Sneaking into the Tallest building in Hawaii

– Welcome to our last day from Hawaii, we had a great trip, we had fun. I hope you enjoyed.

– Welcome to our last day from Hawaii, we had a great trip, we had fun. I hope you enjoyed the air pods video, that was a lot of fun, and then some of the vlogs that we had. Today we take off at 10pm to
fly all the way back to Utah on a direct flight, land in
the morning, the red eye. But we have a disaster of
a hotel room right now, we’re gonna pack up really quick, we have less than 90 minutes
to get to the airport. There is a flight to Kauai,
this is gonna sound ridiculous because it is ridiculous, there is a place called Puka Dogs on Kauai– – And it’s the best place in the world. – The best hot dogs that we’ve ever had, and it’s been probably four
years since we’ve been there. It’s not the fanciest of
places, but it’s worth it. If you’re on Oaha, and you’re that close, and we’ve craved if for so long, we’ve gotta find a way to get there. So we’re gonna go to the airport, see if we can get a
flight, get outta here, and go to Kauai just to buy a hot dog. That’s right, let the hot dog adventure, last day in Hawaii begin. (upbeat music) We don’t have a flight at
all, we don’t have tickets, but our flight, the
flight that we wanna take, leaves in about 35 minutes. So now we’ve gotta try to find where the ticketing counter
is for this small airline. Very, very low chance that
we’re gonna make that, ’cause we still have to buy tickets, get on the plane, we might
have to take the later flight. (upbeat music) – Boys and girls? – [Vlogger] Yeah. Okay. (upbeat music) Have a good day! It’s on 40, it’s 40. Not at final call yet. Is there any chance we can get a ticket and get on the flight to Kahului? – [Woman] No, they closed
off check-in already. – [Vlogger] They’re already closed? – Yeah, sorry.
– All right. When’s the next flight? – [Woman] Next one is not ’til 2:13. – All right, a bit of change of plans. We have a few hours ’til our flight. We’re gonna go and do a little something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve told you guys that I run stairs. I like running the tallest
building in every state, and Hawaii is a state I’ve not done, so this missing the flight
is a blessing in disguise, ’cause now we’re gonna go try to sneak in to the tallest building in Hawaii, the First Hawaiian Center, and
see if I can run the stairs, and get super sweaty, and then
spend the rest of the day, and flight home, in the same clothes. Not a smart idea. You wanna run it with me? – No. – Look at this building, very
pretty, this is the lobby. (upbeat music) We found it. Time to go!
(upbeat music) Let’s get moving.
(upbeat music) I know this doesn’t seem like
much ’cause it’s a window, like, what’s the big deal? You usually don’t have windows in the emergency stairwells, so this is unique to this building, and I haven’t seen it
in other skyscrapers. So yeah, taking a break to check that out. (upbeat music) I’m super sweaty, but, ’cause it’s so incredibly humid up here at the top. There’s the top, you can have a view, this is the first one I’ve
done with a beautiful view. Wyoming had a view, but it was only like an 11th story dorm. Going upstairs is really
fine with your legs, but going down is where you get hurt. It’s really tough on your
thighs, your hips, your knees. All the doors are locked
on the whole way up, so have to go all the way
down to the basesment. (upbeat music) Yeah, 17 floors down, and my
legs are feelin’ like Jello. Going down is the hardest part. Why is it so much harder
to go down than up? That’s so strange. We’re almost there. Okay, we did it, we’re
back to where we began. Problem is, check this
out, emergency exit only. You can push that button
and call somebody. No thanks. I’m gonna wait, I just called Zach, he’s gonna come open
the door that I came in, if he can get to it, so now we wait. Good timing. We made it out, Zach saved the day. I’m a little stinky, but thank you, Zach. Hey Linc, I made it. – Good. – Good, should we get outta here? – [Linc] Yeah. – The Original Pancake House. (instrumental music) We’re here, this place
