Renovating a canal narrowboat bathroom | Part 3 | Installing shower screen

day 67 of the epic bathroom refit I’m just cutting some pipes because I need to move the taps for.

day 67 of the epic bathroom refit I’m just cutting some pipes because I need to move the taps for the shower because
where we’re going to put the new enclosure is not the same place as the
old one was and there’s not enough room under the sink to shift the taps over so
I’ve bought some 15 millimeter pipe and some push-fit
fittings plus these tube supports and this awesome pipe cutter for plastic pipes and I’m having great fun so far can’t see what about now? you can just about see Munchy there behind Anna’s hand transfixed by the paintbrush do you want to help? maybe we should have taken the door off yeah you can’t though because we’d have to take this off I thought about taking the door off but its nailed on yep not screwed its screwed here and then it’s got these nailed on it okay well so how what
we done today? it’s been a horrible day so we’ve now got two new pairs of
painting trousers oh yeah I got this party hat I’ve been wearing all day hey I had to go and borrow a tool off one of the neighbors so I’ve attached that to run
on there which would be just below the ceiling which I’ve done wrong so I’ll be taking that off and reattaching it as you can see, Anna’s being painting all she does is paint
and I’ve fitted the new shower we shower on the floor now just so that I could turn the water back on yeah it’s been horrible yeah we haven’t got nearly
as much done as we thought we were going to and yeah it’s horrible and
discouraging because now we have to pack everything back up and start again
tomorrow but I think because we are not work through the night kind of people i think I’ve made some good progress I think so too actually because you have done all the plumbing I’ve done all the plumbing except for
the end bit so that’s that gray pipe down there is the one that is attached
to the gulper it’s actually a washing machine outlet pipe and it fits the gold
press on and I’ve got a plug and so I can attach it to this 40 millimeter
waste so that’s cool none of these joints are dry so the Plumbing’s pretty
good Munchy’s just coming to check the black cable you can see on the
floor this is the switch so I’m just going to which used to be in
the kitchen I’m just moving that now Munchy very heavy and big I don’t know how we’re
going to cut these hey what you up to? so, this is how you don’t steal a shower bit of glass
Kath said to me how far do I push it in and I said the whole way and so
now I’m pulling it out the whole way alright so you get this bit of squeegee
perspex no squeegee plastic shower seal shower seal and then it goes in like that so then it makes like a silicon line it’s not what I did not what you did so what we’ve got now is the, both the panes of glass are in one side is sealed and the other is currently being sealed Alice is very helpful she’s keeping the doors warm meow she has a lot to say about
today meow just want it finished dont you? meow she might also be hungry okay hi we’re just making our over
washing machine countertop and next to our new wash basin which isn’t in yet
either so we’re just putting the trim on around our splash back work surface so that the workshop is free now yeah because we bought the splash back
already for the shower yeah so then we’re going to put the silicon on to
stick on edging bits and then we will attach the splashback to the walls
using a couple of screws and then we’ll just see it around the edge with silicon
just so no water can get through and then we’re gonna build a cupboard and we’ve had a slight disagreement
about wether or not the what are they called the plastic grips that go on the
MDF is running back the trim whether they should be mitered at a 45 degree
angle and Kath won because I said they didn’t need to be so we tried my way
which was the lazy lazerson way and I ironicly cut with a miter saw in charge so what I’ve done here is rerun the hot tap across and the cold tap across and then this is the waste from the sink using washing machine hose and a
t-junction and then this other washing machine hose
here that wiggling is actually from the washing machine and goes out through
the same hole in the hole just over him and the guy at B&Q said to us no oh no
he said it’s your lucky day you’re dealing with a plumber but he basically said that washing machines aren’t designed to go out through less than a 40 millimeter
pipe which is kind of a standard household waste pipe of waste pipe that you’d get under your
kitchen sink but then I kind of thought well I see where you’re coming from but
the pipe that comes from a washing machine the pipe that comes from the
washing machine is only like 20 mils anyway so you can’t come out any faster
than that can it and I was just going directly straight outside so the main
test now is to make sure that it doesn’t come out the sink
or onto the floor from the seals so we’re just going to run a quick rinse on
the washing machine we need to do a rinse anyway yeah and then we’ll maybe do a wash tonight oh it will be so good we’ve got so much clothes sorry you want me to hold this or move out of your way? i want you to put the camera down and move out of my way you heard it folks

45 thoughts on “Renovating a canal narrowboat bathroom | Part 3 | Installing shower screen”

  1. You pair are like the comedy duo nobody quite expected. Without question perfect together.

    Still laughing on the Mitre Saw line… Kath wins that one but so awesome is Anna's sense of humour that she totally owned the moment too!

