Shepton Renovation

(music) So we are undergoing a major renovation due to the bond that passed a couple of years ago and.

(music) So we are undergoing a major renovation due to the bond that passed a couple of years ago and so we are having major upgrades
to every aspect of our building. (music) We have eight portable classroom trailers. (music) Some of them are divided into eight classrooms each with a nice hall down the middle and some of the larger classrooms like mine
we have a trailer divided into two classrooms so it’s a little different then being in a normal building but we have technology, we have tables and desks and chairs and places for kids to sit and that’s all that really matters.
So a lot of planning has gone in with district officials, with architects, with our construction company and with that planning, with the phasing plan of this project the construction crews are behind walls and working behind walls
and so there’s no interaction between construction crews and students.
Students are able to function with their seven period day just like this was a normal school building. (music) Getting out to the portables sometimes can be stressful knowing that I have to go from one end of the school to outside.
Everybody all the teachers are being flexible about us getting to class from inside to the portables. I think that teaching is the same. A school is teachers and students.
A school isn’t necessarily walls and a classroom so wherever we go and they go
that’s where the learning happens. It’s not too much of an adjustment at all. (music) So the estimated completion is August of 2018. And we look forward to opening a brand new building for our students, staff and community. (music) Thank you to the voters that voted for our bond.
We’re gonna be super pumped to have our new building. (music) We’re extremely grateful for the adjustments and flexibility
that our students, staff and community have made to make this project happen and for us to open our doors on day one. (music)

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