Spring Lawn Renovation Series E2 – Dethatching

Hi guys, Joe here from Lawn Solutions Australia. Welcome to our spring lawn renovation series episode 2. Check out episode.

Hi guys, Joe here from Lawn Solutions Australia. Welcome to our spring lawn renovation series
episode 2. Check out episode 1 if you haven’t already
where first up in our spring renovation, we tackled lawn weeds. Now that you are on top of the weeds, it’s
time to look at returning your lawn to optimum health. In this video we are looking at removing thatch
– the layer of dead organic matter within the lawn profile. Removing thatch will help air and nutrients
reach your soil base and prevent fungal issues. If your lawn feels spongey to walk on or you
can see a lot of brown dead material in the profile, then it’s time to remove it. There are a few methods to remove thatch and
in some cases you can easily do so by gradually lowering your mowing height to scalp your
lawn back. Doing this in spring is ideal as your lawn
will be establishing quickly and it will have time to recover – Make sure you never do this
in the cooler months. Some varieties are less able to recover from
a scalp as they don’t have underground stems called rhizomes to recover from. So, if you have a turf variety like soft leaf
buffalo you need to make sure you don’t take it down too low as it will need the above
ground stems or runners known as stolon’s to recover from. Another method you can look at is using a
dethatching rake. These rakes will have tines that will dig
into the profile vertically and pull the thatch out. It is difficult to come by a good one however
so you might need to look at something that is a bit more effective if your thatch issue
is more severe. If you have a big build-up of thatch, you
might want to look at hiring a dethatching machine like this one. These are specialized machines that will remove
a large amount of thatch without causing too much stress or disruption to your turf. These machines are usually available from
your local machinery hire company like this one from Kennards and are quite price effective,
especially if you team up with some mates or neighbor’s and split the cost between
you and do a few lawns at the same time. Thanks to the team at Kennards for providing
this particular machine for our demonstration. Firstly, mow your lawn short, this will limit
the chance that you will rip out healthy living grass during the dethatching process. The machine has these vertical blades that
combs through the grass to remove the dead matter from within the profile. You can set the depth of the machine to make
sure it doesn’t go too deep; you want it to cut the grass and not hit the soil. Do this before you start the machine. Make sure you fully understand how to use
the machinery before use and always use the recommended protective equipment when operating. Once you have run over the lawn with the machine
in a couple of passes in different directions you can easily remove the dead material now
on the surface by running your mower over the top with the catcher on. Now your lawn is free of the buildup of thatch,
you can move onto the next step in your lawn renovation which in this case is some compaction,
which we will cover in next week’s video. Check out the Lawn Solutions Australia website
for more helpful lawn care tips and advice and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
Channel. Thanks for tuning in to Lawn Solutions Australia,
we hope to catch you next time.

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