Renovating a canal narrowboat interior | Bathroom refit | Part one

so the bathroom cupboard is in the kitchen yes yes hi and the shower is on the pontoon which means.

so the bathroom cupboard is in the
kitchen yes yes hi and the shower is on the pontoon which means we are getting a new
shower because it is now officially bottomless the plan is to rip up these
boxes down here which don’t really mean anything because I think they used to
hold some sort of flush system and then the previous owners wanted to sit on
the higher raised platform for doing their toilet times but
we didn’t like it no so we are going to rip those out and we’re going to get rid
of this bulkhead as well aren’t we honey this is this is going that’s going
the plan is to get some of the splash back wall that will put on the back wall and the other wall then we’ll get an enclosure that’s kind of curved and I
know if you can see on the floor and we’ve been marking out where the new
enclosure would go so that we can just have a slightly bigger shower because you can show them. who wants to shower like this show your elbows. I’m tying to you’d much rather shower like this even when you turn around your bum hits the tap and then we’re finished in this section. thats really good isn’t
it. yeah this panel will come off really easy if we need to. fantastic. it was all
screwed in sometimes nailed pretty sturdy wasn’t it.
yeah it was pretty sturdy nice and dry down there (Bethan thinks this is really dangerous) so close, yet so far well that’s us calling it a day we did heaps more than we planed we did way more than we thought we were going to yeah we
started that about 10:00 this morning and it’s four o’clock now half past four yeah
its the second day we have hit a really good spot I think yeah we’ve
taken the big bulkhead wall down and we’ve taken a patch of ceiling down we’ve
taken we cut the bulkhead in half so we could fit it in the car to take it to
the tip we cut another wall in half so we could take that to the tip yeah I’m
really happy I’m really happy with how it’s progressed yes now we’ve just got
to measure up and decide what we’re going to do next I’ve bought a new sander so it’s I guess day three of bathroom renovation you can tell its day three because we’re still optomistic so Anna’s got her new sanding toy and what’s your goal for today? not to embarrass myself but that’s my goal for every day so what’s your other goal for
today? this panel here which has the glue stuff on it from the tiles needs to come
off today but just the glue not the panel because thats the back of our kitchen cupboard
yeah we’d like to repaint in here so I also need to sand this side but that is
not today’s job Kath is making dinner and doing everything else yeah I just think we
might have to end up chipping this off why is that? I just think it, I dunno,
going to take forever all right set me a timer, I’m only working for an hour okay I’m making an executive decision that I
should scrape it off the wall instead of sanding it off the wall which was my
idea the other day and Kath said no let’s sand it off the wall I was just going to say that hour of sanding only lasted five minutes well I think I can sand these bubbly bits but i can sand it smooth I mean that’s what that
did but that’s still got the same amount of time to go you so I’m going to say
to chisel for old glue okay keep up the good work the dinners cooking its nearly an hour since Anna started all of her hard work and how are you getting on? great yes! how are your feeling? I had a slight
accident with the sander and the thing came out the dust bag. yeah so if you do
this this hand you go like that hilarious. I’ll leave that to your imagination what I did what do you think? well done, honey thank you!

42 thoughts on “Renovating a canal narrowboat interior | Bathroom refit | Part one”

  1. are you bored? I have birthday and you renovated your bath. ^^ I wish you good luck that the bathroom will be fantastic.

  2. I think that you two are great tackling jobs that I know some guys would shy away from. Looking forward to see how you progress.

  3. Well done ladies, cooking tip, dont boil your Broccoli, as you loose the vital vitamin goodness , steam them instead πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  4. Great work πŸ˜‰ nice to see whats behind all the original fixings πŸ™‚ Will you be able to use the same /similar waste point from the shower ? cheers Robi

  5. You two are completely mad. Scraping the old adhesive off is the best solution but I'm not sure a chisel is the approved tool. If all else fails, we could have a bit of fun if you got an angle grinder. Things usually seem to turn out OK in the end, so good luck. Perhaps you should have gone to eat the cake instead!

  6. Loving it! Reminds of when my ex and I decorated our first flat πŸ˜€ Guess where she hand handprints on her dungarees πŸ˜… And no, I didn't come out of that scotfree . Although it did turn into a paint fight with rollers and the shower after was nice πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  7. Can't wait to see the finished product. Hang on. I've seen it. I look forward to next week. Cheers

  8. What a video? As normal Kath seems to work very hard, With Anna the critic and motivator! felt that stuff Kath really needed some Aussie Hurt my arm! Cheers

  9. Great work with the demolition ladies, where's the new shower? I did this in my bathroom a while back and replumbed -the one thing you don't realise about is the hair washing and the "lick and a promise" for the following week done in the kitchen sink, not to mention the toilet issueπŸ™„ I'm sure it's going to look great and NOT leak.

  10. Very adventurous girls, is there anything you can't do ….am guessing the composting toilet will be installed also … Wish I was practical… I'd proberbly sink the boat haha …am good at supervising though .. Love your vlogs , as always…. Xxxx

  11. You're both amazing for tackling your bathroom like that. I wouldn't know where to start. Looking forward to seeing it finished x

  12. Anna did her bit this time πŸ™‚ Dinner looked nice too Kath :). Unfortunately, I don't have much of an imagination so I can't think what you did to Kath when you distracted her πŸ˜‰ Can't wait to see the final result πŸ™‚

  13. Great job ladies. Rock that reno! Sounds like your bathroom ideas are going to make your space much more user-friendly. Have you chosen a color for the bathroom yet? Will be interested to see what you choose. Give those lovely fur balls a big smooch for me please. ChouπŸ€—

  14. Not sure why your taking glue off if your fitting new bath panels
    Do u have an e-mail address I might be able 2 help.
    Well done so far great fun watching πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. Kath and Anna I hear that Phil (narowboat Helen) likes to take rides in other peoples narrowboats you just have to make sure he can"t get out till the jobs done. I"m proud you are tackling the job yourself.

  16. Looking good girls & Impressed with your diy skills. Can't wait to see the end result. I hope all goes well with not too many surprises πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™‹

  17. I feel ike I have come full circle πŸ™‚ the first video of you 2 lovelies I had watched, you were working on fixing the original shower before you moved onto the boat full time πŸ™‚ What am amazing skillset you have aquired! It's been an amazing journey for you both. TYFS

  18. Good first video to discover you two :), i will be watching with great interest! I have been offered a boat for a reasonable price, I think some DIY may be involved…

  19. This would have been the right moment for a new movie named "Demolition Woman", you're doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to see the finished result of your joined efforts.

  20. Hallelujah that's the most work I've seen an Aussie "Tradie" do in one day! Go back Anna to OZ & work off the deficit $billions. 2nd thoughts we Poms need you more here! so stay & show us more of your enjoyable talents…..Pleeease! (-:

  21. Can't wait to see the end results, bet it looks brilliant.
    When are you doing your next review on finances regarding living in the apartment to living in the canal boat or have I missed it lol. Keep up the great work girls, love Fridays… yes I know it is Sunday but we have been away in Desmond for the weekend xx

  22. Chisel is a good choice but a heavier grit sand paper (40 grit) might also work well. Good to see brave effort on your project.

  23. I've got to ask, Kath what do you do for a living? At the rate your going it's going to be a beautiful bathroom in no time.

  24. When you make a major renovation like this on a narrowboat, do you have to get something equivalent to building permits for the electrical and plumbing changes?

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