– [Lawson] Oh there she is boys! – Oh God. (upbeat electronic music) – [Lawson] That’s trans fluid everywhere. Oh.

– [Lawson] Oh there she is boys! – Oh God. (upbeat electronic music) – [Lawson] That’s trans fluid everywhere. Oh look at that. – Get a bucket. (electric buzzing) (car crashing) – Alright what’s goin’ on guys
welcome back to the channel, on today’s video we got
something special for you guys, we are headed to Copart. But unlike all of our other
visits where we just go to Copart, play around on their lot, look at all the cool stuff that they have, we’re actually pickin’ up a vehicle today. We’re picking up a wrecked Silverado. We’ve never picked up
a vehicle from Copart, could be easy, could be a (bleep) show, we’re not really sure what to expect, but we’re bringing you guys along with us, along with Shawn the investor, let’s go. – Merry Christmas! – [Lawson] Feels like it outside! – Are you excited to get your new present? Come on! – Ow! – Everybody needs a Silverado! I’m so excited to turn that (bleep) on and see 65,000 miles
on that mother (bleep) and watch you guys look at me and go, “Goddamn! “You dun good!” – Watch as it pops up
and it’s like 350,000! – No, you see that seat, that seat is the tell-tale sign
that she’s a Grandpa truck. – [Tyler] Yeah, pretty much. – Those running boards aren’t even rusted, the step tubes, that’s
the first thing to go if it ever goes outside in the winter. There ain’t a speck of rust on there. – We’ll see about that. – In the photoshopped pictures. (upbeat electronic music) (car engine growling) (upbeat electronic music) – All right guys, so
we’re gonna be pulling up to Copart here momentarily, the local one. Shawn the Investor
really liked this truck, found a great deal. We definitely cannot
argue with this price. So it sounded like it
was like 4,500 bucks. We’re actually pullin’ in right now and let’s see how bad this thing is and hopefully it should be an
easy fix, let’s check it out. Oh no! – [Sean] What’re you doin’? – There’s water all over. – I am eyeing up that Corvette though. – [Lawson] Dude, welcome
back, welcome back to Copart. – Oh God, it’s my favorite place. Can we do another tour? Look at all these toys. Turbo… Saturnview Redline. – [Lawson] Oh dude, you love them things. – All-wheel drive, 260 horsepower, manual as an option, awkward SUV. – [Shawn] Is he trying to
buy (bleep) he sees again? – [Lawson] Yeah, Saturnview. – You need to go sit in the truck. (laughing) Come on, are you excited? – [Lawson] I am, I am. – Tell me the truth, are you guys hoping that this truck’s still a piece of (bleep) so you can prove I don’t
know what I’m doing? Or you hoping this truck is miraculous so you don’t have to do too much work? Are you hoping it’s somewhere in between? What do you want from me? – [Lawson] Option two, option two. – Why? – So that it’s not super hard to work on but we do still have to work on it. – But you want it to suck a little bit so that you can prove I
don’t know what I’m doing? – No.
– No. – $4,500. – That is really, really cheap. – For a 2011 with 20,000 miles on it. – And it’s not rusty. – Because we don’t know
how many miles on it, we get to make it up. And it’s not rusty. – Yeah, you did just make
that number up, didn’t you? – And now we finally get
to pick one up and get it, see it loaded on the trailer and like… – Oh, oh, oh! – Look for red. – I’m not gonna look at
it, I’m not gonna look. – [Lawson] There she is. – Oh, there she is boys! It’s a 100 footer at least,
it looks good from here. – [Lawson] Are you nervous? – It’s got that chrome bug shield on it. – [Lawson] Yeah, we can take that off. This is our truck. – That means it was a grandpa truck, that’s how you gotta run! – [Lawson] Elderly– – Capper, running boards,
chrome deflector means no miles, sat in the garage, never run in winter. – Get her back, it’s got 260K. (laughing) – He might as well just put
it on the (bleep) trailer. – Yeah, might as well. – [Lawson] The driver
window is down on the truck. – Why? (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – All right guys, so there she is. Just got loaded up onto the
trailer by the forklift. This is all brand new to us, like I said, if you guys haven’t seen our Copart visit, definitely go check that video out. But this is our first
time purchasing a vehicle and actually pickin’ it
up from a local Copart. So this is super cool to
see, kinda crappy weather, it is raining, my camera’s
soaked, we’re all soaked. But we’re gonna get this thing
loaded up on the trailer, strapped down, taken back to the shop, and then see just how bad this thing is. You know, first glance
it seems like there is some frame damage, kinda
makes sense why we got a 2011 Silverado for only $4,000. So, we’re gonna have to dive into it more but enough talking, let’s