looks awesome already. 100% confident that we are
the only tourists in here, which makes me feel like
we are at the right place. Okay, look at this omelet
here, that is legit! Look at this ham and cheese
omelet, what do you– I’ve never even seen one that’s this way. Lincoln, how’s the
chocolate chip pancakes? – Awesome. – Awesome. And of course I got the Hawaiian
pancakes with pineapple. As Casey and Istat would
say, baaack at the airport! It’s rainy and windy outside, they, every single one of them,
they all say don’t do it. It’s not worth it. There’s already been flights
that have been delayed today, and so there’s a good chance that we wouldn’t make our flight tonight. It did say that if was a sunny day, absolutely they’d say
go for it, no big deal, but they think it’s too risky. – What’s the weather report look like? – It’s still supposed to
rain the rest of the day. – Well, I’m not missing any flights, so, I’m ready to do whatever.
(laughing) – Yeah.
– I wanna go! – I wanna go, too, – We’re going.
– but I’m thinking it’s not wise, we have a first
class flight, with a bed, to get home, you have school tomorrow. So I think what we need to do is just probably just stay here. Doesn’t sound as exciting. We just came to the airport
twice for no reason, so we need to make up for that and have a good rest of the day. Next time you see us we’re
gonna be doing something awesome on a rainy day in Hawaii. – [Lincoln] Like?
(upbeat music) – This is that awesome
place that I told you about. I said, “The next shot you’re gonna see “is something awesome.” We drove for an hour and 15 minutes out here to Seven Brothers,
just to get a burger and shake. And now we have to drive
an hour and 15 minutes back to get to the airport,
was it worth it, Lincoln? – Yes. – We didn’t get our hot dogs today, no Puka Dogs in Kauai, but
yes, this is good enough. – [Woman] You got the shroom, with rice.
– The shroom with rice, and a chocolate shake. (upbeat music) – [Vlogger] This is the end. – Of the world! – [Vlogger] Of our trip, or the world. Goodbye, it’s been awesome.
– It’s the end. It’s been really fun. – We need to do more
projects together with Zach, so let us know what you’d like us to do, where I can be the muscle,
and he can be the brains. (laughing) Right?
– That’s how this works. – Yeah. (laughing)
– Yep. We got our jobs divvied out. (upbeat music) – It’s pretty good, a pretty good setup. No Dr. Pepper. We made it to the Sky Lounge, we have a couple of
hours, we came here early. We’re gonna relax for a bit. – Hey, look at this. – They look good?
– They actually, oh. – [Vlogger] Right, tell me about the trip, Lincoln, was it a good trip? – Yeah, sadly it has to come to an end. – [Vlogger] Yep. Thank you, good night! (upbeat music) How you doin’ bud? Hand over the iPad. – I’m using my headphones to
have the sound machine on it. – [Vlogger] You’re gonna play games. – I’m not, I’m gonna sleep.
– You’re gonna play Smashy Bird the whole time. – I’m gonna sleep. – You will? Promise?
– Yeah! Yeah, I promise. – The whole chair turns into a bed. Not a bad deal. (upbeat music) I’m tired. I slept a few hours. Lincoln looked pretty
awake, just from what I saw, but whoo, that’s a tough one. How you doin’ bud, how was the flight? – Good, I’m so tired. – [Vlogger] You sleep at all? – Yeah, of course, that’s
what I did the entire flight, but I’m still so tired. – Yeah. As good as it gets right here. It won’t turn on. Well… Yeah, that’s happening. Okay. Look at this, the window
won’t even shut properly. See that? Check it out. Nice way to welcome ourselves home. Let’s see if the back door will even open. Nope. Car won’t start. – Why? – [Vlogger] I don’t know. – Is it dead?
– It’s dead. – [Lincoln] That’s awesome. (instrumental music) – They’re gonna bring a
tow truck to the airport, and I’ve gotta go back
there to get the car, they’re gonna take it home. Super fun way to get back. (laughs) Girls! – Hey. – [Vlogger] Claire, my, Claire my girlie! London, my girlie! (upbeat music)

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