Preview of Renovated Reynolds Coliseum

>>KARA GANN: We are here at one of the most iconic places at NC State that just received a 35.

>>KARA GANN: We are here at one of the most
iconic places at NC State that just received a 35 million dollar renovation. [Sounds of Wolfpack fans] For almost 70 years Reynolds Coliseum has
been home to thousands of screaming Wolfpack fans but the iconic arena has never received
a major renovation like this one until now. After 18 months of construction, the new and
improved Reynolds will leave you speechless.>>BILL DAVIS: It’s amazing how close it came
to what we imaged, I think there was a lot of visioning, a lot of hope that things would
work out the way they did. With an old building you never know what might
happen during construction or during demolition.>>KARA GANN: Crew removed 2,000 seats and
shifted the entire court to the south end of the coliseum, making way for a Walk of
Fame on the north side, which honors Wolfpack athletes of the past and present. They also added air conditioning, offices,
classrooms and elevators. The volleyball, women’s basketball, gymnastics
and wrestling teams will begin to make their way back into the arena this month. Women’s volleyball will be the first to
play in the new facility. They’ll go head to head against Delaware
today at noon. The grand opening gala and Hall of Fame ceremony
is scheduled for September 16. On campus, Kara Gann, NC State news.

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  1. The renovation is fantastic! Reynolds Coliseum became an icon of college basketball in North Carolina and the Southeastern US. After commitments were made to construction of the ESA, I have been fearful that maintenance would be let go on Reynolds and justification would be found for demolition. NC State students, faculty, administrators, employees, alumni and friends witnessed countless great events. We have all benefited ever so greatly from the vision of those who were instrumental in the design and construction of the "Original" Reynolds. The "New" Reynolds stands to have similar impact by providing a showcase for NC State athletic history and memorabilia. In addition, newer NC State teams have become part of the Wolfpack Lair and deserve a modern, technically advanced and well appointed sports venue for competitions. Thank you to all of who have been involved with this great project – Y'all Thought, and Did Very Well.

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