RV Renovation: 188sqft

– Hi I’m Kevin. – And I’m Mandy. – And we are right next to the Rio Grande River in.

– Hi I’m Kevin. – And I’m Mandy. – And we are right next
to the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. And we’re going to renovate a new camper that we just bought. So this is our old camper. We’ve been living in this for three years and we fixed this one up as well. And there’s some things we love about this but we want something
newer and a better fit for our lifestyle. So the three years on the
road have taught us a lot and we wanna make the
next rig perfect for us. – We’re so excited to
show you our next rig. It is basically everything
we could ever want for our new home on wheels. – [Kevin] Oh it’s so nice. – It’s so nice. And we’re really excited to
get started and renovate it. And we’re excited to show you guys. The wall. It’s working! – So we’ll start out by
showing you our old one. What we like about it and
then what we’re gonna change in the new one. – Dude. – Welcome to our current RV. We’ve been living in this for three years. – We really love it but
there’s a lot of things that aren’t quite translating any longer. Now that we’ve been living
in it for three years, there’s a couple things
that we wanna change. And there’s some things that we wanted to be a
little bit newer as well. So as you walk into
our camper, we love it. I mean, we designed it
the way we would want it. Just bright and happy. Right here we built in a dog kennel, but it’s also seat that we can sit on. – It’s important for us, for the dog is to have their own little
space, their little tiny home, in our tiny home. So we’re definitely gonna
keep that in our next rig. – But one of my favorite
things about this camper is we built this plant shelf, which travels like this so
I don’t have to do anything when we hit the road. And it’s basically one
of my favorite features. – This is our futon. This is kind of our relaxation place. We spend a lot of time here
in the evenings reading, watching a movie, that kind of thing. – This is where our guests
sleep when guests stay with us. So this is basically a little bed. But we’re really excited
about the next one because we’re gonna put a
couch that turns into bed in the back garage area. So we can have guests staying
with us with some privacy. – This is our tiny kitchen. We have a sink and a stove and an oven, just like a normal house. It’s just really small. In our next camper we just want a little bit more counter space. Literally this is our only
counter space that we use. And it’s over the sink, so it gets to be a little bit of a hassle. – But there’s not a lot of
great storage solutions. So this is where we keep our
coffee, our spices, everything. So when we want our spices,
we literally have to take this out and look at them. So we want a better solution for that. – This is my standing desk, office area. This is where I do most of my working. And I love this area. I definitely wanna bring this
over to our next rig as well. – Here’s the bathroom. And as you can see, we are really tall. So we kind of have to
squish into our bathroom just to make it work. – This is about the maximum height. If I have a bad hair day,
I’m hittin’ the ceiling. But we definitely want
something a little taller and comfortable in the bathroom. And as you can see the
ceilings are super low, again. We literally have to jump into bed because this is not standup-able. So we would love just
more space in the bedroom. Something that you can get
into a bed like a normal person not like someone that
lives in a tiny house. – Like we showed you earlier, Kevin has his office space right here, which is really awesome. And sometimes I use it
for working on computers but a lot of my work is silversmithing, which I have to do outside. So I don’t have any space in this camper. So if the weather’s bad,
I have to stop working. So the next camper, I’m going
to have an inside workspace that I am so excited about. – We’re nervous about this new camper because it’s a bigger project. It’s a bigger camper,
we’re doing more to it and we don’t know if we’ve bit off more than we can chew right now. – We’re gonna figure it out. I feel good right now. – We’ve got a lot of work
to do, that’s for sure. Tomorrow’s a big day for sure. So I don’t know which one. – [GPS Voice] 242 and keep left. – Oh, the freezer’s actually working. If it’s in the freezer . – That’s so weird. Oh man, got a lot of work ahead of us. – When you talk and want to talk, you have to hold in the
button for a second. – [GPS Voice] Onto Monument,
then your destination will be on the right. – [Kevin] Oh it’s so nice. – It’s so nice. – So nice and fancy. – I know. Welcome to our new camper. We love it. It’s really exciting and the
layout is exactly what we want. But as you see here, most of the things are going to be changing. So check it all out and we’ll let you know what we’re gonna change. We are going to be taking this fridge out and we are going to put
a fridge about the size, the half of this size of it. So it’s probably gonna
be here pretty much. And we’re gonna have so
much more counter space, but we’re also going to
build a storage solution that pulls out that holds our spices, coffee and dry goods. We’re really excited about that. This lovely couch we’re lying on. We’re taking it out. – It’s nice but we don’t
need four recliners. We’re gonna make this kind
of a big dinette for us to sit at and lounge at
and also have a table, like a kitchen table. This is our pantry. This is where we’re gonna
store most of our kitchen stuff but also kind of dry goods. So that’s a big improvement
over what we had in our old camper. It’ll be just super accessible. And this a TV area. This is the living room area and I’m gonna convert this into my office. So I’m gonna have a computer
monitor here, a keyboard. We’re probably gonna keep the fireplace, it’s a nice ambience. This is our garage, our
separate room actually in an RV. It’s designed to be
the kitchen table area. And this is actually a
convertible bed system that comes down and goes up. We’re gonna convert it
into an office for Mandy and a living room basically. – Welcome to our bedroom. So I don’t know if you’ve
noticed but the ceilings are way taller in here. We could actually stand in here. – This is our new closet space. It about doubled what we currently have. So Mandy and I each have our own closets. Which will help prevent some fights. The super awesome part about this rig is, the under bed storage. We can fit so much under here. Stuff that we don’t need
