Renovate America’s HERO PACE Financing Launches in Florida

Floridians know why Florida is a paradise. This is just a great place to live. But certainly with the amount.

Floridians know why
Florida is a paradise.
This is just a great
place to live. But certainly with the amount
of sun that we get, heating
and cooling is a big deal,
especially the cooling part. We’re all very concerned
about fact that we may
have stronger storms
coming and more
frequently. We should be comfortable
in our homes. We should
be secure in our homes. We felt that the ability for
people to finance new roofs,
high impact windows, even
hurricane shutters were important investments
that people can make and
oftentimes don’t have the
capital to do so. So we partner with PACE
providers like Renovate
America to bring PACE
financing to Floridians. We had a lot of questions
because it’s unique and
it’s a new program. And we wanted to make sure
that we could fairly and
honestly describe the product. So we did some research
and started talking with
the elected officials about
the benefits to the community. What excited us is that
it provides options that
weren’t available before to move forward a more
sustainable community
and also help with hurricane
protection and wind hazard
mitigation. Having multiple PACE
providers I think provides
a competitive atmosphere
and I think that it’s just
over all healthy for the
customer to have a choice. Renovate America’s HERO
program is the largest
PACE program in the nation. They actually offer more
choices. At Renovate America not
only do we have a PACE
program, HERO, but we
also have a more traditional
finance program called Benji
for any home improvement
project. Having HERO and Benji
under one umbrella with
Renovate America is going
to really allow them to
make the best decision. We go over with our guys
exactly how to offer the
financing, we let them
know about the app that’s
available on the phone. For 35 years of doing business,
we haven’t seen any type of
financing like this and it’s
been great. Renovate America, as far
as consumer protections,
they’re as good or better
than anybody in the industry. So the homeowner is
protected that their
investment is secure. It’s going to hold the
contractors to a certain
accountability, and I think
that’s important in this
industry and I think it’s
important for long-term growth. Renovate America is
definitely bringing jobs
right here to the State
of Florida. And it’s creating us the
opportunity to service more
people, and to do it more
efficiently. Which brings increased assessed
values to the homeowners. It
creates a ripple effect thorough
the entire community. And I want to hopefully see
every city and county in the
entire state of Florida have
PACE and hopefully the HERO
Program up and running. Reach out to me and I’m
happy to share our knowledge
and our experience in going
through this program. I wouldn’t have any reservations
about going with the Renovate
America financing. I would say to strongly look
into it, and to try it.

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