PS4 Controller Repair, Charging port fix, battery replacement. Complete Tear down.

All right, so I have a PS4 controller here that we’re going to take apart apart today. It’s also called.

All right, so I have a PS4 controller here
that we’re going to take apart apart today. It’s also called a Dual Shock 4. So there’s
four screws around the back, just your normal Phillips head screws. So I’m going to take
apart each one of those. They’re all the same size so I’m just going to set them aside.
And then I found that if you kind of pinch each of the little handles it kind of will
separate the back from the front of the controller and you can kind of wedge your little pry
tool in between. There’s a series of latches around the outside that are stuck really tightly
holding the top to the bottom of the controller. So if you find each little clasp and clip
it it’ll pop out and you can see that the back of the controller right here is coming
loose from the buttons. If you watch the very end of the video how I put it back together
it’ll make a lot more sense how it comes apart. You see the button came loose right there.
I can just click it back into place so it’s pretty simple. Right here you can see the
battery as well as the white ribbon cable which goes to the charging port. So I’m just
going to pull that away from the little connector on the motherboard. And now I’m going to show
you how to replace the charging port. If you don’t need this step and just want to go to
the battery replacement you can skip ahead to about 2:30. Two screws right here that
you’re going to undo, they’re just your normal Phillips head. And then you can start moving
the little pieces of plastic, and this is all for the light that is on the controller
for how it communicates with the camera and the PlayStation. Get all the little plastic
out of the way and there’s two little Phillips head screw heads down at the bottom that I’m
going to undo. And then the charging port itself just comes loose from the controller.
Usually these parts aren’t very expensive at all so if yours breaks, and you need the
part, and I haven’t listed it in the video description below yet, just shoot me a comment
and I’ll find one for you. Getting it all put back together again, putting those two
Phillips head screws back into place, tightening them in. The glass has its own little pins
that it kind of sits on top of. So everything goes back in its own little groove. The controller
was made pretty sturdily. And then you have the top two Phillips head screws as well.
So here’s the battery. The interesting thing about the battery, it’s 3.65 volts and 1,000
milliamp hours, it’s lithium ion. I think that this battery feels really light, and
that you can get another battery that would be about the same size with double the milliamp
hours in it. So I think it’s switchable. Anyway, so here’s the two vibrators in the handles
of the controllers. One is bigger than the other. I thought that was interesting as well.
To kind of give you dual vibrations. Then to take out the main board inside the controller
you have the one screw that holds it into place. And as you’re separating the main board
from the top half of the controller there’s a few little buttons that might fall out.
There’s not very many. It’s mostly just the share button at the top, along with the other
button. You can see that mine came loose. All you have to do is just grab your little
button and pop it back into place. It’s not too big of a deal. And so all these buttons,
they are swappable as well so you can just pop those out and pop new ones in. Then here’s
the main board. Nothing on this is really swappable. All the vibrators and everything
else is soldered on to the main board so there’s nothing really that you can change out on
this section of the controller. Then this is the little touch pad up at the top. And
it comes loose and you can see the little white ribbon cable that goes into the main
board. Just clip that back into place. And then back to the main board again, so this
is the little speaker right here in the main section. So if your speaker goes out you can
swap that out. And you can see on the main board these little connectors right here is
how it gets its communication. It just rests against those little gold connectors and it
tells it what to play. Kind of fun. Anyway, get that positioned back into place again,
back on the main board. And then set it directly on top of the plastic. I keep it face down
just so I don’t have to deal with all the buttons coming loose and falling out. And
then make sure everything finds its correct groove, get that little ribbon cable back
into place that you took out before. Just press it in. There’s a little latch that you
have to clip down. And then get the back plastic with the little battery compartment. And I
think if you do find a different sized battery, one that will last longer, you can modify
that compartment just a little bit, you know shave away a little bit of the plastic. It
looks like there’s room around the battery as well. Anyway here’s the charging port ribbon.
You can kind of see me getting that into place, just be sure to do it super gently, not to
bend the cable at all, not to scrape off the little gold connectors on it. Just push it
straight in. Then it holds itself. There’s no latches or anything on this connector.
And then this little guy fell out. This is for the reset button on the controller. It’s
just like a little rubber thing that just goes in it. So if that popped out, just kind
of slip it down in the groove in the plastic where it goes. Took me a second to figure
out where that one came from. Anyways, so you see this is how the back goes on, it just
latches on between the left and the right triggers. And then once the back is clasped
on, the rest of it just kind of falls into place. So you can kind of see it just snapping
in. And you can here all the little latches clicking shut as you close it. Anyways if
you any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below, don’t forget to like
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100 thoughts on “PS4 Controller Repair, Charging port fix, battery replacement. Complete Tear down.”