access to right away. Sleeping bags, all that kind of stuff, will be out of the way. Do you like my pink respirator? – I do. Okay let’s do this thing. Hopefully we don’t get
kicked to the campground. We tore everything out. – So once we ripped out all the stuff it looked a lot better. We’re like, oh, it’s
so much more open now. – I’ll just stay back I guess.
– Don’t go anywhere near it. – The hard work is just beginning. Look at how much space this
thing wastes on the floor. – Paint was definitely our first step because you can’t install
floor and then paint. – Painting is always the best. Like it’s the worst
– And the worst. – Yeah, it’s the best and
the worst, you’re right. So it’s the best because when it’s done you’re like, oh my gosh this
space is totally different and it’s bright and it’s happy. And it’s the worst when it comes to work. – We finished painting today. Well, we didn’t finish painting. We need to do some touch ups. I’m excited to reveal the fan to pull all of this hot air out. It’s like a jungle in here. It was a good three or
four days of preparation. Cleaning the walls, sanding
everything, to get this done. I still have shoes that are painted white. – I know you do. And after we had it painted, we got our carpenter in pretty quickly to do the measurements for the cabinets. – Yeah, we’re gonna move
the fridge to this side. Yeah, sorry to confuse you – It’s not a problem.
– but the way line up it would work better if the
fridge were on this side. – Exciting news today. We’re going to be getting
cabinets right over here. Sorry, sorry, sorry, you’re okay. – The cabinet maker
mis-measured something, so. – The cabinets aren’t done. – It took three weeks
to build the cabinets. One of the cabinets, one of
the three cabinets he built ended up being the wrong size. – But we still have a broken
fridge that we can’t put in. – The camera’s sitting
on the fridge right now. It does hold up a camera nicely. – It’s a very nice angle. – We probably could’ve saved a
week had that not gone wrong, or had we planned it better. While we’re waiting for our cabinets, we worked on the other rooms that we had. So the bathroom and the bedroom basically. – [Mandy] Your mom’s calling. Here you go. I can answer it for you if you want. – Hi mom. – [Mandy] What smells funny? – Just when you use it. I mean it’s firing just like a gun. – [Mandy] Oh yeah, I could see that. – We rented a nail gun. And put up the molding to sort of make
the corners look prettier. – In the bathroom all we
had for awhile was a toilet. – The shower was a long,
involved process for sure. – I ripped up the floor today. We’re thinking about this tile on this wall. With this yellow tile on this wall. – But we’ve never tiled before. We’ve never built out a shower before. – No.
– Never really done plumbing before so it was a lot of new stuff for us. And that was just, – Scary. – So it was the summer. So we have an outdoor shower. So we showered outdoors for two months. Realistically we showered
less than we should’ve. – Yeah we weren’t showering very often. – Our goal is to get a little
bit of flooring in today. – I messed up and I started
over in this corner. And they were just not
the right orientations. Kevin pulled all the
flooring up yesterday. He was surprised. He was excited and surprised
when he first got home and then he looked at it a little closer and he’s like, “I’m sorry babe, “we’re gonna have to redo this.” – The instructions
might’ve helped as well. – I started in the wrong corner. So I started from one corner
and you’re supposed to start from the other side. – Well we did the floor
together the rest of the time. And that was a great experience. Once we got it down, it was amazing. It’s one of those other
changes, like painting where it’s like relatively easy and it makes such a huge difference. – [Mandy] Right. – What we’re gonna do is build
sort of a bench actually. – [Mandy] Why is that working so well? – I don’t know. I got my day today. Got a lot of frame for
the dinette booth done. – So we are in the final countdown. We have two weeks to finish everything. They are finishing up the table. I’m putting the final
coats of the polyacrylic. Cushions are here. Peg board up. And this is gonna hold a lot of my tools. We have a stove but unfortunately
when we installed it, this broke off. It’s gonna be an undermount sink. – At least I’m not doing
the real countertops. – [Mandy] Right. – Looks good though.
– It does look good. – [Kevin] Looks good enough. – [Mandy] It’s working! – We are planning on moving
in to this camper in two days. It’s a little bit of a mess. Actually it’s a lot of a mess. And our kids out for the first time. Oh, nope, nope, nope, stay. – Doors open. Mandy, the doors open. I think with this renovation,
we bit off a little more than we could chew. But we figured it out. I think it ended up
taking probably two months of full time work. But we also had experience
renovating an RV before so this is our second rodeo. We learned a lot the first time
by making a lot of mistakes. And we made less of
them on this renovation. – [Mandy] We took on a full roof of solar. We took on real tile.
– Yeah. – We drilled holes in our roof. It’s just like all these crazy things that whenever you’re an RVer you’re like, oh my gosh, no, there’s no way. Stay away, no you can’t do that. But then we read about it and
we realized you could do it but you just have to be careful. And you have to make sure
you know what you’re doing. And that’s really important. If you’re not comfortable with something, don’t do it yourself. Hire someone. I mean, it is a hard thing,
but it’s also so rewarding. – Oh totally. – Especially when we do it together. It’s kind of like a relationship builder. It’s kind of like you have to figure out how to work together. And I feel like it’s
definitely made us closer because we know how we work. – [Kevin] After you finish
and you brush your hands off and you’re like, wow,
look at what I built. And if you can make that,
look at what we built, it’s an amazing feeling
that you can’t replace. – [Mandy] And honestly
we’re not even done yet. There’s always things
we’re gonna be adding. We have to add blinds. We have so many random things
that we need to finish. So it’s really not done. It’s still a work in progress. – [Kevin] The perfect
RV was kind of the one that you’re gonna travel in. It might be on the lot,
straight off the lot. It might be something
that you have to customize a little bit or a lot. But the important part is to
just get out there and travel. – We found our perfect
RV and now it’s your turn to find yours.

