Thailand Teil Zwei | Renovation & Construction

What you can see here is hot and it’s dirty it’s drenched in sweat and it’s the face of a.

What you can see here is hot and it’s dirty it’s drenched in sweat and it’s the face of a volunteer on Day One. 😉 Good morning I’m not a morning person so it really goes against my nature to put a camera in my face that early BUT today is the first day of Renovation and Construction You might as well get used to this sweaty face cause you’ll see it quite often over the last couple of days and we are working on the indian flag right there Yesterday the kids were not in school so they were running around all over the place and we got to hang out with them quite a bit but they didn’t really give you another option than to play with them haha so we weren’t doing much construction yesterday rather playing with the kiddos that’s why I love this project you get the mix of both work and play on one hand it’s intense physical activity but as soon as kids are added to the mix you get to relax a bit and having them around you all the time shows you who you are actually doing all the work for which gives you an extra dose of motivation and you really need this at times when working in this heat We just had lunch and now we are doing.. well absolutely nothing cause the energy level of our volunteer group is below sealevel to say the least in a little bit we are gonna head back to the school and finish our project *eline excelling at her german game* I’m aware that in this short period of time well I can’t move mountains and I didn’t contribute endlessly to the school nevetheless I get the feeling that that I’m still one little puzzle piece of the bigger picture and you really feel this at this temple school every volunteer, and everygroup builds up on what the people before them have created and this way well you mange to make and actual difference together Today’s the last day at the temple school and I just went from project to project to see the difference between Day One and the last day and even in this short timespan you still see the change everywhere last week here was nothing but trash now the trash is in this container that we’ve built and now there is an actual path to walk from the kitchen to the trash ‘can’ and there are tons of kids behind the camera so I feel a little ‘observed’ haha let me show you my favorite project I love this seating area around the tree the kids used to sit in the dirt while they were waiting on their food and now they have a designated and clean spot to do so

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