Pressing Natural Hair with a Hot Comb | Flat Iron

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  1. great video, very informative. gosh I remember getting my ears burned with that comb, don't miss those days at all lol. thanks for sharing beautiful!! subscribed:)

  2. Good info…found the longer my hair got I have to hot comb my hair before I flat iron it…Also not having enough moister is a big problem…

  3. my daugthers hair is really "strong" ,which is a good thing but her hair likes to fight me.I love braids but if i dont make them tiny her natural hair always frizz through. In order for her hair to cooperate it needs to be straight but ive always been afriad of the pressing combs, do to the horrors of childhood and grease. I still remember the "sizzle"… am trying to learn the art of pressing cuz flat irons do nothing for my daugther except make her hair hot…not a curl get straight…smh…

  4. nice! questions….im 4b natural, will i get heat damage overtime if i use a pressing comb on my hair twice a month with heat protectant and deep conditioning it first? also, do you see a lot of your clients hair grow and retain length better with the straightening comb or no heat? because my hair curls and shrinks so much and tangles so i need to keep it stretched.

  5. It seems many naturals who flat iron their own hair, never achieve that "silk press" straightened finish. I know product buildup & oil based products can "gum-up" the hair, preventing that "silky straight," finish. But I have yet to find more TIPS on achieving the same silky straight results that an old fashioned hot comb gives vs an electric flat iron. I have fine hair, so I never needed a "hard press" anyway, nor needed extreme heat with a "traditional" hot comb. I have seen some naturals say that the "extra tension or brush/comb chasing" method when using an electric flat iron, helps to achieve a silkier straight finish. Then I have seen some naturals get their hair silky straight without using any "chasing comb or brush" (maybe their hair texture plays a role also) when using an electric flat iron.

    For that SILK PRESS FINISH, there is definitely a "learning curve" needed electric flat irons. Video after video, only a few naturals have mastered it. But then that is why YOU are a "PRO." ; ))

    THANK YOU for sharing your expertise with us! Peace and Blessings in CHRIST !

  6. Thank you ive been wondering about the truth. Im so done with the old school ways i need real info from you and other ptofessionals

  7. This is why I find it silly when black women straighten using "the chase method", because they're imitating hot combs; just using a more expensive, bulkier tool, and a more complicated method.

  8. what i wanna know is what was it that the older stylist that pressed our heads would use to make it stay for weeks

  9. Very informative video thanks. Can we get a video of a press from beginning to end with products used

  10. Thanks for this video! I actually would prefer the OLD SCHOOL hot comb over the flat iron!!! I wish that I knew how to use the hot comb (I have an electric one). I no longer use flat irons, only the curling irons

  11. I bought an eletric straightening comb . I am a natural so what temp should I set it at? what are your thoughts on it like is it safe?

  12. I like the pressing comb better doesn't take my hair out and no the pressing comb doesn't burn anything if you do it right.that comb is a holy need to know what your doing though but I never had any issues with that it always reverted once I washed my hair.i just used good ol ultra sheen hair dress.detangled my hair with a regular comb omg thank God for the diffuser.and a curling iron.i had very long hair and wasn't even paying attention to it honestly.than went to flatirons the pulling and tugging omg ugh why didn't I stick with my old school ways.honestly my stove went out and i was a teen no job no money so I just started using my mom's flatiron and that was that.

  13. I won't put flat irons in my hair again. This lady flat iron my hair and burnt it . my hair was straight like I put a relaxer in it Never again. Now I'm going with hot comb

  14. Oh… i can still smell the burnt hair and flesh and the screams of women, while I was waiting for my mother and sister…damn fashion is wicked

  15. Yeah makes sense I never had heat damage back in the day with the hot comb, and hot combed twice a month now only flat iron every 2 months & get tons of heat damage no matter what

  16. I had my hair flat ironed some years ago and it seemed to change the texture. I lost my recoil. Although, it gives a nice sheen and looks wonderful, I think my hair may be too weak for it. It seems no one just presses with a comb these days. They don't seem to be able to achieve the same sheen with just the comb alone. Any suggestions?

  17. The scary thing about putting the hot comb on the actualπŸ”₯fire, is that you don't know exactly how hot it is and how much heat you are applying to your hair. With the flat iron, most of them have a temperature which only goes up to 450 degrees, which is the most amount of heat that should be applied to your hair.

  18. Pressed my natural hair with a bevel iron. Amazing results. Just like mom's results. I found it easier than the comb … maybe because my hair is a little past waist.

    How do you use your bevel iron and which creme press do you use?

  19. I love love the pressing comb for years. My stylist pressed my hair from I was 10 till I was 18. I started out with short hair n my hair was down my back. This was back in the days. My hair never got damaged, people always thought I had a perm. I regretted perming my hair at 18, but I was young. I hate the
    Flat iron because it does damage your hair after a while. I like the old school way.

  20. OoooooWeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU sooooo much for this video!!!!!!

  21. I have an electric hot comb (pressing comb) and it can be set to a certain temperature. It doesn't lose temperature until you unplug it or reset the temp… just like the flat iron.

  22. Is the electric pressing COMB ok for straightening most natural hair and what kind of pressing cream or hair press would you recommend

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