get this thing strapped down, head back to the shop, check it out. – Oh, here they come! (truck engine rumbling) – [Sean] Oh yeah, there she is. (slow electronic music) – All right so you guys
probably can’t see, Sean is currently trying
to get the extension all the way in there to
unbolt the latch for the hood. Shawn, other Shawn tried
to actually pop the hood when we were at Copart, was not able to, we think that just a battery will be able to start this thing up,
tends to be a common thing with these vehicles that sit
on a lot for quite a while. Especially with the weather getting cold and everything else, so,
you probably can’t see like I said, but he is getting in there. He already got one done, he’s
about to get the other one and hopefully this thing can
open and we can get started, get it off and move forward. (upbeat electronic music) Oh yeah, that was sick! – Does it have a motor?
– It does. It’s got a motor! – Oh that’s a clean motor. – Whoa there’s a tune up at 82,180 miles. – [Shawn] What the date? – 5/13/2016. (laughing) – Maybe that’s the last
time they drove it. (laughing) – It’s not impossible. – [Shawn] Battery goes right here. – [Lawson] Oh, there is none. – [Sean] Oh, it’s over here. – It’s got 135,000 on it. That aint bad. – It’s not bad at all, 20– – Chevy five tree. – [Lawson] It doesn’t have 20,000. – [Shawn] This things eight years old. – [Lawson] I’m just happy
about the damn hood opening, that was huge. (truck starts up) (all cheering) – [Lawson] Lets go! – We just keep finding treasures. (upbeat electronic music) – [Lawson] Oh, what’s it leakin’? That’s trans fluid everywhere. – [Lawson] Oh, look at that. – Get a bucket. – [Lawson] So, once we got the
Silverado back from Copart, it was time to hit up a local frame shop. We wanted to ensure that
the frame on the truck would be straight and this
truck would be savable. About a week later the frame
shop hit us up with good news and said that we can
come pick up our truck. With the frame straightening process they actually have to throw
on the front end, the fenders, so all the replacement
parts that we did have, they did have to put
the truck back together to see if this thing was straight. So now that our truck is back together, it’s time to get this
thing into the wash bay and wash this thing up. (upbeat electronic music) – [Shawn] Whadya think bud? – Dude, this thing’s sick. It’s like, I keep nitpicking
all the little things which I shouldn’t. Because, obviously, we bought
it wrecked but I’m excited. We got the cap off. This is sweet, I’m excited
to start working on it and just tackle every little thing leading up to the final project. Even driving it in here, I was like, “Hell yeah dude, I’m super excited.” – [Shawn] No, it’s a decent enough truck. A little rough around the edges
but nothing we can’t handle. – Yeah, it’s got some wear
and tear, that’s for sure, but no, super excited,
let’s get this thing washed and see how she cleans up. Most vehicles that we wash,
they clean up really nicely. So maybe once we wash it,
we’ll get a better idea of what we’re working with, so. – [Shawn] Yeah, yeah, let’s get to it. – Lets do it. Yikes! Oh, she’s just a little dirty. – Just a little dirty. – [Lawson] Well that’s not bad. All right guys, so we’re
taking off this chrome on this front… Hood, and it sound like
it’s not going well. (upbeat electronic music) What’d you do? – Pulled the Z-71 off
– How’re people… How’re they supposed to
know it’s a Z-71 now? (upbeat electronic music) All right guys, so there
she is, our 2011 Silverado. She’s all washed up, clean at the shop, and ready for us to
start tearing this thing, I hope you guys are
excited for this build. Make sure you guys
subscribe to the channel, hit that like button. We’ll see you guys in the next one. (upbeat electronic music)


  1. You guys should do an Audi RS7. Its such fun car to drive. Keep up the great work. Sadly i cant do this kind of work in sweden would love to do this kind of work on cars 🙂

  2. Hold up! Hold on just a second here! what was that orange-ish car that was at 0:54? Did I miss a video somewhere along the line? is that somebody else's car? or is that a future project?
    Edit: @Chicago Rich replied to the comment saying that it's Alex's car from Fitment industries, If you go to his Instagram, you can actually see a picture of the car in their shop.

  3. I love it. Same year as my truck and I've never been happier with my truck. I think you'll fall in love with this truck. If want to see my truck follow me on Instagram @silvy_rado_715

  4. The editing on this one was really good. Even if it was picking it up, sending it to get the frame straightened, and washing it, it felt like I watched a lot of content in only a little over 10 minutes. Really loving the quality of videos lately guys.

    I'd be really interested to see what you guys are doing with Alex's Ferrari by the way

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