Scott Disick Teaches Kids the Art of Flipping Houses | Flip It Like Disick | E!

-Have you guys seen the board today? -Yes, Mr. Scott. -Alright. Do you guys know what a flip is? -No..

-Have you guys seen
the board today? -Yes, Mr. Scott. -Alright. Do you guys know
what a flip is? -No.
-What kind of flip? -Like, flipping a house. -Nope.
-No. -Nobody.
-No. -Like, fixing and renovating. -There you go.
Fixing and renovating. That´s basically
flipping a house. -Would you buy a house
that was actually upside down? -For the right price, yeah. -What?
-[ Laughs ] -Does anybody know what kind of
tools you need to build a house? [ Indistinct talking ] -Sledgehammer.
-Safety helmet. -Safety helmet is a good call.
-Safety goggles. -Safety goggles — also good.
-Safety everything. -Safety everything. Okay. Alright, guys, if we were to
build a house today, what would be
your best hammer motion? [ Pounding ] Okay. You got it. Not sure what
you´re doing. You´re getting somewhere. You´re making a cake. You´re — got a guitar. -Guitar. -Very nice and easy. I think you´re gonna
get somewhere. If you guys could have a room
that was specific to one thing, what would it be?
-A dance studio. -Very nice.
My son likes to dance. -A big drawer, so I can put all
my makeup and all my dresses. -Fancy. I like that. -A room that was basically,
like, a school. -So you don´t have to
go to school? -Yeah.
-Good call. -And you wouldn´t
waste gas. -So, that´s what you´re
worried about, is gas? Or you just don´t
want to go to school? -I don´t want to go to school.
-Makes more sense. Very tricky, with the gas. -Anything you could
dream of. -Anything you could
dream of? Okay. What can you dream of? -Wonderland.
-Wonderland. Somebody had that one. -Popsicleland. -And then, Popsicleland.
Okay. Great. If you guys could paint
your house any color, what would it be? -Black and white.
-Black and white. -Black and pink.
-Black and pink? -Orange and yellow.
-Orange and yellow? Guys, this is a house. -Red and black and turquoise. -Wow. Has anyone ever seen
a house in all these colors? -Yes.
-You´ve seen a black-turquoise house?
-No. -If you guys could build one
thing on the top of your house, what would it be?
-Science room. -A science room
on your roof? -Yeah. You can do
everything outside without getting
everything inside messed up. -That is a smart plan.
-A zoo. -A bunch of animals
on your roof? -I was thinking of
a beehive. It´s, like, a giant beehive
that doesn´t have bees in there. -Okay.
A giant beehive without bees. -A room full of makeup. -A room full of makeup
on the roof? Okay. What´s your favorite thing
in your own house that you live in now?
-My room. I have my space, and I can do
whatever I want in there. -How old are you?
-9, turning 10. -My son is 9.
I get it. -I like my bedroom so I can get
away from my brother and sister. -Mm. I´ve heard that before. -Um…
-Let me guess — your makeup kit
in your bedroom. Yeah. What kind of pools
do you guys like? -I like the ones
that spell my name. -You like pools
that spell your name? -Yeah.
-Where are you going? How many cars do you think
should go in a garage? One, two, three, two.
-12. -12. Wow. -It depends how big
the garage is. -This is true,
but that´s up to you. -Two.
-So, two. Okay. -Three.
-Three. -1,069. -1,069 garages. That´s a lot of cars, kid. What kind of bed would you guys
want in your house? -I would have a Murphy bed. -Do you know what
a Murphy bed is? -Yep.
-What? -It´s basically, like,
a bed in the wall. -You flip it up
into the wall? -Yeah.
-A number bed. -Number bed?
What´s a number bed? -A bed made of numbers. -That´s a cool house
that you flipped. -You know, I flip all different
kinds of houses, but honestly,
it´s business. So, I think the best flip
is the one that I make the most amount of money.
I hate to say it. -Is it always about money? -No. I didn´t get into this
business because of the money. I got into it ´cause
I had a passion for houses, and real estate,
and architecture, and all these
different things. But after you deal with
all the headaches that go into buying,
and selling, and redoing, remodeling,
and building a house, you start to think, “I really
just want to make as much money, because it really took
a lot of my time.” But no.
It´s not just about money. How much money would you
want to make, if you guys bought
and sold the house? -Depends on what size
the house is. -Give me a dream number. -$1 million.
-Million bucks. Pretty good.
-$1,000. -1,000 bucks. Okay. You could dream
a little higher, but… -$4 million.
-$4 million! -$5 million. -Infinity and beyond. -Infinity and beyond? -Yeah.
-Wow. Would anybody do it for,
like, 10 bucks? [ Indistinct talking ] -Heck to the nah. Nobody wants to make
$10, here. What about $20? [ Indistinct talking ] 100 bucks. -No.
-For one day´s work. -No.
-No. -Wow. You guys are greedy
at a young age. -Yep.
-Alright, kids, I now pronounce you
official flippers. Now, get out there,
and sell. -Thank you, Mr. Scott!

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  1. أعجبتني مقاعد الأطفال المريحة وكذا أدب الأستاذ في نقاشه بهدوء معهم.. ما أجمل مهنة التعليم الإبتدائي..كلامي عن تجربة.. ??

  2. In a 5 minute edited video where he is interacting with other peoples well behaved kids I don’t understand why everyone is so excited about the fact he’s patient. Have you ever seen a celeb interaction with kids in this comedic format where they weren’t patient?

    I’m not saying he’s impatient or disparaging him in anyway

  3. Instead of teaching kids the importance of making a house, why not teach them about respecting one another? Why not teach them about the climate change? Teach them how to be respectful towards animals…teach them how to be strong…teach them how to overcome life's obstacles… most importantly, teach them how to love themselves. Not this bullshit..

    Edit: reposting because someone had to voice their opinion and ruin my post.

  4. Hmmm. . . He says to the girl she could go higher after saying she’d sell her house for $1000, yet when kids say they wouldn’t sell for $10 so on in low figures, he says they’re greedy. ?

  5. Why do children always sing when saying good morning as a collective whole? “Gooddddmorninggg mr scooooot” my 5th grade teacher hated when we’d do that.

  6. You see how these kids have a GREAT imagination, then adults come and basically tell them it’s nonsense. I love children, they’re so weird.

  7. Why do ppl like this jackass? Why are ppl so gullible and stupid? Oh look, he's so good with kids, he's such a great person. That's how you all sound…fukn stupid.

  8. This comment section is clearly for a completely different video than the one I’m watching. WTF YOUTUBE !

  9. Ok, I'm not a fan of the K family (not against them either, just don't watch tv) but this was a great lil interaction with some kids.

  10. Your Amazing Scott, not bad looking either!! But love how your grown into a Great Man!! Watching you for years! Should be very proud of yourself!! Kourtney is Crazy, She should be Knocking Your Front Door Down?

  11. You know these are some rich kids! “ Murphy bed”, “makeup room”, “dance studio”, “science room” ?I’m over here like… I just need one that I can afford and not have to worry about foreclosure in the near future.

  12. I "flippin'" love Scott, always have, even when he wasn't his best self. I was always routing for him. He always cracks me up.

  13. Learned more in this video about real estate than I did throughout my entire college education at business school.

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