Rust Base Building – The Strongest Rust Starter Base? (Rust Solo Base 2019)

hi and welcome back to another rust base build before we start we’re doing another skin giveaway it’s for the.

hi and welcome back to another rust
base build before we start we’re doing another skin giveaway it’s for the mercy skin
if you want to enter just leave a comment below anything just tell us what
you think of the base or different starter bases you do also if you like
this type of video slash content make sure you leave a like just gives me a
guide of if it’s worth continuing or to look for other elements as you’re
all aware a lot of new players have joined rust due to the summer Steam sale
and you probably seen a flock of 2×2 bases so for this thought process we
will try and make something a lot stronger than the standard 2×2 not cost
a lot more either and alpha has perfected an old technique to make it perfect so
our standard 2×2 base has 5775 stone off an airlock gives you five doors if you take
the top out that completely destroys gets your own straightaway so the
influence was to create more doors deflect splash damage and make it longer
and harder of a process to read now you to do this as you’ve probably seen we
dead use the vending machine I wanted out more certain
now spread you want to try and get buffalo trims to each side that will
stop rocket splash put your main look in those areas regardless because the
vending machines will stop it and if they read it you have to go through both
sides no I said the vending machine does have s issues which I went to later I’ll
show you the all technique there shows that hard and the new technique and how
it’s particularly those issues but as we come and you’ll see this is named doors
and total yes you can splash completely agree but few years in sexual
charges you can know the vending machine when it’s fully facing forward that in
its normal possession you can’t see around the gaps over how you should be
done before was you had a little back and when you spun it at left gaps alpha
has perfected away where you can actually have it without any gaps can’t
shit for it can’t put fire cider anything and
they’ll get to the boxes the shoes is but like how the barbecue walks we can
see through certain aspects of it this is how it’s done
though the old methods you could actually use explosive ammo and shoot
behind why this works well early game is no one can actually damage a TC and less
the damage the vending machine no their ancestors left a vending machine and I
went to that and show you exactly how I’m not going to put a rocket kill or
knees or anything else because it can be jackhammers however when you see the
numbers for jackhammers and le game and how much it takes to actually ruin them
you may actually think it’s worthwhile using know the rest of the base is just
bulk standard apart from the other look room which holds the TC which we’ll show
you in a second this is a starter base just to get you established somewhere
nice and see if where you don’t have to worry over night because someone reads
it they are gonna take a long time getting through it all
simple as that unless they have got a hell of a lot of resources and just
rocket for everything completely know as I said your TC is an S one you can put
either side up to you you can build this out from a starter base and I’ll show
how you do that as well very very easy you see in here TC you can easily get to
it again you cannot damage the TC the may fit the alphas produced its 100%
yeah take I’ve done correctly after not done correctly and you’ve just got a
little bit back it can damage it a little but you can still use it so don’t
get disheartened if you mess up a little but I would recommend practice around
about server so as I mentioned there was an older technique which left gaps on
the side and you can actually shoot through the sage when it has fallen
facing as well I’ll demonstrate how that used to be done and I’ll show you
elbows in action and how to actually do ours so it works 100% of the time though
the all technique used to get you to take it back just a little bit so you
can see along the sides when it was rotated this was great however with a
flame floor you could marginally mess it sometimes but sometimes flame could
actually spread now alpha has testing lots of different methods and as you can
see now this is out of the way the old method used to show how I had to be done
if we use explosive ammunition or Denese we’ll go back to the boxes you will see
that they are actually taking damage no you put enough into that you’ll have a
TC been there all they have to do then as let the base DK which we all know is
not the ideal solution for you what perfect for them no I’ll put a flame
floor and again as well this is how a mess that’s why I think it was
demonstrated because we use a flame floor that’s the first object and drops
to the floor that’s kind of hold the flame for wax hence when you are taking
out a wooden door it all drops down well unless there’s enough of it or a big
enough gap it won’t really go through but you can see it’s a bit of our track
if you like and not the best way to demonstrate it now we’ve tried heat
cheer Achatz everything you can think of and I was and it’s 100% here tight I’ve
done correctly all methods although it is good it doesn’t really work as well
no we have a door or all levels as well just to demonstrate I will show you now
with a TC and the Box fill health behind net fire for a full sides therefore you go to the side you’ll see
absolutely no damage at all completely take we’ve trade rockets will try
telephone we can’t get any splash or damage to the fruit to the TC and the
Box know the match you can get with a TC bayonet is two large boxes and a TC but
you can store a hell of a lot of near off a small base so bear that in mind as
well now you can see we can easily get to TC
behind the box it’s not hard at all just demonstrate before very very easy now
I’ll show you how to do this I recommend on a creative server and
practice how to do it properly because you can’t go wrong in a way where you
can’t use a room at all and you can get it wrong in the way where you leave gaps
now to do this put your daughter on fast very important you have to have the door
on I’ll forgive me to trouble quite a few times for forgetting you’re going to
bring it straight to the very edge of the bottom of the doorframe try and
overlap both ends over the doorframe so it conceals and to the doorframe itself
you may have to move around quite a bit but once you get in possession just drop
