Should I Wear Orthotics For Flat Feet? (WBW Ep.11)

22 thoughts on “Should I Wear Orthotics For Flat Feet? (WBW Ep.11)”

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  2. What has helped your flat feet the most? Do you wear custom / over-the-counter orthotics? Why did you decide to use them?

  3. hey Chris, I wear costume made orthotics. just because the outside part of my ankle hurts threw my calf, and hurts worse when I walk up the stairs, and sometimes hurts when I'm not doing anything, but my doctor thinks it might be tendonitis but he's not sure ???
    the pain I have is thrubbing sharp and tingly ,and some swelling, I've had physical therapy for a month but it didn't seem to help much
    can you tell what it is based on how I discribed it?
    pleas answer!?🚨

  4. Good Video! In 2009 i got custom made orthotics for my flat feet because after a march my right foot broke due to overload. It helped me a lot at first. In 2013 i got new orthotics. They are not bad, but i think that i developed bow legs because of them. I wear barefoot shoes since 6 months now and i think that it is the best solution for me. My flat feet and even my bow legs got better. When i wear my normal shoes with the orthotics again it feels weird.

  5. I've heard the 'you might make a mistake' from plenty of medical practitioners in regards to various subjects. Always suppressing information for overall economic growth of the medical industry instead of spreading information and knowledge freely to the people. This is why I find it hard to trust doctors.

  6. Is there a way I can get an arch without surgery? I have severe flat feet and they said it would be a risk getting surgery.

  7. I got custom made orthotics. I got my 1st pair when I was a toddler I think. Then I got a pair in 2016. I'm getting a new pair because mine right now is worn out.

  8. Hi Chris, from England. I have custom made ones they put my feet in plaster like your wearing a shoes then took it off when it was dry, I suffer with ankle pain and they told me both my ankles roll inwards when I walk. My left foot is worst then the right but now I get pain from my heel up to my toes when I walk for a short distance it gets really bad when I have walked for longer distances especially if I sit down and then get up again I can barely walk most of the time.

  9. Hi Chris, I’ve had a severe case of flat feet my whole life. I had custom orthotics when I was younger but I haven’t had any issues until lately when I’ve been precepting in the hospital on my feet for twelve hours. What’s helped me lately is taping my feet with athletic tape. But this is getting expensive. I am contemplating getting custom orthotics but I’m afraid it might not work for me due to the severity of my flat feet since I’m on my feet for 12 hours. I get pain in my ankles (medial and lateral) as well as calcaneal tendonitis. Perhaps only surgery may be the only solution for me

  10. hi Chris, thanks for your video which is pretty useful. i think I do have a flat never pains if I am wearing leather formal shoes however it does give me a lot of discomfort and push especially on my right f oor if i am wearing trainers/sneakers …can you suggest please?

  11. Hey doc. My mom has flat feet. She is 54
    And having issue of slight pain in heels when she wakes up and also have swelling in her left angle joint.

  12. Custom orthotics are really expensive. Would casting a custom orthotic in aluminum work? Have one made and then have it cast and aluminum so it would never wear out?

  13. At 2:57 didn't you evert the calcaneous the right way? why did you say it was a mistake on text? Doesn't the calcaneous EVERT when you are pronating? It seems like you did that correctly?

  14. I cured my flat feet by do 3 things 1 use an orthotic diy 2 improve my walk 3 exercise my foot. and now it not flat any more. No pain any more

  15. I have a flat feet and it is effecting my ability to train in the gym . I have sever knees pain between time to time after doing squats with weight and other trainings . I am not sure if orthotics will help me

  16. Hi Dr Chris . my daughter has a severe pronation on the left side , she is 13 and i really disappointed as the doctors say its too late to help her . pleas give me litle hope . im a mother and im crying everyday , she suffering from pain on her shoulder and little on her knee . the way she walks is going to chang little bit . so tell me what to do .. and if posiible let me send a picture of her foot taken in an MRI center , so you can understand what i mean.

  17. left leg's small toe purshed on a bunch and the toe twisted from its position with hard pain..first this happened before one year..and same thing happened four times in last few also a am with heavy pain.😢😢.i consult doctor..he suggests me to use shoe can i escape from this.pls reply

  18. I have custom orthotics and have for years. I have flat feet and I’m 52 years old and they are very painful. What most people don’t mention is pain on the top of your foot ? I am going to a specialist to see what is going on. The pain goes from the top of my foot into my shins to my lower buttocks. Torn ligaments ? Fractures? X-ray didn’t show fractures …

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