Rust base Building Tips and Tricks That You Need to Know in 2020

welcome to my final rust building tips of 2019 if you haven’t seen any these before basically I take the.

welcome to my final rust building tips of
2019 if you haven’t seen any these before basically I take the best
building tips from around your community ones i found and other people and give
them to you to try and use and any of your base builds know if any of these new
to you or useful leave a like and leave a comment to tell me which ones you’ve
used or ones you know of it just lets me know that in 2020 these are still worth
doing otherwise I’ll probably just stop throughout this video I will show you
some that are potentially gonna get passed but probably not gonna get past
very soon so jump straight and all links for people’s ideas are gonna be
down below so make sure you check them out and give them some some of credit now
jumping straight in to some electric bases but like me you know cables can
be and giveaway where your trap is going to be or where the pebble sauce
says well DP dog his link is below has managed to find a way that actually
makes your a keyboard completely invisible
as you can see Phil power to that story but there is nothing there now to do
this all you have to do is take a cable from the turret and just run the cable
to its absolute max length know if you’re a smaller piece that’s make it
tough to do however for the demonstration of this I am just going to
early make sure that I have enough keyboarding to do it run all the way try
and walk it out with your eye obviously you can’t use a real art
because it’s endgame just try and get it so as zero as you get to the connection
as you see it’s red at the moment but if you move around slightly it will pop to
green click it and and that keyboard is no invisible this is ideal if you are
using any sort of trap base as you can see the turret is fully working very
good if you’re doing traps now if you really don’t like knowing that your
neighborhood set up all night waiting for you to go offline it’s gonna take
all your look here’s a way to make sure that when they try it
that basically deletes them and alert using a vending machine
fell up as you normally would you can’t stack a kilo honey’s anymore which
doesn’t mean it was all P but doing this if it will make sure that they get
absolutely nothing basically having a shotgun traps underneath the twig on a
raised floor when unexpected Edea jumps up Traci ticket he will be basically
taken out along with that so will your look now if you’re offline you lose a
lot anyway but this gives a bit of a satisfaction to know that they didn’t
actually get in it from froma as I said some people do not like lose an elephant
this is a way to counter that basically I would do it as well because I hate
spending that favor was trading at the base up and someone off lanes me know to
do this is extremely easy to do all you have to do is make a law foundation and
just basically put some half walls down and make a false floor very easy to do
obviously you’ll need to shotgun trap as well if you’re doing this as you start a
base I would recommend that you do a one by one and walk out from it because it
can be quite annoying especially if you know populated server knows to do it you
do use a simple method of just placing the shotgun traps or at it and round on
an angle to make sure it takes them out because if it’s just straight up chances
are they’ll just lean straight and from a distance and maybe even get the
vending machine know once it in place set your phone obviously do not upgrade
the one your vending machine is going to go into or basically a one walk the one
buying it definitely do no put your walls all around put this into base
anyway you normally would how you been the machine at the very
back wall as I said you want to make sure the can’t just reach on the phone
activating the shotgun traps fell up as much you can
no I’ll just quickly fill the shotgun traps up just to show you exactly how
hard this hat someone know bit of mind majority reads happen or flying though
so this as can are basically a bit kick in the bowl so anyone tries
to do it because they’re gonna spend a lot to get N and when it comes to it
they’re gonna get nothing back from it so you see no that’s a normal beast as a
walk up and instantly takes out the big threat of vessel if you are planning a
group or a jewel and he has an owner TC you’re going to lose a lot so be very
careful when you do it because it can be problematic if it’s not done properly
but very effective to stop those offline guys getting all your stuff now this
next one is something that a lot of people don’t actually know which is
surprising but if you put your TC behind an armored window isn’t fully safe and
you don’t have to take any sort of explosives to take it down all you need
is a couple of and sundry rockets in fact that some cases only one even if
you are mother stirring up it will make no difference whatsoever all you have to
do is find and send your rocket straighten and basically it will just
bomb that TC to the ground so don’t think that because you are behind ARMA
Wendell it’s gonna be very hard to get no smaller groups get these local things
quite quickly and quite easily especially after taking the heli down so
if your TC is quite open in your base you can take over up quite quick now you
know watch it will just drop quicker than a butcher’s pen gone a lot of
people don’t know this surprising I don’t know why they Frank it’s
completely secure behind that window butter is definitely not one thing you
should really take into consideration when building any sort of base it’s not
as secure as some people may actually think now combining an old track that I’ve
been doing for quite a while I never actually put into beast because I didn’t
think it was fully secure I think I seen it I want to but cease videos his links
below he does a lot of weird TC fangs using a trick that I’ve done about a
year ago but he took it to the next level basically it makes sure that when
you’re teleporting between the windows it strengthens it dramatically no by
putting the for free man it means if someone goes through the
window which is only 500 they have to linger through the frame as well meaning
