Remodeling a Garage : Remodeling a Garage: Applying Drywall & Drywall Screws

So my friend, the drywall screw, which is used to put the drywall boards onto the studs, which will make.

So my friend, the drywall screw, which is
used to put the drywall boards onto the studs, which will make your wall, eventually, which
I’ve also suggested is a great tool to use on plaster walls, while hanging pictures.
Behind plaster, there’s something called lathing and the drywall screw grabs onto it, where
a nail would bounce back out. Interesting, drywall screws aren’t necessarily what you
use when you’re hanging pictures on drywall, and now everybody gets to know why their heavy
mirrors fall down. You screw into your drywall and you hit nothing but this insulation behind
it, then you hang your forty pound mirror and what happens? BAM! That’s because there’s
nothing there. That’s then open, then someone will say to you “oh we need to find a stud,”
well these are what you’re looking for, these are your studs. So it’s a good education on
too. When you’re hanging pictures in your home and it helps you understand studs, which
are generally spaced, I believe thirteen inches apart. There are stud finders now, some of
them work, some of them don’t. The old method was to knock, to hear a difference. No stud,
you hear it gets a little bit more solid, that’s the old method. Let’s talk about how
drywall is applied, just so everybody has a good idea. So, the boards are put up, typically
they come on four-by-eight sheets and they get put up, with our drywall screws and they
are bumped up against one another, creating these little lines, or seams, there’s one
above, there’s one below. Once all this drywall is up, we’ll be using drywall compound, mud.
We call it mud, here in the South, in New York, I notice they call it spackle. It is
what is sounds like, it looks like a mud and they put it on with a spackling knife or a
mud knife and they put it on really smooth and I like to tell girls, it’s like frosting
a cake, when I have women doing it. If I put it in those terms, woman know not to be too
heavy handed with it. It’s actually a real skill and craft to put the mud on nicely because,
if you don’t, you end up sanding a lot, which then causes our next drywall problem, which
is dust. Dust is really difficult to deal with.

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