Taking On Flat Earthers (TWOTI)

Hmm… is this loss? ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding fwop Aaah, shit Right,.

Hmm… is this loss? ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding fwop Aaah, shit Right, okay so welcome back to this week on the internet. Now If it isn’t welcome back, feel free to subscribe and wack notifications on. That’d be great. Flat Earter: The earth is not flat the earth is round, right? Wrong! Interviewer: When did you start believing it was flat? FEer: It kind of comes down to 9/11. Interviewer: Ohh. So, as I mentioned, right, in my last video me and George made a video about a week ago jumping into some flat earth Facebook groups. George: Flat Earth, No Egos, Good Vibes Will: Yes! That’s the one we wanna get in- And what we did was make a clever disguise with a familiar face… Could we not use Callums picture? Surely that works for a Keith. Look, he’s just there! George: Yeah! *laughs* Will: Sure he won’t mind. “WillNE and Memeulous spread noncery on my face.” Tic tac: The corner has been tarnished, its been disrespected and therefore so have I by and extension. So today we’re gonna deal with a couple of “Bomb Chongs” who have stepped out of line. I love him! I love him to bits! Anyway, so obviously right, that video didn’t go down too well with the flat earth community And erm…they had a few things to say. George: who knows who they are, but we will be waiting with open arms and COCKED 45’S (will laughs) so we obviously did the logical thing of setting out to make the biggest flat earth facebook group and titled it, “Flat Earth. No trolls. Keiths only” Glorious. Like pretty much, I’d say about 90% of the people in there are called Keith and have Callum as their profile picture. It’s a truly beautiful site! We’ve also got some great events coming up such as “Keith meet up”, “beard feeling with the lads” And “sesh” which is apparently uhh… being held on my roof. *wind blowing awkwardly, as will takes a swig of stella* You all right? “Thoughts on memeulous’s true appearance?”… “clapped” *Will laughs* “It’s a very good day of being on this wonderful plate of existence! 180 degrees is all we need!”… “FUCK OFF” It’s great sense of community! “What’s everyone’s opinions on my willNE cos-” Will: AHH I hope you drown>:( … Sorry that’s a bit strong that one init “What the fuck happened to this being keiths only?” Oh, sorry excuse me SARAH, but there’s more of this right, because one of them in particular took it really badly So I don’t want to use these full name right So we’re just gonna call him “Keith” and me and George were on discord with him this week right just having a bit of a chat and he’s like. “Oh, yeah We’re gonna be mates now.” Then went and posted in our rival Flat Earth group “Oh, go flag his video and get it taken down!” Keith you big fat snake! Anyway, there’s another twist in this because he’s joined ours, and he’s just posted abuse “Hey, MEMEOLOUS. The dog thinks your videos are shit!” ayye your a funny bloke you Keith! “Vanilla Ice meets Peewee Herman” That’s not George, Keith… it does though However tip on quite nicely onto a next topic… “Basically me and my 13 year old sister are gonna be playing fortnite.” Okay moving on I can’t lie it’s…it’s been one of those weeks. Like there’s not many weeks I can tweet out be like “Oh tweet us suggestions please!” and receive “stripping fortnight children” as a response… “Just do it. Just do it. I won’t look. I won’t look” *does a noncy look y’know what i mean* “Oh please talk about my friend. Please!” “One kill equals remove one clothing with my 13 year old sister”?? Why 13? Now, I’ve met noncy a couple of times right and in real life before he was quite a nice bloke But fuckin’ hell man! So I realize right that this definitely like isn’t the main issue with this But it’s not even good clickbait! Like, who is coming across that in their recommended and been like “oh, yeah that’s what my day was missing! A topless 13 year old!” Like, I don’t get the point! I can’t lie though it does sit quite nicely uhh…alongside some other of these videos… “Roses are red!” “Violets are blueeee!” “I’m gonna post on myyyyy vlogggg” “About having SEX with my dog.” “ROses are rEd!” “My car beEEEps!” “DRiving away fROOOOOOOOMMMMMM” “My dad who touched me in my sleep” Also again like not one of the most criminal things about this, right but The Photoshop on that! “aHHH you’re wearing a top are you? Hang on. Let me just… …accurately disguise that.” iIiIIIiIIII oH LoRD tHat lAst lOnG Okay, so there’s that kid who had a bit of a yodel in a shop dAaAaAaAdDy Thing is though right, with the internet There’s always a surefire way that you can tell that a trend or something is like dead and over… “Mason it’s nice to meet you.” She’s like a factory for like exploiting people’s 15 minutes of fame – Personal theory here, she steals people’s souls and sells them to YouTube in return for five days on the trending page “I’m a country boy and -” *Audience laughs* “And I know country! All we do is build straws of hay and next thing y’know you’re sittin’ under a tree with ya hat doWn and a wheat in ya mouth.” I give it five days before I find out that his parents are racists *Crowd screaming* AYE cOcAiNe fOr mY bReAKfAsT hOLd tHaT pIStOl, aMBIdExtrOus “You are not depressed.” “I don’t even know how to put this… *sad music ;(* *tut* but see in 2018 I swore, I was gonna tell you the truth This is something I used to do 20 to 30 times a day I used to do it without even Knowing I was doing it;( . My name is Prince, EA And I was a chronic… musturbator.” “oH you thought I say a masturbate???” D’y’know what? Actually… I don’t even wanna know! Just- jUst close that tab there :/ – dAH! dAmE tU cOsiTA uH uH, dAme tU cOSiTA uH. I’m getting too old for this – Okay, so it appears that this years despacito is gonna be sang by a green alien… …shagging the air… SO the song is called… “Dame Tu Cosita” UH, UH Which in English turns out means… “give me your thingy”? ahhh, great. Anyway, so I wasn’t too familiar with it right so I got in touch with an old friend if you a bit of a demonstration… *drum reveal geTTING LOUDER* oHHHHH YESS CALLLUM!!!!! sHAKEE THAT THINGG ohHHHHHHHHH DAMNNN jESUS CHRIST LOOK AT HIM iSNT HE JUST GREAT !!!! OHHHH YESSS

