RUST Base Design 2019 | Strong Solo-Trio Base (Rust Base Building)

hey guys and welcome back to another video in today’s video were looking at a rust based design which goes.

hey guys and welcome back to another
video in today’s video were looking at a rust based design which goes from a star
set to a main base this base is a solo to trier Basin contains features such as
compact size and placement and loot spreading just before we get into the
video you do enjoy the content at want to see more don’t forget to hit the
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channel which will be linked below to start off with these are all of the
items within the base we have for campfires 12 furnaces and 3 sleeping
bags with room for more 12 large boxes your workbench tool cupboard research
bench and repair bench we then have 5 shotgun traps 15 small boxes and 6
barbecues all of the BBQ small boxes and large boxes give a total storage value
of 20 point for large boxes heading over to the base here we have these roof
pieces to get up but swap these for a more secure entrance if you prefer
similar to an example which I show here then going through the sheet door at the
top this takes you into the base and the double doors and each side here can be
used to create a door block airlock leave these open to increase the rate
cost via doors we then have these low wall peek spots around the base which
can be used for base defense and you can headglitch using these the slits along
the front of the base allow for good protection for anyone trying to climb
the ramps continuing further into the base we have some space here I’ve left
it blank but add whatever you want in here such as more beds bags or boxes if you then carry on through the single
door here we have some shotgun traps for extra defense followed by your route
down to the bottom floor when you get to the bottom here there’s some under a
Nubble shotgun traps to slow Raiders down followed by a large box a furnace a
repair bench and some small boxes the first lit room through here holds six
large boxes two campfires six barbecues six small boxes and this
gives a total storage value of 10.8 large boxes continuing further into the
base we have to lowered foundations to allow the placement of six furnaces and
no extra cost to the base the furnaces can be walked over in the same way as a
foundation in – here’s the starter section of your base holding three
sleeping bags a research table a large box and a furnace followed by another
two furnaces and then another loot room this lit room holds four large boxes six
more boxes in six barbecues as well as two campfires this gives it a total
storage value of eight point eight large boxes
and finally over here we have your workbench and a furnace with the TC
hidden behind the workbench along with it on the furnace the footprints of the
base is simple starting with two squares and three triangles for your starter
base similar cost to a 2×2 before expanding to finish the bottom floor and
then again to our honeycomb to break down the Red Cross this is the cost to
read directly to the TC of our doors this base is going to cost you 6.2 km/s
or 5.7 K wood and 24.9 case Toni with an upkeep cost of 2.1 K metal 71 word and
4.4 k stone more detailed costing can be found in the comments to include

22 thoughts on “RUST Base Design 2019 | Strong Solo-Trio Base (Rust Base Building)”

  1. Except for a black section of video, really well made video! Illustrations and overview is great! 🙂

    Too bad I can't subscribe to you, because I'm already subscribed! 😛

  2. nice base design! decent editing,
    how many fps you got while recording? when you wete building the base it looked like really low fps (40-60)

  3. Another sweet base design man! Easily one of the most underrated base builders, every base is well thought out and the video layouts are so Satisfying to watch

  4. Once again another awesome base design, my friend! Glad you took a break from bunkers.?
    Liking the roof entrances; gonna try to figure a way to trap them. I might adapt the shooting floor into a helipad with hangar, too.
    Keep up the great designs, bro… and continue to vom over Brit's "improvised" stream bases. ???

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