Thanos Sword Build!

Thanos: This does put a smile on my face… Jairus: Hey! Riley: Oh my god man…! Jaiurs: And it starts.

Thanos: This does put a smile on my face… Jairus: Hey! Riley: Oh my god man…! Jaiurs: And it starts to burn the steel off. James: Hey guys! I’m the Hacksmith, and on our channel we take fictional ideas from
comics, movies and video games and make real working prototypes. Some of our most
popular projects have been Marvel projects, like our original
electromagnetic Captain America shield, his new wakandan one, a real working Iron
Man helmet and I’ve even made a hundred and fourteen pound Thor hammer out of
tungsten. [Hulk Roar followed by pain] And of course, Stormbreaker too. Bring. Me. THANOS!
[Lightning strikes] Now, a few months ago, Riley asked me if he could try making the double-edged Thanos sword.
Naturally I said yes and we’re doing it right this time we’re gonna be using
real knife steel for the blades and try to keep the weight reasonable
enough that you can actually still swing it. Let’s see how it goes! But, before we get to that,
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checkout. Ian: Good timing.
James: It was good timing? Riley: So for the sword design
we’re gonna take a reference image of a Thanos statue and just draw
around it, for the size we got to scale it down to my height because in reality
it’s supposed to be eight foot four, I’m gonna make it six foot two. After that we
got to design the details separately and then mirror it and it’s ready to send to the plasma. So now that the design is done, we can cut it out on our maverick CNC plasma cutter provided it to us by Elite Metal Tools. Riley: To start cutting press ‘Start’ All right, so our parts are done it’s
been about 15 minutes and now we can take them off the Wazer and we just got to wash
all the sand off. They came out way better the plasma cut parts just cuz the Wazer is so much more precise. Okay so, now that we have all the parts cut out we’ve gotta weigh every part and make sure that both sides are actually the
same weight so that when we put the blade together it’s perfectly balanced as all
things should be. Okay, 145 grams, 5 grams, 1 point 16 kilograms. So for the blade section
we’re actually using 1084 high carbon steel now. This is different than
mild steel and when we weld it we need to preheat it first so that we
don’t thermal shock it and we get a nice even finish. Jairus: Riley went home for the weekend
so I’m taking over. I’m Jairus from Jairus of All, Master of
None and today we’re gonna do some chemistry together so that we can get
this sword ready. Metal ready, for the sword let’s play with some acids. First of all Riley messed up a little bit, he welded these pieces together
before he removed the mill scale but the mill scale has to come off of here for
us to be able to do anything to this metal and it’s really difficult to
remove. The best way to get it off is to dissolve it. You can dissolve it very
easily with different types of acids I’m gonna use muriatic acid which is
hydrochloric acid mixed with water. And you can see the reaction happen
when I put this acid on. See how quickly this acid is burning
through the mill scale on the steel. It’s made a definitive difference, if I leave it on there for
more than just a few seconds, I’ll have perfectly clean steel underneath. I’m just gonna wipe it off
and put some new acid on, to finish burning this mill scale off. And I’m doing this outside because this process is not a complete reaction and sometimes
it gives off chlorine gas. Which is not really good for you to breathe. Now that one is fully treated and done, which only took a couple of minutes I just need to
do three more of them. Time to put the two parts of the blade together I’m gonna slip this into the exact right position so that I can start welding it. Time to weld. Anytime you weld long, thin metal
and you try to run a bead all at once it will warp it so, I need to do this in
stages with little stitches and let it cool in between because I need to keep
the heat, balanced, as all things should be in this steel so that it doesn’t warp
all over the place. Alright, the swords are all cooled off obviously
I clean this one up so you see the welds that one’s still dirty but they’re both
fully cooled down now and- Riley: Jairus…
Jaiurs: Hey Riley… -Why’d you touch my swords?
-Well before you left for the weekend, you told me that I could work on this project. -I didn’t tell you anything before
I left for the weekend. -Well I did the fun part I guess
you can do the grinding now. Have fun! -Alright… Jairus: We decided we’re gonna have
ourselves a little grinder race. Angle grinder race that is. We have our
respective locations set up and we’re about to do this, we need to clean the
surface and put the bevels on. Ready, set, go!
Riley: Wokay, okay, okay! [Intense music plays] Narrator: You win!
Perfect! You lose!
[Solid snake scream] Jairus: I just finished, but Riley got done about 10 minutes before I did but mine’s done. There’s a couple little
things that need fixed, re-welded. Let’s look at his. He didn’t gouge as deep
on his, his lines aren’t straight, the surface isn’t evenly
cleaned and he doesn’t have these bevel areas between the changes on the blade
