Spring Lawn Renovation Series E1 – Getting on top of weeds

hi guys Joe here from lawn solutions Australia welcome to our spring lawn renovation series now that spring is here.

hi guys Joe here from lawn solutions
Australia welcome to our spring lawn renovation series now that spring is
here it’s easy to get to excited and thinking about all the things you want
to do to make your lawn the envy of the street but it’s important not to act too
early and to do things in a particular order to ensure you get the best results
first it’s time to tackle the weeds now you are much better off tackling the
weeds first before following up with an application of fertilizer about a week
or so later this will ensure you’re not feeding the weeds and they are well and
truly dead before it’s time to fertilize because of this gap it’s best to avoid
two-in-one products like weed and feed many broadleaf weeds like these can be
easily removed by hand but if your lawn is riddled with many weeds or has oxalis
or a creeping weed that is difficult to pull out you might need to look at
applying a broadleaf herbicide some weeds like onion weed or nut grass have
an onion like bulb beneath the surface so it’s important that you don’t pull
these out leaving the bulb behind they also don’t react to a normal broadleaf
herbicide so you’ll need to find a selective herbicide that can target them like Sedgehammer. both broadleaf herbicides and selective herbicides like you see
here are post emergent so they only target weeds that are present on the
surface like this one you see here. in some cases a second application may be
necessary to knock them over. if the particular weed that you are targeting
has a waxy coating and the herbicide is struggling to stick you can add a surfactant
like dishwashing liquid to your mix to help it attach to the leaf so it can go
to work. better yet if you want to get ahead of the game you might want to look
at starting your own pre-emergent herbicide program. these herbicides
target weeds that you can’t even see yet and kills the seeds within the soil
before they germinate above ground a good time to spread a pre-emergent is
early spring which will put a stop to most of your summer weeks so now we’ve
attacked the weeds we are well on the way having a nice clean slate of grass
to work with in. our next video we’ll look at repairing any compaction issues
or worn-out areas that may have appeared throughout the winter
check out the lawn solutions Australia website for more helpful lawn care tips
and advice and don’t forget subscribe to our YouTube channel. thanks for tuning in
to lawn Solutions Australia we hope to catch you next time

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  1. Brilliant vid ! Looking forward to Reno season, 8th oct going to try my first scarify, core and top dress. Fingers crossed I don’t kill it !

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