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  1. Not gonna hate but renovating a new rig sounds pretty dumb to me. I could see myself renovating something vintage but not a new rig. or just buy a rig that fits your needs better.

  2. this looks like a brand new camper. you are paying retail for something that you are going to, in essence, destroy?? i don't understand. wow.

  3. Not sure why people give a hard time for them renovating a new RV. They are living in it full time and want it to feel like home. Unlike a house, you cannot go and buy an empty shell. Very few companies that actually do custom builds are waaaaaay more expensive and fall under the luxury quality and are super heavy as well. They ended up with a brand that is known for having good build/bones/structure/insulation (the stuff you are really paying for) and then replacing the cheap filler (couches, cabinetry, flooring) with a more modern look that does not look like a typical outdated rv interior. If you go with a used RV that you really want to live in full time and renovate, then you better be looking at luxury lines which are still pricey, look like a grandmothers house, and are very heavy which then would require an upgraded truck to at least a dually.

  4. An rv company is okay with renovating rv's wow, when I was looking for mine I had to very careful as to what I would say. Many of the dealers were not okay with renovating, so I just said it would be for my friends and I to camp in by the lake. Luckily I found and bought an rv with a popular floorplan that I was able to get a lot of help and ideas online. I haven't fully renovated yet but I did tear out a lot, and painted almost everything white and it makes a huge difference in a small space. This idea makes tiny house living a bit more attainable for someone like me who works fulltime. Thanks for sharing this was great!

  5. Great job. Did yall consider the overall weight added to your rig? Have yall noticed a difference when being pulled? Are the items in the dinette area heavier than the recliners and if so does the weight affect the operation of the slide out?

  6. Appreciate the renovation aspect of this video greatly. Amazing! Trying to find reno examples from which to learn, and continue to find YT people painting existing structure plus adding peel and stick tiles/wallpaper, decorating it, and calling it an RV renovation. It's lovely, but it is not a reno! I cringed watching these new items being destroyed though!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful job on both remodels! Ours took about 2 months, but we had way less space to deal with. Big respect on doing such a great job! Safe and happy travels!

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  10. You two are amazing, great job. I think it great that you can do the work yourselves, great job in designing. You need to have it the way you both are happy and comfortable. Enjoy, relax, linda

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  15. You two are amazing!  Beautiful job and such wonderful imaginations, so much I never would have thought of!

  16. Okay I saw you guys had a cat. My husband and I are going to be living in a RV in the next year and was wondering where you placed the litterbox?

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    Love what you did! I would happily live there.

  20. fantastic project ! but only thing I dont get is why would u buy a new RV and completely change it…I thought big projects like that are for used RVs if you are smart about it. Is that because u couldn't find a used model like this? ehhhhhhh I dont get it. It seems like $$$$wise wasn't the smartest decision ever, however I love the way it turned out, after putting good chunk of $$ into it

  21. You work together very well. It so important that couples like each other because of the close quarters!!!

  22. We just painted our kitchen including cabinets and walls plus the adjacent living area in our 2015 Solaire. My husband is in construction, and we've lived in a vintage home since 1989, so we're skilled at renovating. It's hard to find reliable 'how to' information on replacing floors, especially with slides. I completely agree that new trailers are dark and generic, but I'm concerned that the changes you've made may invalidate warranties. Since you're full-timers, the potential adverse affect on resale probably isn't an issue. I suspect there's a market for new rigs that are 'shell and utilities only.'

  23. I wish that trailer and RV manufacturers would agree to sell the base unit without cabinets, carpets, linoleum, etc. and the buyers could finish how they want. It would be less expensive for the buyer and less garbage to the landfills.

    Great job, you two!

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