millions of dollars. I didn’t realize that by taking these courses it would
open up so many doors for me that I didn’t know existed, as well. In the
construction industry, I just fell into it doing administrative work thought I
got stuck, and I found a way to use my experience to couple it with the
certificate and now I’m a consultant. You never know what opportunities are going
to be out there, the more education the better.

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