Rust Base Building – 5 Things You Might Not Know (Rust Tips and Tricks)

HI am welcome back to my five things you may not all you can do and rust before we start.

HI am welcome back to my five things you
may not all you can do and rust before we start just let you know we have
a new giveaway for the bow skin the phantom bow it was released and the
latest skin releases well after do is calling below just let
me know how many of these five tricks I’m going to show you you actually know
about though the first trick I’m going to show you is one that was actually
shown to me it will remained it to me by blobby as long inscription below he
there’s a lot a little belt as you can actually put stuff on top of high wall
so you can see shelves take a lot damage with melee weapons but when you take
away melee weapons and use flames rockets or ammunition the actors have
500 HP know if you have turrets on them or other things that is quite a lot to
try and take out when being used now a lot of people have the turrets and
little things outside and they put them at risk a lot of people have trouble
with ladders claiming up I’m just getting through vessel is possibly a
viable option for you to use and a very cheap option for you to use as well you
can see two rockets to that shelf own these little things are all P if you is
properly now having free or now I’ll show you to do it you can only get one
proper shelf on you used to ought to get more however recent changes have stopped
out from being the case now you have to think it’s the far left side of where
you place it drop it down or show you fast it can go wrong if you don’t do it
rate you may have to catch out yourself but remember if someone there’s on a
ladder they cannot use a hatchet so you’re gonna have to shoot there so
that’s what makes it a bit more or P obviously because I start it’s on there
as well you don’t come into your walls is just gonna get absolutely melt heat
as just gonna be used by clients probably however there’s other things
you can actually put on walls you put remains beer traps and you can
also stack your shotgun traps all things that can quite easily help you defend
against to Russell gets who keep using ladders to cob your walls
now you know about Pedro you’re always finding the boxing is on you just say to
fall on the floor maybe you should start keeping it because each oil rake has a
frequency cord and one of the offices a few bits frequency cords enter the
picture like so it changes across all servers from what I know so make sure
you check each one that will actually activate when someone activates the car
will create every single time so you don’t have to sit there and wait for it
or you can spring on people after it’s actually been launched as you can hear
it’s going off let’s can you move kept in a box which we normally do just leave
in a box when someone hears that or jump on a Haley or jumping a ball go over and
try antique all the spelling from what’s left over or fate the people there and
take whatever’s coming from the car go though an old one that myself an alpha
first brought to you quite a while ago but still actually walks again those
spellers that you find on the floor and and boxes you throw away if you like
making traps you can actually use these to set pressure pads on you used to be
able to put lamb mains and other things on the out but no it’s only really the
pressure pads at work I used to use a shelf method but since a recent patch
that no longer works that’s gonna be quite effective if you want to put a
trap in place where I open the door as people someone runs over and activates
the door all you have to do is please force panels and a stifled Lane back up
the fuss free and it will leave you with a spreader which is actually floating
and the ear this allows you it just set your pressure pad on top of it you can
then jump up and it will activate through the floor very very handy to use
once when that can a fault process of traps you can still actually hey remains
underneath floor tales lock but before this one for you this is
very handy for simple tracks been used for ages by evil Wasik sets are very
very effective someone jumps down it runs over a step
on there our main buying if on to put spikes or whatever you want to put and
say that trap though effort me you clear a server where people tend to trying on
your roof as much as possible to get your Haley
you can’t actually protect it very easily now as you can see I’ve managed
to get the metal barricades up here and I can’t ladder up at all now yes you can
shut them down and everything else but for the opportunist train to get up
that’s completely stops them from lathering up your base listen someone
assured probably two years ago when the whole twig Foss command to do this is
very simple have your normal triangles in place then just put twig ones in
between and at the ends that’s all allow you to put the metal
barricades and when you destroy them it will actually leave the middle barricade
and place very very straightforward I don’t see a lot of people actually using
it but it’s extremely effective all sort of people managed to get up and they try
to jump over and they’ll land into the spikes
they’re pretty screwed because it cannot get away see after all in place just get
rid of a twig and it’s gone no the reason why you wouldn’t have a solid
floor then these it’s because you could use a ladder just to go straight up
above and get pasta folks’ll means you keep some stone shoots down because you
can ship for the species and natural metal barricades very effective but more
expensive but if you earn like a tree or two group is very very useful to have
obviously rockets will not be fully protected if that’s in place but they
won’t have to shoot them out if they want to use ladders to get up to your
roof and try and do one of those magical Russ Academy raids and family it’s
something that assured and a recent tips video which thinking back is actually
very all P for us all play up to half so what a sure again just saw a lot of
people get to see it using vending machines and your book rooms can be an
extreme pain for readers if you guys will bring a bit closer and played over
however for the demonstration last video I want to just show you exactly how it’s
done know the principle of this as base
having the shop front they are so a vending machine and it stops you from
getting a boxes pop cuz you have authorization you can spin it round and
the vending machine actually a small up from the backside though to do this all
you have to do is put your shelves in put your four boxes pushed up to the
back then have the vending machine facing you
place it just before the door when it’s locked down it becomes a little tank
because that sticks 12:50 in HP quite a lot if someone wants
to try and get through it you put locks in those boxes all the
videos built tabria club chances are a lot of cases a lot of pouch will fall
behind a vending machine which meaning yes you are sober ready but they’re
gonna get absolutely nothing something to think about
make sure you turn it off when you are actually put in place and not
broadcasting so guys that’s a living or as I said for walk five of these you’re
it in your make sure you comment below to enter into the prize for the phantom
boss Ken let’s stop and buy and I’ll catch you in the next one