  1. My controller doesn’t have the 2 screws when you first open it. It’s connected via these plastic patches that are a part of the controller itself

  2. I took the connector from a old controller, it worked, but on the 'new' controller it doesnt charge. I get the question mark. Any help would be app.

  3. the copper pins on the little strip that connects the charging port to the controller's board have bent and now it wont charge. I must have tried to put it in the wrong way. any way to fix them? I can't find where to get a replacement part online

  4. @jerryrigeverything Great video! Question: If the battery of the controller is removed, can the controller still function when wired/plugged in? I always play wired anyways and I like having a light-weighted controller while keeping the rumbles intact.

  5. I have 2 controllers. On 1 controller, the L1 button doesn’t work. On the other controller the R1 button doesn’t work. Can I swap either the L1 or R1 with my other controller and will it work perfectly?

  6. What size screwdriver did u use because I am experiencing problems with the charging to my controller and I feel like it's the inside of where the charger piece goes into

  7. I'm having a problem with my ps4 controller, it only works when its plugged in I think it might be the battery is there a way to know if it is the battery

  8. dude youre a legend, i fixed my trigger on my controller months ago but it would not charge anymore after that… 5:34 turns out i just had the gold side of the wire facing the wrong way

  9. So I decided to recently open up my new ps4 controller and take it apart cause I was curious and so I put it back together exactly how the videos show or so I thought I did because now my headphone jack doesn’t work because when I plug in my headset into my controller it doesn’t detect it so I can’t hear and say anything and I know it’s not the mic because it works fine with my other two controller so plz help me and or make a video on how to fix this

  10. On my controller the charging port is locked In to place with only one screw and with tiny bit of black (maybe Electric) tape and because of that i think it broke. Usb cable wont go In now so its most likely warped inside, slowly but surely my other controller is doing the same so thank you sony for cheap builds and good luck to all of you guys out there Who has the time to fix these etc

  11. I think the video skips a step somewhere.

    There's a ribbon cable that runs from the touchpad to the main board that you have to detach before you can remove the main board. Your disassembly instructions never show you detaching it nor removing the black plastic battery holder (which I think you have to remove just to access the ribbon cable). In fact, it shows you somehow removing the main board with the battery holder still in place.

    Yet your re-assembly instructions show you putting them both back in. You also mention that there's a latch that holds the ribbon cable in place. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how the latch works to get the cable out. So I'm kinda stuck. Please help.

  12. Internal batteries is one of the dumbest things in controllers today. They give us a cheap 1000 mah battery and then give us the cheapest usb port from China.
    Hopefully the ps5 dual shock comes with a pro model that allows you to exchange aa batteries or charge packs.
    Having to use a cable to charge my wireless controller is ridiculous.
    Half the time I'm plugged in so half the time I'm basically using a wired controller.

  13. Do you have anywhere i could get new charging port? the first thing you replaced is what i would need. Thanks! great video

  14. My X button on my controller is acting like the Ps home button. When I press X it takes me back to the home menu, do you know any way to fix that?

  15. aren't there different versions of the charging port? is there a way to know which model I have without opening the controller?

  16. I smashed my one that cant charge with a hammer and I harvested any thing that can be used from that controller. No joke lol

  17. hi i am looking for the parts for dualshock 4 , i need the belt that go to charging port im situated from pretoria

  18. what do i do if my charger port is shredded like the part where u stick the charger in is shredded

  19. I tried this and this is so damn frustrating.

    I had 1 working controller that simply needed a new charger port.

    I had two other broken controllers with working charging ports. BUT, none of them fit! You have to get very specific parts for these remotes. Don’t even bother to try and fix this on your own because if you do, you first have to take the remote apart to see which part it exactly needs.

    I also tried putting it together and for the life of me, I couldn’t. And yes, all the parts are in their proper place.

    It’s easy to take apart but when you try putting things back together after realizing none of the extra parts fits, it’s a real shit show of stress and annoying rage.

  20. mine charges only when I have it in a weird place but when the Orange light is on my controller didn't charge is it that dead or is it broken it was on 0 bars all day yesterday is it to dead or is it broke?

  21. My charging port is damaged the charger doesn’t fit anymore but after watching this I ain’t even gonna f*%# with it cuz everything I touch breaks

  22. My controller can connect to the ps4 and it glows orange and a couple days later tried charging it again it doesnt glow is this all coming from the port of the controller or the ps4?

  23. My battery holder screw won’t screw back into the motherboard after i put the light bar ribbon cable. Any idea what to do?

  24. Still no link to it? My sisters retarded son had to push it lose when I told him it lost connection (because the cable is shit like all micro-USB cables but as he's a child he tried to "fix" it and hence broke it like the impulsive idiot he is.)

  25. Is it possible the main board could be damaged from a possible gamer rage? I have a working controller that’s old as shit and the batteries on its way out. And I was given a new controller that doesn’t charge. Tried changing the battery, USB port, cable and cable ribbon. still no luck.

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