Restoring, Renovating and Modifying Mr. Barnhart’s Vintage Cleaver

Hi everyone! My coworker gave me a very old cleaver. He said it was close to 100 years old. He.

Hi everyone! My coworker gave me a very old cleaver. He said it was close to 100 years old. He wants it to be restored and fitted with
new handles. The only request he had was to leave all the
scratches and dents the cleaver. But clean up all the handle area. There are some rusty spots and lots of patina. I will be placing in to vinegar and leaving
it for 48 hours. This will remove the rust and patina. I will clean up the edge and give a new bevel
because it looks as if someone used a disk grinder to grind the bevels. Also I will redesign the shape of the handle
for a better fit in the hand.

100 thoughts on “Restoring, Renovating and Modifying Mr. Barnhart’s Vintage Cleaver”

  1. This is ust a eautiful job you did, I have watched all the vids about this cleaver and was really impressed with everything you did. I hae watched other knife vids and marvel at the work you do. I am astounded and so impressed with all you do. Thank you for your work and talent,

  2. Very nice, you made a lovely looking handle, and i like how you kept the bumps and scratches on the main body of the cleaver.

  3. I know you got alot of shit from people and I just want to say you did a great job. You did an amazing job and the handle was beautiful. I thought it would be maybe a wooden handle of oak or something but you did even more. A truly great piece. Wondrous to behold.

  4. Sir we would like to see you win the forged in fire championship or be a judge in that show if possible. Your work is just perfect. Great job sir.

  5. dude, I am a finish carpenter been doing it a long time and I am good but what you just made the time and energy just to make that handle and restore that cleaver that was beautiful to watch and on such a whole different level of difficulty and precision that blew me away what the fuck that was sick so beautiful to watch.

  6. Super boulot magnifique je me suis lancée aussi dans la restauration d'outils est j'avoue que c'est bien dificile en plu pas beaucoup de machine alors encore plus dur merci a bientôt sturiven

  7. now that's what you call pride in your work. the finished cleaver is a thing of beauty, bravo sir, thanks for sharing.

  8. Parabéns, é muito lindo e muito bonito o seu ofício. Como faremos para obter um desses aqui no Brazil? Se quiser me doar um aceito. Beijos

  9. That handle is gorgeous. When I first saw what you picked, I thought no chance, but the finished piece is stellar.

  10. Moram da te pohvalim zato sto gledam tvoje klipove koji na mene uticu umirujuce. Ima puno ljudi koji restauriraju razne stvari ali ti si najbolji kojeg sam video.

  11. Слава, давно хотел у Вас спросить, а чёрный листовой материал, что Вы используете – это пластик какой-нито?

  12. I was one of the people in the response video, ive come back a year later to say that I am still regretful of my actions and now that ive had more than enough time to think about it i can say i appreciate this video much more than ever.

    I'm sorry for what I said all those months ago and maybe my demons will stop haunting me with my own toxicity.

  13. Shoot I'm your new biggest fan, I'm sure there's nothing you make that I wouldn't love to have! Just say'en, brother you got superior skills! Your visualization of things are amazing to me!the way you put things together is just… Amazing to me, you have a very keen eye! I just love knives and swords and they have so may applications for everyday use! But your knives are a work of art!

  14. As usual, fantastic job. If I had one comment, or maybe a question, why would you use screws on a custom handle instead of pins or mosaic pins?

  15. That is gorgeous. Who in the hell would send hate to the man that gave that cleaver a second chance and more luxurious life.

  16. क्या आप एक ऐसा मेरे पास भेज सकते हैं।मुझे बहुत शौक है इनका?

  17. Patina is part of the natural life cycle of metal. Truth be told, I get more upset when a tool is restored to a mirror shine. I love this.

  18. Band saw blades… what kind do you use? I’ve tried several and haven’t found one that can cut that well!! Please I hope you can awnser this for me. Thanks o yeah great work

  19. You will never find work in the food service industry but you DID make a sweet set of scales for that cleaver.

  20. Well well, you know I see a person that knows his art and do a fine job at it….. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope you pass this on to your son if he wants to fallow in your footsteps……. Once again fine job and think mr. Tely

  21. Top Job once again I loved the mix of scales for the Handle restored to a Beautiful Clever.Where do you get your scales from ?

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