100 thoughts on “Taking On Flat Earthers (TWOTI)”

  1. interviewer : so when did you start believing the earth was flat
    guy : WeLl It CoMeS DoWn To 911
    interviewer : ohhhh right

  2. "Every episode until November will probably include fortnight" and every episode after that shit lads it's an epidemic

  3. “Top 10 thiccest Fortnite characters (not clickbait)
    WillNE: red bar under video that means he watched the whole thing

  4. 03:35 shes not even 13 shes like wht 18 or older 😂 like everyone knows that if you watch her on youtube coz she can drive and lives in like london

  5. Kind of comes down to 911 hmmmm….But flat earther gravity doesn't exist right? Lmao these people make me laugh till it hurts.

  6. Will and Ne what ever your fucking name is, you’re a mong.

    You’re well out of your depth.

    The Earth is scientifically level using the empirical method.


  7. Trump voter = cuntservatard hypocrite = flat-earther = Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers = Holocaust deniers =
    chemtrailer trash = 9/11 toofer = antivaxxer = evolution-denier = christurd

  8. We need courageous smart clever people like you, WillNE, taking on the lying criminal terrorist fraudsters & religious cult FEcore and the FEcultists who run it who censor & shut down the channels of anyone teaching science & reality such as spherical earth.
    We need you to troll the hell out of them. I have encouraged everybody to file as many copyright & privacy complaints against FEcore as possible, and put down the names of other flat-earthers as the plaintiff, to get flatturds fighting amongst themselves & shutting down each others' videos.

  9. What has TheSmithPlays. I remember watching his videos all the time in 2015 about BO2 Zombies and now he posted “Top 10 Thiccest Fortnite characters (not clickbait)” like Jesus fuck

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