Our New EMU – EMU Renovation/Expansion Introduction

There are going to be a lot of changes in the renovation. We are going to be taking down the.

There are going to be a lot of changes in
the renovation. We are going to be taking down the 70’s side
of the building and replacing it with a new student wing. However the 50’s side of the building, the
more traditional side of the building, we are going to be keeping. The new EMU will have a greater capacity to
serve student groups and people who come in to rent space. The 3-story atrium is really going to be the
first introduction to the new EMU when people walk into it. It’s going to be this grand open space and
there will be an introduction to everything that is happening in the EMU. It’ll be a great place for students to hang
out and do their studying. The new EMU will have a 250-seat multimedia
room that is going to be located on the 3-rd floor next to the student activities and resource
center. I’m definitely excited about the herb garden
that is going to be in the new EMU. It’s going to house more plants, more vegetables,
more food for students to be able to use and take. We’re going to change the face of the east
lawn. We’re going to level out the field so its
a little more versatile for different events. Students are going to be able to play frisbee
on it, or play games, study on it. But it’s also going to be a space that can
be used during graduation and for other large events on campus. It’s going to look really nice. I’m also really excited about the pub. I think it’ll be fun on game day for students
to come in the center of campus and watch games. For the first time we’ll really have a place
that students will really be happy to be at in our student union after hours. What’s really great about our new EMU is that
our food service is really going to be taken to the next level. There will be more food options in the EMU,
which will be very nice. Biking has always been a strong tradition
here at the University of Oregon and Eugene. The bike center will provide a place for students
to rent bikes, work with the bike-share program, or fix their bikes. It’ll expand the University’s relationship
with biking. With the renovation we will become an incredibly
sustainable building, very energy-efficient. What is great is we’re going to reuse heat
from the craft center kilns to heat our building. We are currently as the building plans stand
at gold standard for the LEED sustainability process and we’re shooting for platinum. It’s really important in a college education
for students to learn outside the classroom. What that means is participating in student
activities and participating in your University. The new building will really allow students
access to activities like that and really bring the student experience full circle. Without that a college education really isn’t
complete. I think it’s all about opportunities for students
to be able to take the initiative and grow their education and take it a step farther so that they don’t
just go to school here but they are also involved in school here which I think is a huge part of the college
experience everyone should be a part of.

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