  2. If you need to silicone anything ladies for a good finish mix a little washing up liquid with water
    in a spray bottle. Make sure you shake it well though.
    Run your bead of silicone spray with the solution and then use your finger it gives a better finish.

  3. In a domestic installation, the outlet pipe usually fits loosely into a gravity waste pipe. In order to ensure that it can run away, it needs to be at least 40mm. As you have no air break, you don't need to have a larger diameter pipe.

  4. Well done indeed ladies. I am doing the shower on mine at the moment and your videos are really helping. Great work and looking good. Regards Ed

  5. Washer tease!! You could have at least told us if it drains properly. Aarrgghhhh!! Getting there. Well I know it's all ready done but

  6. I'm worried the washing machine drain might shoot it's water out your shower tray via the gulper? If the gulper valve stops that it might be best not to shower and run a wash at the same time as both will be competing for the outlet hole?
    Hate leaving you guys on a cliff hanger. Can't wait for the next one. x

  7. I think Alice's plan was the best, and you just ignored her as if you couldn't understand what she was saying! Kath, or should I now call you Super Mario :), is doing a great job and Anna's painting experience is coming in handy 🙂 Although, I can sense a bit of friction at times…I hope the first shower scene isn't going to turn into a Bates Motel moment 🙂

  8. It can't be much fun trying to live on board while you are doing the work. It is looking good so far though.

  9. Nice to see Munchy and Alice again. Isn't it amazing what an IT Pro can do, Kath? So far so good, if a bit more work than you had planned for. Now you can see why Mr. Brown got discouraged, but keep on girls. Each bit finished is a victory.

  10. Wow. I am impressed that you two attempted this level of reno and have stuck with it!! Impressive!! You have inspired me to try to install a new faucet set in my half bathroom sink. The new faucet has been neatly sitting in it's box on the linen closet shelf- where its been for the last three months… Hey- I don't need no "stinkin" plumber! Yeah! Kath and Anna!! Girlpower!

  11. Hi girls, I don't know what your DIY experiences have been before you attacked this BIG job, but I have to say that you're doing a sterling job, I'm proud of you both.

  12. You poor ladies all that work, never mind you are both doing a great job, i am sure it will not take you two long to finish it, you can then look back at it, every time you use the compost toilet, and say "we did that" lol 🙂 thanks ladies.

  13. I love you ladies. You are like the two mad sisters that compliment my own mad sister. I remember when I first got married, we bought a little mid-terrice house for £2,024. It had no bathroom, so we installed a hot water tank and I built a shower. It was during the mad hot Summer of 1976. It worked really well and we thought we were in paradise. It had a serving hatch through to the kitchen so we could have a cuppa coffee and chat to whoever was cooking. Happy days, thanks for sharing your magic moments. Paul xx.

  14. Sight concern. The waste water is pressurised from the washing machine where the waste water pipe is gravity feed only. So a narrow waist pipe will overfill when in use. Look out. Cheers, really loved this video thanks, Ladies.

  15. Neat job you two., looks like it is coming together beautifully. Looking forward to see the end result, it already looks much better than before.

  16. Oh, my lil darlins! I admire your spunk! My Nanny would say,,,, "those girls are plucky!" All home improvements take twice as long, and cost twice as much as the original estimate,,,,,,looks like a great way to spend a summer! Much love!

  17. Ey you two as me n our Doreen are currently going through all your vlogs because they are so informative Q1 where the chufinel (Yorkshire term) did you find a cubicle to fit I feel our currently in fit out mode lil boat may be slightly lower head room than your so I would love a corner cubicle also can you come at fit mine if I can find one cheers from the tiny village of Sheffield

  18. Wow… taking on such a task, that’s brill… nice hat Anna! (and painting, hows the arm!? ?) Kath have you done any plumbing/carpentry/design courses? Great job ??

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