SW20 Build 2 – Intake Restoration

Hi everyone, and thanks for tuning in to another episode of Cult Driven. Today we’re going to be restoring the.

Hi everyone, and thanks for tuning in to another
episode of Cult Driven. Today we’re going to be restoring the cold
air intake on the MR2. My MR2 came with a cold air intake that was
installed by the previous owner, but unfortunately the paint on it is in really rough shape,
and it actually has a lot of overspray that’s on the inside, and there are even paint chips
that are flaking off in there. Yeah, generally the only thing you want getting
through your intake is air, so we have a situation here where we have some paint flakes and some
rust that could possibly get into the firing chamber which is not ideal. Usually you can just replace the intake tube
because they’re pretty cheap, but in this case I couldn’t find a piece for my engine
that was just a solid piece of metal, so I’m going to take the one that I have and sand
it down, get rid of all of the rust and paint, and we’re going to refinish it from the ground
up. Before we can even think about paint, we’ll
need to take everything off of this rusty pipe. That includes the hose clamps, coupler, the
old air filter which we’ll be replacing instead of cleaning, and for where the mass airflow
sensor is connected, a rubber grommet which is in good enough shape to set aside reuse. The front of the intake was held in place
with a bracket that I couldn’t unbolt while it was in the car, so I took the whole thing
out to give myself more room to try to attack it. It still didn’t want to budge so I climbed
my way up the ladder of heavier and heavier tools. The strugs continued when even penetrating
bolt remover had no effect, and all my hand tools wanted to do was strip the bolt and
slip off. After a while of that I switched to my locking
pliers to get a firmer grip, and I heated the bolt up with my lighter to expand the
metal, which finally let me crack it with my breaker bar. I was able to catch my breath while ratcheting
it the rest of the way off to get it out of the way for the next step. With the bracket out of the picture, I could
finally get to sanding and grinding all of the old paint and rust away. The outside may have been ugly, but the actual
problem was the paint on the inside of the pipe. I tackled that with a wire wheel and sand
paper. With all of the rust gone, I cleaned the metal
surface thoroughly with wax and grease remover to make sure it was properly prepped for paint. With the outside ready to go, I used masking
tape to protect the inside from overspray. I covered both ends and left about an inch
of buffer room, which will be covered by the filter and coupler when it’s all done. I also made sure to cover the hole for the
MAF sensor. I did a final inspection to make sure I didn’t
miss anything and decided it was ready for paint. Since I’m painting directly to bare metal,
my first layer of paint is a self-etching primer which I applied in 3 thin coats allowing
plenty of time to dry in between. The top coat was a high temperature black
paint that should easily stand up to the heat inside of an engine bay. With everything dry to the touch, the masking
tape can come off and we can take a look at the results, which I’m really happy with especially
considering how far gone this was when I started. Now all that’s left is to put everything back
together and see how it looks in the engine bay. I popped the grommet back on with the help
of some silicon lubricant before clamping on my new air filter, which was actually an
inch too big, but came with a rubber reducer insert that gives a snug airtight fit. The last step was installing it back on the
engine with a new coupler, where it’s secured tightly with hose clamps and bolted back into
the bracket with some fresh hardware that won’t stick next time. And there it is, the engine bay looks a lot
better and all it took was about $7 worth of paint and a few hours of work. Thanks again for watching and stay tuned for
the next episode.

13 thoughts on “SW20 Build 2 – Intake Restoration”

  1. Damn, this was only uploaded today. I wanted to get onto episode 3 already as I only just found your channel! Great stuff and I subscribed.

  2. Quality content. Hopefully you guys can find your groove a little bit and come out with some more frequent videos going forward.

  3. Ayy back for more. The background music volume is definitely better than the last video, I can hear yall clearly without busting ear drums now xd. Quality content! Obviously, you guys just started but uhh the video is kinda short. Not saying it's a bad thing since I like how straight to the point it is. But as the channel grow I'm sure people's gonna want one 10ish minutes video than three 3 minutes ones. Cheers!

  4. These videos are terrifying. You uploaded the first video right before I got my 1991 MR2 NA and you uploaded this while my cold air intake is in shipping. How the fuck are you doing this

  5. Please upload videos more frequently. I have the same exact 2.2l 1993 mr2 with the paint and is currently getting a gen2 3sgte swap!!! Keep making quality content like this.

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