Property renovations for home makeovers that sell – REALTALK™ #41

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Roger. Top of the.

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Roger.
Top of the mornin’ to you. You know, many times when we are showing our listings people are trying to figure out a way for them to feel a little bit more modern, to renovate. And I thought sitting in this brand new listing at Grand Bay that’s been
completely overdone that would be a good topic to discuss today.
Yeah, you wouldn’t think that we’re in an Antigua model in Grand Bay. So what you would typically see, I actually sold this residence to these current, now sellers, about two and a half years ago. So, what they would have seen coming in was a solid wall here, the
kitchen sink over there, everything somewhere else. Nothing as fantastically beautiful as
it is, carpet on all the floors, the bathrooms: nothing done to. So, they had a terrific vision. I’ve seen the kitchen opened up a couple of times. I’ve never seen it done quite like
this. Sometimes, it’s done where you have to have a smaller refrigerator size. This
one they were able to get the full refrigerator and freezer here. I honestly, I was amazed
that they were able to move the kitchen sink.I thought that they did have to stay in a stack, but somehow they figured out how to do that. They brought in great professionals. David
Asher did this kitchen, he does a fantastic job. And what it does, it makes it current.
People come in here and they’re excited about it. We’ve shown many times where we’ve talked about, wouldn’t it be nice if you could stand at the sink and look out and see the Bay.
And I think that people, you know, in their mind they know it’s possible to be done, but it just feels so overwhelming to take on a job like that. So, when you have a listing
like this, that’s now all redone. People can come in, a couple things. One, start their
life in practically a brand new place. Everything is new in the place. They can know what their costs are. So I think people, a lot of times with renovations, they are concerned they
don’t know what the top side is going to be on their cost table. So, that’s already been
spent here. Clearly
The things, it’s not just the kitchen. It’s the powder room. I mean, this powder room with this old terrible Kohler fixtures, you know, from 25 years ago. Is now, just this
fantastically beautiful room. Stunning. The master bathroom, with the way they set up the closets to be separate his and her,
with the custom built-ins. The new tub, I mean, with water that comes down from the ceiling. I mean, this is not your mamma’s Grand Bay. This is a new place, and this is
what people want. They want something that’s current. They want something that’s more hip and modern. And if you come to a listing like this, you can have it. I definitely encourage
people to also look at doing renovations like this. If not just for themselves. Maybe you
don’t have to go to this level, but it makes them much more sellable.
They sure do. For more information on this new listing, and our other listings, please
be sure to visit us at and thanks so much for joining us this week on REALTALK.

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