Stephanie & Kieran Eades, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation by Superior Renovations, Auckland

I just wanted to give a lift to this house, renovated and make it look nicer and to use it.

I just wanted to give a lift to this house,
renovated and make it look nicer and to use it we always had old vanities and everything,
so I just wanted something new and something modern. We were just looking for someone that does
everything – that’s what we needed. When I called Superior Renovations, the lady
said Jimmy will come and see you. So they gave us a time and a date. When he came, we told him what we wanted and
he took it down on his paper and it was easy peesy – he made everything look easy. The project was done quickly too, so Jimmy
was very easy to talk to too and to understand. I wanted a bit like pale colors to make it look
spacey – like I think dark colors make it look smaller and thats the idea we had so
Jimmy allowed us to pick the tiles and fittings and everything – so that was quite nice, he
didn’t just put what he wanted to put. He asked us to come to the showroom and pick
the tiles, the vanities, the fittings which was really good thing to do. So we picked all the pale/whiter tiles – it
looks smaller before and now it looks a little bit bigger now I think because of the tiles and the white
paint Jimmy and the team has put. Yes I have already spoke to Jimmy and Kevin
about Superior Renovations to do the kitchen. What you guys did with the bathroom – was
so impressed, so so impressed. I think the kitchen, once we’re ready, we’ll
have Superior Renovations, Jimmy and his team to come and do it. Because of the bathrooms, we’ve come to trust
him, we’ve come to like his work and the trust is a big thing. And to keep everything in the budget was very
important to us, and Jimmy/Kevin and with all the renovation team I think, with the kitchen we won’t be going over budget, I think it will be the same experience we had with the bathroom. Thats the reason why I even told Kevin and Jimmy I
won’t go looking for any other renovation company for the kitchen, because I like you guys. I wasn’t here during when he was doing it
so, I just saw the end result which was really good. I mean we told him what we wanted and he just
put it in and he did it, and the end result was what we wanted. It just looks nice and better then we thought,
it was really nice dealing with Jimmy. To me it’s just like he just slotted in like
he’s always known us, there was no sort of awkward moments or any thing like that, just
a part of the family – part of the family almost He was very personable, easy to talk
to, and was calm all the time, that’s what we needed the most, professional and knows
what he’s doing. The way they were calm about everything, I
think is also important, it helps keep us calm, because doing a renovation can always
be scary but with you guys, working with you guys it’s been very peaceful, it was fantastic.

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