they have to go through the wall saw if it’s armored they have to take either
the armored wall or the window frame and sorry the wall frame and the window no
that I was quite hot strength if you are doing one of these B sees a massive
amount of strength and fight no as you can see if you do much track basically
how it walks you just set on the chair because rust is fully working and
doesn’t have any clutches and it will take you through two different rooms
this has been around for a lot we all know I’ve used it probably over a year
but never put on a base as I said but no is actually valuable because that window
was always a concern for me only being 500 you could just take it out armed
probably break it but be remained again like the last track that assured if
you’re TC behind here don’t think it’s safe because a few years Anson that’s
just going to take it out no to build us as very very simple is not in any way
shape or form difficult I will show you no or quick we’re doing it temperament
less than any beasts you wish no you can do it in triangles to fly afro obviously
you can put four frame and the triangle but you can switch through into a
triangle area I actually used it to get up to a different level and the beast I
did do because it’s quite practical for that and make it as a car a last mine
hatch for getting to your helipad if you like now a GC just upgrade at all
upgrade that to metal upgrade estimator as well and there you go you have got a
very very secure area one way you can only get through the ladders if you have
bound probes or you just pick up the chairs when you’re not using them no one
can place in if and now the ladders you have to be careful when
they’re down you can actually pick them up no I actually managed to get a lot of
hatch in here as well I’m not sure how you would implement it yet but it means
that someone else has to go down further after to get dead get your TC and just
blocks more that a little bit more so I will actually move into a base on Ness
because never is valuable and I feel that there’s actually a lot more secure
it seems to appeal more to using it whereas before it just didn’t feel
itself there was out fool need to actually put it in because it just
didn’t really do it all but as I said I think it was BOTS he’s a sinner and
really hard to the freemen I didn’t actually listen to the audio not sure if
you hide that and for a reason and it just kind of clicked that would actually
make it a lot stronger and more viable a very good trick if you use it properly
but if you don’t use it properly it can also cost you a lot of time packing that
little thing out now our final track is by shorts desu as a little bit old but
has been resurrected a little let me stolen by a larger create up from a
smaller one a while back obviously in a give no credit because he’s a clone but
it’s came back a little bit no I used to do this worth in the Wendell where you
can switch it and claim through windows but when you rotate the what bench it
will actually let you go through no do it with door frames ever your base is
open as good as you can see when it’s Tom drowned you can’t actually get
through quite a few rotator again it will let you into the area no this is
good if you have a tear-free obviously and your base and a lot of grips try to
get the starter base and just plow through the scrap grind and get there
are local startup base with the tier free if you’re a solo this probably
isn’t going to be the best thing for you because you’re tier free is gonna be
like gold dust if you’re playing a harp another server I’ll have to do is line
up place it down know the foster placement I’ve done here
isn’t great and I want a squeeze and jump through don’t be me make sure you
do it properly but that’s just shows you do have a lot
of room to actually do it I’ll place that a bit better no but if you watch
short she’s video link is below he will show you exactly how to do it
pair of eights every single time this is more just to let you know of the track
and that actually still works as I said this is great if you are doing your fill
starter base and a tube later or expanding that start a base from the 2×2
or any sort of smaller base now as I said all you have to do is rotate it
obviously you need off to do this so if the try to just take the doors this is
going to present quite a problem for them
now obviously the what bench is a lot stronger outline a door so if they take
this out with a little satchel offlane readers they’re going to find themself
in quite the conundrum now this is variable meanly as I said if you’re a
group your saw player is going to try and tuck that we as best account do not
want to be losing up see better placement near but check out shorts he
will show you definitely have to do it first time every time
so guys that is my tips for 2019 hopefully next year we’ll some more as I
said leave a like a comment so I know that these are worth doing and I will
see you in 2020 you

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  1. Been a great year and can’t wait for next. Server is amazing (nothing like it out there). Look forward to seeing what you do next and server wise. Keep it up for the Rust community and shining a light on custom maps and custom prefabs.

  2. Thanx for the shout out my man! Don't stop doing these vids, love 'em! Especially the "unused" words you use… conundrum…LOL Love it!

  3. Great video, Twisted…. It always amazes me how many base tricks you acquire. Please don't stop these; very much appreciate all you do! 👍

    Edit: In theory, I believe that the twig floor frame at half height would also be good for placing a roof when creating a bunker.

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  7. 👍 'd
    To answer ur question, i think base build and tips in general are ALWAYS worth doing because Rust is a steep learning curve…
    I'm working on a video atm, which will teach how to have THE most survivable base strategy. Getting offlined to zero on a wipe is probably less than 10% likely with my strategy….. 😉

    #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★ ½

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    The electricity is also putting too much demand on servers.

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