those lines right there. So I mean in my mind’s I won, but he did finish before
me so. Riley: I don’t know man, I’m pretty comfy ever here. -Alright, so we’ve got both blades done and I think that it’s time to
actually break some stuff with them because they are feeling mighty solid,
they’re sharp. Let’s get to it! This one goes out to all those keyboard warriors. This guy’s sharp! Who even eats fruit nowadays? You’re a pain in the glass-
Jaiurs: Riley, move! -My turn! Riley: Alright so, I’d say these swords are pretty tough but they need to look a lot
prettier because the Thanos sword is an ornate sword.
Jairus: Time to do some fancy stuff. -Fancy stuff time. Riley: Come with me outside. Evan: What’s outback Riley? -What’s outback is we’re
painting the aluminum side pieces. Riley: This thing’s looking mad tasty…! Alright so, now we need to cut some slots into our handle piece so
that we can put the blades into the handle weld it all up
it’s gonna be super strong. Alright, this is done we got all our
slots made so let’s join the swords together. Jesus that’s heavy. It’s a sword now! Time to put the second blade on. Oh my god! How much does it weigh?
29 pounds. Way under budget we can put
more heavy things on it now. [Yoda Mrrrmm]
Owen: *while laughing* Stop! Riley: To put the finishing
touches on we need to do some detail work so we’re gonna do some sort of
saltwater etching thing to put these patterns into the metal but I don’t know
how to do that. Jairus: But I do. ‘Cause I’ve done it before. -What’s going on here is we’re putting salt water and electricity on the steel and it makes it go away. You have sodium chloride which is the salt and iron and you put electricity on it and
just like with electricity something magic happens and it makes the reaction
occur super fast and the steel goes away. You’re basically rapidly rusting the
steel. It’s kind of crazy and you just need a DC power supply and apply 32.7
volts or something around there like we are. And it starts to burn the steel off,
if you’re ever gonna do this be very safe you have to either do it outside or
in an extremely well ventilated area. It’s bad for you. We’ll be back when this is finished
after a short message from our sponsors. Hi, are you scared of clowns? I know I am
but if you are too, make sure to call 1-800-SCARY-CLOWN to talk to one of our
clown fear specialists today. Bye…! It’s done and now it’s time to clean
it off and see the final product. That is the metal that has
been removed with salt water. This worked out just like it’s supposed to. this is actually burned down into the metal so this plate can be polished and
that pattern will stay there. One side of the blade is done, three more to go! James: Alright so up until this point Riley has been able to make all the
parts for the Thanos sword in house using our own equipment,
unfortunately the handle guard for the Thanos sword is a bit too big for our
CNC machine so we’re gonna be using one of our new partners: Protolabs, to help
us manufacture this part. Now I first used Protolabs years ago, when I was working as
an engineer it’s a rapid prototyping shop that can produce 3d printed, parts
CNC milled parts, sheet metal parts and even injection molded parts. And their
standard delivery time is just three business days it’s also super simple to
use. You just go to their website, you upload your part, you select the process
you want to use to make your part and then you get an automated quote that you can
customize and it does a manufacturing analysis to let you know if your part is
actually going to be able to be made properly. So let’s see how they actually make the part. [Door Bell] Riley: Oh it’s here we, got it. Here’s our package from
Protolabs, this should be the final pieces of the Thanos sword and then
we’ll be ready to actually put it together and break stuff. Oh my- oh my gosh,
that is some impressive machining if you want to take a look at that, oh that is
so ridiculously pretty oh there’s our spacers individually zip-locked. Thanks to Protolabs for providing these parts you can check them out at or check the link in the description below.
Alright now let’s just do a quick test fit and see how this looks. That is a really really nice
looking sword. So now we’re gonna go paint it , we’ll drill some
holes and get this thing finished. And then we’re gonna break stuff! Alright, so I’ve got these painted in a
really nice gold color, it’s gonna contrast really well with the rest of
the sword. Watch this part this is the part where it doesn’t fit… Oh it fits! Alright, first sides done so let’s do
the other side and then… Yeah. It’s finally done and now it’s time to
present it to him… Thanos: But this… Does put a smile on my face… Alright, Riley did a fantastic job making the Infinity Blade now we just have to test it. You ready? Alright, if you guys want to see what
happens when we hit a Captain America shield with the Infinity Blade you’re,
gonna have to make sure that you’re subscribed with notifications turned on. The test video is coming soon. Big THANK you to Turo for sponsoring this video. download Turo today and use the code “HACK15” to save $15 off at checkout. Riley: Thanos does not drink weak alcohol! Huge THANK you to Thanos- Thanos?

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