it down and now is how you completely seal the room and done so previously
when people try to sell this concept the reducer account of c4
now as you can see as very very strong however the vending machine has an arch
nemesis and the jackhammer this is why me now for this idea is only really an
early game solution unless you have four or five late game lüt rooms and just
watch slow people down so Jack hammertoes 426 damage every
failed 83 times I have physically akkada myself with what bench directly behind
me it took 18 minutes to fully get a jackhammer to feel dead now if you’re
gonna have to do that with three of them and you have two vending machines being
remained you’re not gonna have a TC and that local base because you’re still
trying to your the vending machine the radio has at risk
so that’s tremendously slows them down and will not stop them but it will slow
them down and an early game people don’t really want to waste a jackhammer
getting for a vending machine for potentially getting 50 words 15 metal
and 10 stone because they don’t know what’s behind it so early game this
could actually be a valuable option now moving on to the belt itself there are
various ways you can do this this is just the best way I feel for especially
solo to get started where he may only have limited resources so you can bailed
out and get it to a point where you really can progress no you want a veneer
lock but if you want to extend you’re gonna have to have wooden walls for this
I’m gonna put a door here just because it’s a fatal build as well if you want
to have the turret and place you can for less I am NOT it doesn’t make a big
difference because it still have to go through the door no vending machine no
when you put your frosty sea and your boxes in place all you have to do is put
shell straight to the back now when you take your TC
drop it down push it so it can’t go back any further just move out just a little
from the right-hand side um place it down once that’s done take
your boxes and have them stuck it out only as far as the TC this is important
because you want to make sure that everything is aligned and the actual
vending machine can be put in place no you may not with a vending machine yet
so don’t put a door frame or and leave it open a little bit
unless you’re struggling to have an airlock for less however we are going to
probably just move forward and get it so we have everything and a more timely
manner because we’re not playing in real time
so as we’ve demonstrated before all you do from there make your door very
important put your daughter on fast because when a vending machine is in
place it will not want put the door on place your vending machine down and like
we’re showing before make sure as very potted up this is how it’s done and
storing push it straight up but what great to metal because personally
there’s a lot easier and most people will probably do a look of a male anyway
lean up like saucer come as a frame-off Said’s extremely easy to not push it
back like you were shown before you want to make sure you encapsulate all the
doorframe once it’s down put it in place when you spin it round you will be able
to test to see if you can actually get to the boxes on this one we can it’s
there I can’t yep I know TC yep there we go
great so TC elephants done we can get to everything no no that’s done I’m not
going to show you to do the other room because it’s exactly the same as s
instead of having a TC you aren’t the four boxes now I’ll just demonstrate we
fire forever behind that it will not damage the TC at all I’ll put more
rounds down just to make sure to thought I just wonder wallet or what make sure
and definitely not gonna get fruit recheck TC no 100% health so as 100%
encapsulated again hit G rockets don’t do anything for less doesn’t matter
don’t worry about them either they’ve romney up it’s a two by two with a
central row of triangles one that’s been done before but not worth paying the
machine method you’re gonna want to make the bullet rooms and metal I cannot
clear that at the moment because it’s taking damage just walk your way out
building your airlocks very very simple don’t overcomplicate it do it stage by
stage if you’re in a group this will be a lot easier to get me wrong solo again
honestly just certain stages you do not want to get caught with all the
resources on you by tour you guys and lose it all
you’re just gonna be stuck in a row and constantly farming now
booklet rooms are too far away to really spread when you have the half walls on
top that is key as well because from the top it’s only eight Rockets but when
it’s split it’s sixteen rockets that’s a massive difference just by putting the
half wall splat in the middle and say put the doorframes and you can use
garage doors it will be stronger however people can spread and splash a lot
easier when it’s garage doors because they leave a huge gap in the middle of
the base that’s why I prefer and smaller bases definitely to use door frames of
over double door frames it just reduces splash it won’t stop it but it massively
reduces it to stage where there haven’t is spend a lot more and that’s all the
matters you have want to make anyone who’s reading spend as much as possible
to try and read you you can’t stop being readied don’t think you can you
definitely can you can only slow them down there’s
always a group who are begger got more resources as how rust has unless you’re
an Isaiah and run around with 20 guys you’re always gonna be up against it now
all the rooms you can do everything metal if you want for me I don’t see the
point because and the other rooms is just going to be junked that they aren’t
you don’t really care about losing and the middle make these metal again it’s
just to slow them down and so they can’t just fire there were four Rockets and
spread the middle of the base there after what for a upgrade these tomato if
you’re washed it’s completely up to you and not as that is so easy this is named
doors know even if you don’t use a vending machines this Estelle will have
a lot more than a standard two by two coming up we’ve got a few more bases I
mean I’ve been working and stuff I’ve been working stuff as well we’re going
to try and make sure that we get a couple more bases grip bases and so lo
Juro bases is realized soul bases so if you haven’t make sure you subscribe if
you like that sort of stuff make sure you leave a like and definitely leave a
comment so you are in tilt and thus can give away

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