100 thoughts on “Rust Base Building – 5 Things You Might Not Know (Rust Tips and Tricks)”

  1. I thought it was one of those videos saying "did you know you can build a base in rust?". Turns out that this has some dope stuff in it and after 0.7k+ hours in Rust I had no idea about most of the tricks covered in this video.

  2. the shelves amazing, the pager code! what? like what the F bro XD, rust magical rust academy raids XD!!! subscribed hahhaa

  3. About the spike on top of those triangles , i think that raiders can place those twig triangles between and still get up

  4. i didnt know any of them but now im going to use the last one with the vinding mashing its pritty good and op

  5. I have about 300 hours total but am a huge noob to the game. Prior to recently, last I played was when you had to combine blueprint scraps to learn things. I did not know about any of these and I love the idea of the landmine/spike trap combo. I will definitely be using these to help my friends defend our base. Thanks for the video!

  6. I thought I'd seen the shotgun traps on high externals but assumed there was some sort of abuse involved, other than that I was completely unaware that these were possible

  7. To be fair, between the tips you, Evil Wurst and PricneVids, have given in previous content I recognised alot of them – but once again, wouldve of had a sniff if it wasnt for yourself!

  8. I knew about the shelve thing on accident like a month ago but I didn't know you could put stuff on them!

  9. This video was creepy as anything. Maybe it's just me, but you appear to have a similar voice to me.

  10. wauw this was actually really usefull. i knew the one with shotgun on the walls. if you are smart you can place them on the inside so they are on the wall and cant shoot them down before laddering in.

    the rest i didnt know

  11. I knew all of them….. Except the shelvs on walls i just knew you could put vending machines on walls

    Count me out of the giveaway if ist not already done btw

  12. guys i need help, the trick he starts showing at 4:20 doesnt work for me, or atleast not on the building server im on right now, has it been patched, have i been doing it wrong or is this server being weird? pls send help SOS

  13. I'm gonna go and just say I'm a complete noob when it comes to rust. Just pretty much started playing, only give it a go recently yet had it since greenlight lmao

  14. I've got 7800 hours and never thought of putting shelves with turrets on walls…….Derp…… Thanks dude!

  15. @twisted First trick you can sneak up under the high wall and jump on the orange thing and spear the shelves from the bottom

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